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Golden Scorchstone

A Scorchstone is a rare gem in the shape of a Scorchio holding an orb (hence the "scorch" part of their name). As of 10 Aug 2007, there are 12 types of Scorchstones with varying powers. They are used as Defence Magic in the Battledome. The most sought-after of all Scorchstones is the Jade Scorchstone which will fully heal your pet when used in a battle.

Scorchstones were originally released as Dragon Stones but the name was changed on 14 May 2001 with the release of 5 new Healing Scorchstones.

List of Scorchstones

Healing Scorchstones

  • Bronze Scorchstone: Heals 15 HP
  • Red Scorchstone: Heals 20 HP
  • Blue Scorchstone: Heals 30 HP
  • Green Scorchstone: Heals 40 HP
  • Purple Scorchstone: Heals 50 HP
  • Rainbow Scorchstone: Heals 80 HP
  • Glittery Scorchstone: Heals 100 HP
  • Ice Scorchstone: 24% chance of healing to 100%
  • Jade Scorchstone: Heals pet fully.

Defence Scorchstones

  • Earthen Scorchstone: Blocks 4.5 Air and 4.5 Dark Icons
  • Silver Scorchstone: Blocks 2 each Air, Light and Water Icons
  • Golden Scorchstone: Usually blocks 3 Air and 4.5 Fire Icons

Notable Scorchstones

Glittery Scorchstone

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Ice Scorchstone

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Jade Scorchstone


The Jade Scorchstone is a rare, retired Scorchstone from the Hidden Tower. It was prized by Battledome players for its once-unique 100% healing properties, but its popularity waned in favour of items such as the Leaded Elemental Vial, a cheaper full healer that regularly restocks at the Royal Potionery, and the single-use Lucky Robots Foot, which fetches a much lower price. It's used by the follower Battledome challengers...


  • There are 4 Scorchstone-related items, 3 TCG Cards and 1 Stamp
  • The Golden Scorchstone is featured in the Ruins Rampage Game and is Rumoured to be one of the many treasures in Sutek's Tomb.

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