Sutek's Tomb

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Legend has it that there was an ancient Geb named Sutek. He was stronger, fitter, and cleverer than the other Gebs, and was praised by all for his courage and wisdom. When he died, they built him a tomb that was the same shape as him (known as a Gebmid). It had four triangular sides, and a square base. There are now many Gebmids around the Lost Desert, but Sutek's was the first.

To stop people getting at Sutek's riches (millions of Neopoints), his advisors placed a combination lock on the tomb. Strange symbols adorned an impassable door. For the person who could figure out the pattern to unlock the tomb, well, he would be the wealthiest person alive!

  • World: Lost Desert
  • Game Type: Puzzles
  • NP Ratio: 20 NP per 100 pts scored

How To Play

To play Sutek's Tomb you must swap two adjacent tiles (by clicking on each one in turn). Your aim - to score points by getting three, four or five tiles in a row. Set up combinations to earn bonus points. The Lucky Coin is indeed lucky, as it acts as a wildcard, and the Bomb will destroy all the symbols in a row, but only if it falls more than two blocks. Don't run out of time!!!

Zen Mode is just for stress relief. You can play for a very long period of time but the NP is greatly reduced.

Special Tiles

Gameplay under the Hard setting, with the Magic Face Tile visible.

While the majority of tiles will only vanish with in a combination of three or more identical tiles (the maximum number of tiles that can vanish at once through this being five), there are a few other, special tiles that have different effects.

  • Bomb Tile: A red bomb, which if dropped more than two rows at a time, will destroy itself and all the tiles above it (Bomb Combo).
  • Ankh Tile: Sutek's Lucky Ankh, when it reaches the bottom of the game board, it will destroy the bottom row and all the tiles above it.
  • Lucky Coin Tile: The Wildcard, acts as any other tile to make a combination vanish.
  • Magic Face Tile: TPOSG's head. Nature unknown as of yet.

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