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  • ...n be painted different [[colour]]s and [[Neopet Customisation|customised]] with different clothing. ...d, Adam began building a tie-in website. The Java game was never finished, with the development of the website taking over.
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  • During a feast with five of the most important people of his court, King Coltzan III died. He w ...pedia]] article suggests she did it because Coltzan refused to provide her with an army to defeat [[King Heksas]], thinking she was too young.
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  • :''Main Articles: [[MAGAX: Destroyer]], [[Hubrid Nox]]'' ==External links==
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  • ...this is a feature of painted Lupes only). Werelupes are occasionally drawn with shirts, but only in TCGs. Like all pets that are prominently featured in ar to be used in many [[Wikipedia:Fan Fiction|fan fictions]], [[Neopedia]] articles, and [[Neopian Times]] submissons, as well as in [[Neopets: The Darkest Fae
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  • ... by users, the Ticket Booth monopolises these tickets entering the market, with the exception of the ''Jazzmosis Xmas Special Ticket'', which was give out ...boy band]] is completely comprised of [[Myncies]], who combine their music with dance.
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