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The Golden Scorchstone as seen in the Neopets TCG.

A Scorchstone is a rare gem in the shape of a Scorchio holding an orb (hence the "scorch" part of their name) used as Defence Magic in the Battledome. Released on (need date), there are 12 types of Scorchstones with varying powers as of October 2009. The majority of Scorchstones are sold at the Defence Magic Shop, while 2 (Ice Scorchstone and Jade Scorchstone) are sold at the Hidden Tower.


Scorchstones are primarily known today for their ability to heal Neopets during Battledome fights. These healing items have more worth to users because they can be used once per battle rather than one use (the exception being Ice Scorchstone, which can be used until it activates). The healing Scorchstones and the Battledome challengers who use them are...

  • Bronze Scorchstone: 15 BE Stat Heal.gif
Black Elm, Furious Stones, Macabre Stones
  • Red Scorchstone: 20 BE Stat Heal.gif
Blathering Beech, The Horde, Eyrieki, Tax Beast, Garoo Elite Strike Commanders
  • Blue Scorchstone: 30 BE Stat Heal.gif
Monstrous Moach, Maraquan Charger, Savage Sycamore, Skeith Defender, Pirate Bomber
  • Green Scorchstone: 40 BE Stat Heal.gif
Draconian Grarrl, Zombie Petpets
  • Purple Scorchstone: 50 BE Stat Heal.gif
Creeping Shadows, Malevolent Shadow, Shrieking Shadows, Darigan Elemental, Tekkitu the Witch Doctor, Virtupets Militia
  • Rainbow Scorchstone: 80 BE Stat Heal.gif
Advisor Broo, Angry Snow Beast, Bennie The Jub, Bori Guard, Disgruntled Townspeople, Evil Sloth Clone, Herman Dorfdrap, King Skarl, Pillager, Ryshu the Nimmo, Skeletal Knight
  • Glittery Scorchstone: 100 BE Stat Heal.gif
Maraquan Foot Soldier, Petty Crewmate
  • Ice Scorchstone: 24% chance of 100% BE Stat Heal.gif
Gigantic Angry Snow Beast, Lady Frostbite
  • Jade Scorchstone: 100% BE Stat Heal.gif
Benny, Blugthak, Cannon Master, Captain Scarblade, Chiazilla, Garin, Garoo Elite Specialist Riilan, Giant Ghostkerchief, Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby, Goregas, Grand Commander, Greedy Kadoatie, Kanrik, Kastraliss, King Kelpbeard, Lab Ray Scientist, Magic Caster Skeleton Warrior, Maraquan Shieldmaiden, Mayor Thumburt, Petpetpet Horde, Pirate Champion, Plumbeard, Primary Grundo Bot RZ894, Punchbag Sid, Qasalan Mummy, Razul, Scordrax, Ships Cook, Skeleton Warlord, Slug Monster, Snow Beast, Space Faerie, Swordmaster Talek, The Drenched, Thief Brute, Thief Overseer, War Machines, Zombiefied Peasants

There are also some Scorchstones which can be used as defense against certain damage icons. These Scorchstones can be used throughout a Battledome fight.

  • Earthen Scorchstone: 4.5 BE Stat Air Defence.gif and 4.5 BE Stat Darkness Defence.gif
Cave Chia, Maraquan Blade Specialist, Pirate First Mate, Flaming Meerca
  • Silver Scorchstone: 2 BE Stat Air Defence.gif + 2 BE Stat Light Defence.gif + 2 BE Stat Water Defence.gif
Ominous Stones, Lava Ghoul
  • Golden Scorchstone: 3 BE Stat Air Defence.gif + 4.5 BE Stat Fire Defence.gif

Notable Scorchstones

Ice Scorchstone

Icy scorchstone.gif

To be added...

Jade Scorchstone

Jade scorchstone.gif

The Jade Scorchstone is a rare, retired Scorchstone from the Hidden Tower. The most sought after of all Scorchstones and is prized by Battledome players for its once-unique 100% healing properties, but its popularity waned in favor of items such as the Leaded Elemental Vial, a cheaper full healer that regularly restocks at the Royal Potionery, and the single-use Lucky Robots Foot, which fetches a much lower price.


  • As of September 2009, there are 5 Scorchstone-related items: 3 TCG Cards and 2 Stamps/Collectable Coins.
  • Scorchstones were originally released as Dragon Stones, but the name was changed on May 14, 2001. It's also possible the Dragon Stones were based upon the Orbs of Dragonkind, an articfact in Dungeons & Dragons (which many of TNT played).
  • The Golden Scorchstone is featured in Ruins Rampage and is rumoured to be one of the many treasures in Sutek's Tomb.
  • It is said the Jade Elixir, a single use full HP healing item, is made from the tears of a Jade Scorchstone.
  • The Elestone is similar to a Scorchstone, though it depicts an Elephante holding a jewel instead of a Scorchio.

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