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Rollay went mad and remade himself in the image of his lizards.
Rollay Scaleback is a boss in NeoQuest I. He is found at the bottom of the foundations of the Jungle Ruins, in the third level of the dungeon. When beaten by the hero, gives him a Rusty Medallion that, after being shown to Eleus Batrin, then his teacher Gali Yoj, is cleaned up and can be used as a weapon against Faleinn. He also drops a Jeweled [sic] Crystal Key that allows the hero to reach Korabric at the top of the Jungle Ruins' Tower.

Plot summary

NeoQuest I

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Rollay was a researcher under Korabric while the Jungle Ruins was still a biology research lab. The researchers of the lab could create and give life to creatures from pools of water with their magic. When Rollay went mad, he used a lake that had been excavated underneath the Jungle Ruins to create hundreds of monsters at a time - beginning his experiments on Buzzes and scorpions and culminating in the creation of his lizard army. When the Pygmies the researchers were studying became hostile, Rollay armed them in return for their aid, and he gave Gors the Mighty the Staff of Ni-tas that the Circle of Twelve had sent to the facility. Kreai and Gors would eventually betray him and steal two of the keys he had in his possession.

Korabric and his team had delayed fighting Rollay in hopes of reaching a peaceful solution. By the time they decided to fight him, he had grown too powerful and overwhelmed them. Korabric was forced to seal himself in the top of his tower.

Sometime after this, Rollay was able to complete his goal of become a lizard himself, and took the name 'Scaleback'. After he is beaten by the hero, he briefly shows remorse for his actions and dives into the lake he made his army from. He doesn't resurface.

He mentions a master, which, in line with the events of the game, may be Jahbal.

He is level 25 with 180 hit points, can stun for 3 rounds, and can heal himself 45 HP.

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