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A Snowbunny

The Snowbunny is a bunny Wintery Petpet which loves hopping through the snow. It was an Advent Calendar prize in Year 4, and as such is currently retired. Unlike other Advent Calendar prizes, the Snowbunny was only given out for part of the day; those that waited received another item. Snowbunnies are similar to the Cybunny as they both resemble rabbits, and a relative to the Snotbunny. Turns into a Drackobunny when combined with a Drackonack.


As of December 2008, the Snowbunny can come in 23 different colours.


White snowbunnies.gif
  • A Snowbunny themed secret avatar was released on December 3, 2003. To get this avatar, users must leave a Snowbunny attached to one of their Neopets for at least 364 days and then view that Neopet's lookup.
  • The Brown Snowbunny was chosen for Week 24 of the Petpet Protection League.

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