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Text as found in the plot[edit]

Text and notable information which may not be viewable again while plot progesses...found on the journal page...
Sailors often whisper to each other about the old legend of Mad Tongue Murphy, the delirious castaway who was rescued at sea. Some tales say that he was driven mad by his long, lonely days of drifting, while others insist that he was cursed when he landed on a mysterious island, a place he often raved about in his crazed ramblings. The only records of his travels lay in his journal, which has now fallen into the capable hands of Professor Hugo Fairweather, archeolinguist and expert of ancient lore. Only time will show what he can make of it...
...and found on the "puzzle" page...
Because of their quick departure, Captain Rourke hasn't had time to tidy up around the SS Primella yet. Various pieces of equipment are strewn about the deck haphazardly, making it rather difficult to walk around. Scrap, to repay the captain back for stealing onto the ship, must now work off his debt by helping around the Primella. Help the stowaway arrange all the pieces on the deck into a neat square, before the captain decides to throw him overboard!
More to be added as plot progesses. --Jacob 19:47, 30 Apr 2007 (CDT) Current event text chapter 1...
You didn't think crossing vast oceans would be that easy, did you? Stormy weather and violent seas turn out to be a blessing for our timid adventurers. Did we say timid? We meant brave. Right.
and Current event text chapter 2...
Who would have guessed that our brave explorers would travel all the way to a mysterious isle just to get eaten by a giant monster? Maybe they will find a way out of this terrible situation.
More to be added as plot progresses (i like saying that :P ). --Jacob 11:11, 8 May 2007 (CDT) from the Mysterious Stone Temple...
In order to enter this strange structure, you must enter the correct keycode using the key rings. Fortunately, the lock comes with a handy prompt system of flashing lights that lets you know how close your guess is. In the interest of maintaining high security, the keycode is reset if it is not guessed correctly after a number of tries. At that point, the rings return to the neutral position, and you must start over.

Simply click on a ring to move the next symbol into the red code position. To move a ring backward, hold SHIFT or CNTRL while clicking on a ring. Once you have all the rings in the position you like, click the red button in the center of the lock. For each symbol that is correct in the code you entered, one of the lights in the middle will light up. A yellow light indicates that a symbol in the keycode you've entered is part of the correct code, but not in the correct position. A green light indicates that a symbol in the code you entered is the correct symbol, as well as in the correct position.

NOTE: There is no correlation between the position of the lights and the position of the rings. The lights only tell you how many symbols you have correct. They do NOT tell you where they are.
hope everyone can figure out the puzzle. --Jacob 17:43, 10 May 2007 (CDT)

After solving:

Looks like you've done it. With a soft hiss, the door slides open and allows you to enter. A gleam of metal on the floor catches your eye, and you quickly pocket the object.

--Demon 08:44, 11 May 2007 (CDT)

The text accompanying the maze in chapter 5 puzzle...
You stand before the winding twists and turns of the jungle, take a deep breath, then plunge into the dimly-lighted space, covered as it is by the thick foliage. There are makeshift tools and items here that can help you fix the ship, and you're determined to find them.

Click on the paths to go in a certain direction, and click on items to pick them up. Check your inventory to see what items have been picked up already.

Finding the jawbone...

You pick up a monstrous jawbone and gape at its size for a minute before taking it with you. Who knows, maybe you can put those sharp teeth on it to good use.
--Demon 15:56, 24 May 2007 (CDT)

Boat fixing complete:

Good job! The ship now looks seaworthy enough for a voyage home. Better hurry and get on board. You want to escape this place before those Petpetpets get to you...

Prize shop text:

You stand before a stately wooden door and knock politely on its polished exterior. A voice calls for you to come in, and you gently push it open. Professor Hugo Fairweather sits in his office, surrounded by innumerable piles of old books. There is the musty smell of old parchment, and dust clouds stir lightly around the room. "Ahh, welcome," the Professor says genially, looking up from where he has been writing into a notebook."You must be here for the prizes! Just give me a moment here..."
Professor Fairweather rummages through some of the books on his desks and pulls one out. He flips through several pages and scans the list of names written in there. "According to this, you have [x] points left to spend. Enjoy looking around!"

Images as found in the plot[edit]

Images in the plot...

Crysophyllum Munusa[edit]

The daughter of the professor mentions crysophyllum munusa on the ship in the first part: I cannot match it to anything, but 'munusa' is Latin for a gift, or service. There is a 'chrysophyllum', which is a genus of tropical trees, however. --Macbeth 11:39, 1 May 2007 (CDT)

Plot isn't over[edit]

seen on Neopedia arcticle for Lilian Fairweather: The Fairweathers and their scientific team are currently trying to put together another expedition to the island. --Techocave3

At the moment, it can be assumed this part' is over, because we don't know if they will simply call the plot the same thing when they return, or continue off with their comics where they left off. It may be an entirely different plot. The edits to signify this can be made later if that is the case. However, for the moment, it's considered over for now. It can be written in the trivia that TNT intends to have the team return to the island for future exploration for now. --Jacob 20:27, 10 Jul 2007 (UTC)
I believe it was stated in the Neopian Times' editorial that the plot was over. This plot an sich is over, but a "sequel" definetely is coming. DreamingLady 21:17, 10 Jul 2007 (UTC)
Well spotted, DreamingLady! --Macbeth 02:05, 11 Jul 2007 (UTC)

Also the "A Mysterious Voyage Continues" could count as the plot. Techocave3

Prize section[edit]

Is it really nessesary to write down the item description of all the prizes? It seems a little excessive, when the description could be very unimportant. Also, this can't be done for all prize lists for plots, because there are far too many (Champions of Meridell has 26 and Altador Cup 2006 has 32 for example). --Jacob 15:40, 1 Aug 2007 (UTC)

I did that to conform with the The Tale of Woe prize list but I understand your point about some plots having too many prizes. So if we leave out the descriptions for all plot items, the TOW prize descriptions will have to be removed as well. --Dizzy 16:37, 1 Aug 2007 (UTC)
Yes, I'm aware of The Tale of Woe...i'm baffled why that was put there as well. :S --Jacob 17:56, 1 Aug 2007 (UTC)