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Common flavours[edit]

what is the most common flavour of ommelette? ---Tara (

I believe the most common one is the Bacon and Broccoli Omelette. You can see all the kinds of Omelettes if you register at Please use an articles talk page only for discussions related to the article, not to it's subject.--Demon 08:23, 8 May 2007 (CDT)

Two questions[edit]

Just edited the article and I have two questions:

A. Where does that Tonu runour come from? Is there any source for it?
B. Can you get the Omelette of the Fairies and the Black Cherry Jelly Omelette from the Giant Omelette, or are they shop items? I always thought they were the former, but neoitems made me doubt.

Does anyone know? DreamingLady 18:33, 8 Jul 2007 (UTC)

Here goes...
  1. The rumour comes from the very creation of the Tonu. The giant egg that's laid every day was one day hatched instead of breaking, and the Tonu was released unto the world. It's either true or an assumption that every time the egg is eaten and a new one is laid, more Tonu appear. I don't really know the facts.
  2. Black Cherry Jelly Omelette and Omelette Of The Faeries are searchable (seen here), and are therefore bought from respective shops.
I hope this helps... --Jacob 19:10, 8 Jul 2007 (UTC)


Excellent job hunting down each and every omelette type! I was thinking of adding some pictures and descriptions though... -- This comment was left unsigned by Cybridsovereign (talk | contribs)

I don't believe that is necessary. A list is sufficient. and Jellyneo both have item databases where people can look at the images/rarity/description of the items on Neopets. There are other things more important. Please sign your posts on talk pages. --Cath 09:07, 17 Jul 2008 (CDT)