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A Shop Wizard is a JubJub with amazing powers, which can find specific items in users shops and teleport you to them. His powers are limited though, and can only find average prices of the item. Also, it does not search all shops but divides the shops into groups of roughly equal sized based on alphabetical order and it searches the groups on rotation. The Super Shop Wizard is a much more powerful, and can find the very cheapest of a searched item.

Using The Shop Wizard

As the Shop Wizard randomly gives out the lowest prices when a users searches for something, users make use of the "refresh" button on their internet browser to reload the search data. Also, some users open two or more windows to search, so they can keep the link of the lowest deal and not lose it while refreshing.

Some of you may or may not know that the shop wizard follows a system when showing you the cheapest items. It is organized by the first letter of everyone's username. Here is how they are grouped:

  • 0an
  • 1bo
  • 2cp
  • 3dq
  • 4er
  • 5fs
  • 6gt
  • 7hu
  • 8iv
  • 9jw
  • _kx
  • ly
  • mz

Faerie Quests

When a user has a Faerie Quest, they are unable to use the Shop Wizard. Because of this rule many guilds and communities with the purpose of helping others find their items have been created, because while one user is unable to use the Shop Wizard, another can. The Quests boards on the Neoboards state 'Need help with a quest? The kind folks in here are willing to lend a hand!'. Sometimes called Quest Partners, this user will search for the item on the Shop Wizard and either:

  1. Give the username of of the shop owner to the user with the quest.
  2. Buy the item and put it up in the Trading Post for the user.
  3. Give the item freely to the user.

Quest Partners are usually two users who live in the same or similar time zones. It's against Neopets Terms and Conditions for one user to use a side account to find their quest item.


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