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Deserves own article?[edit]

I think this subject deserves their own article... There is a NeoDeck card involving them they appear on the Leaving the Island page, they run Tiki Tours, they have their own fun image, they are noted for running a giveaway, and were featured in Sacrificers and the Mystery Island Volcano plot. Certainly, there is more about the Cocos then, say, Sally (BfM) or some other minor characters that have their own articles. [1][2] [3][4][5] --Macbeth 11:00, 31 Jan 2007 (CST)

The Coconut People of Mystery Island are native to Mystery Island, just as tyrannians are to Tyrannia and Maraquans to Maraqua. Talking about the Coconut people exclusively is very important, on this i agree with you, as it's confusing what the official image of them are. it's been implied they are Jubjubs by the special colour, but as Jubjubs don't have arms, are they something different? Named Coconut people such as Pango Pango, Umma Bunga and the Tiki Tour Guide can have their own article, but having them all link here and speaking of their native people sounds simpler than linking them to a seperate article then to mystery island. --Jacob 15:05, 31 Jan 2007 (CST)

The coconut people are distinct race of creatures. Tyrannians and Maraquans are but differently painted species of neopets. Each species has its own page. I do believe they are different to Coconut Jubjubs. They were around a long time before the paint colour, and are distinctly anatomically different. --Macbeth 12:18, 1 Feb 2007 (CST)

This is a complicated issue. *begins to fact check* The JubJub is the only Neopet which can be painted coconut (via the lab ray like other special colours). Also note the Island JubJub, which are different than the coconut jubjubs. And again, the beaten coconut Jubjub appears red under the coconut, asking the questions are the official coconut people coconuts, or do they wear masks?
I still insist this should be mentioned in this article, as the coconut people (like the other natvie colours to their land) are native to Mystery Island. But on how to describe them is another matter. In the Mystery Island Volcano plot, the tiki tour guide and two others were portrayed as jubjubs (as shown in the solution guide). I believe the Tiki Tour Guide was called one of the coconut people in the past, and that having him as a jubjub now shows it is what they are. Perhaps the Coconut people shown with arms is outdated art? of course, it has been shown a jubjub can have arms, in the case of the mutated Bennie the Jub. A lot to think about. --Jacob 12:47, 1 Feb 2007 (CST)

Uhm, how about just writing something like "There are many speculations about the race of the coconut people. Some think the natives are coconut Jubjubs..."etc. You get it, don't you?--Demon 13:13, 1 Feb 2007 (CST)

Hmmm. --Macbeth 13:19, 2 Feb 2007 (CST)