Round Table Poker

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Basic rules of the game, at the very least.

Round Table Poker in Meridell is a game organized in the form of a tournament. It is not played like its real life counterpart but follows a different set of rules. The objective is to rise through the ranks of the best players by beating them all and earning NP along the way.


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ixi.gif Chortle Green Ixi jester in the Meridell Court. draik.gif Commander Lazarr Blue Draik Commander of the Meridell Army.
kacheek.gif Footpad Joe Blue Kacheek and local village inhabitant. bruce.gif Friar Asquith Blue Bruce friar.
kau.gif Kalandra Red Kau gypsy, may be related to another Kau Fortune Teller. aisha.gif Lady Vanella Yellow Aisha member of Meridellian high society.
meerca.gif Nigel of Meridar Red Meerca who hails from the unknown land of Meridar. kiko.gif Prudella White Kiko most likely belonging to royalty.

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