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Type Wintery Petpet
Release Date December 11, 2004
Petpet Puddle

The Snicklebeast is a species of Petpet that resembles the Snowbeast. It was released as an Advent Calendar gift not long after the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot. It was immediately retired.


The Snicklebeast in currently available in 10 different colours:

Petpet Protection League

The Snicklebeast has been selected for the Petpet Protection League award twice:

Week 118
Petpet Snicklebeast
Date December 1, 2005
Week 535
Petpet Pirate Snicklebeast
Date January 23, 2014


There is one avatar involving the Snicklebeast:

Snicklebeasty.gif Snicklebeast
Have a Snicklebeast attached to one of your Neopets for at least 61 days and then view that Neopet's lookup.

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