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Neopets: Treasure Keepers was a Facebook game co-developed by Neopets and Meteor Games, the studio Adam and Donna went on to found after leaving Neopets. It was launched as a closed beta for Premium members on 16 June 2011, and was announced in open beta on August 20th, 2011, though it had been available to all players for more than a week before it was announced.

The themes of the games are introduced in the Treasure Keeper's Story when users first start the game. It explains how the portals in Portal City could be taken to a variety of places and were the source of all of the rare and varied items that the inhabitants of Portal City bought and sold.

On 12 December 2011 TNT announced on their Official NeoBoard that Treasure Keepers would be closing later that week. It was officially closed at 11:45 PM NST on 14 December 2011. Players were emailed a code to use at the Grundo Warehouse (NTKTHANKS) which gives them 10,000 NP, a Noil, a Ten Dubloon Coin, Heavy Round Shield, Green Slorg Plushie, Plushie Petpet Paint Brush, Babaa Pillow, Caring For Your Mazzew, Cheese Shop Background, Sparkle Potion, Brown Winter Scarf, and The Way to Adventure Sign Post.

Basic Gameplay[edit]

To start, a player finds the game on Facebook and activates it. Their first step is to choose to play as either a male Red Kougra or female Blue Cybunny. They are then placed in their shop and introduced to gameplay through a simple tutorial session. Players start at level one in four categories, Level, Combat, Reflexes, and Puzzle Solving. By completing Adventures and Quests, selling items in their shop, and doing other tasks they can increase their level in all four categories. There are progress bars for each category: Level is yellow and is visible at all times while Combat (green), Reflexes (blue), and Puzzle Solving (purple) are only visible while on an Adventure. Increasing Level raises the player's health points (HP) and opens additional mini-map Adventures, while raising level in one of the other abilities makes them more likely to get a positive outcome on one of the Wheels of Uncertainty.


The player navigates through the game by using icons that appear in their shop and on the Portal City map.

  • Select Tool - Hovering over this icon in the shop will allow the player to switch between the selection tool, the move tool, and the sell tool.
  • Shopshop - Looks like a small building with windows and a blue roof. Clicking here in the shop will take a player to the shopshop. Players can go here to buy decorations, displays, boosts, petpets and upgrades.
  • Quest Log - Looks like a green lockable diary with red bookmark. Clicking on the quest log will take a player to their list of active and completed quests. It is available on both the Shop and Portal City map screens.
  • City Map - Looks like a curled piece of paper with a map on it. Clicking here will take a player to the Portal City map where they may select an Adventure.
  • My Vault - Looks like a treasure chest. Clicking here will take a player to their inventory which holds the items they've collected in quests or purchased in the Shopshop.
  • Open/Close Shop - A two-sided sign painted green with a sun on the Open side and painted dark blue with a crescent moon on the Closed side. Clicking here will open or close a player's shop.
  • Snapshot - A Polaroid photograph with a Babaa in it. Clicking here will take a snapshot of the screen and post it to your Facebook wall.
  • Gifts - A yellow package with a red bow. Clicking here when there is an exclamation point icon will take a player to where they can accept or sell gifts from other players.
  • Achievements - A blue Rosette Ribbon with yellow center. Clicking here will take a player to their achievements page which also lists any item codes they've earned while playing the game.
  • Redeem Code - Looks like a regular Nova. Clicking here will give a player the chance to enter a code to get special items for your game.
  • Return to Shop - A blue-roofed shop icon, it is available while a player is away from their shop either on the Portal City map or on an Adventure mini-map.
  • Explorer's Guild - Clicking here on the Portal City map will take a player to the Explorer's Guild Rank progress bars. Increasing their rank in the various locations will allow a player to find more valuable items on subsequent visits.
  • Read Treasure Keepers Story - Clicking on this icon, a scroll with a question mark, will allow a player to re-read the opening story of the game.


The player may save the game at any time by clicking the floppy disk icon, though the game saves itself on a regular basis. Saving allows the player to come back to exactly where they are at that point, either in their shop or on an Adventure mini-map. They may also zoom in and out using the + and - magnifiers or scrolling with their mouse wheel, change the game image quality by clicking on the cog, or turn on and off game sounds and music by hovering over the cog and clicking the speaker or music icons that appear.

Portal City[edit]

Portal City Screenshot.png

Neopets Treasure Keepers takes place in Portal City, a new land that has not existed in the world of Neopia until the introduction of it in this game. It is unknown where it is located, though it appears to be a four-walled city on a coastline with a river running through the center of the town.

As of August 9th, 2011, there are five active areas on the map. Of these areas, there are four Adventure locations and the Money Tree.

The four Adventure locations are called Palace Gardens, Secret Tunnels, Docks, and Sewer. They each contain four to six themed adventure games of varying difficulty.

At the Money Tree, as at the one in Neopia Central, players can get items for free. They are limited to three items every eight hours.

Monetary Units[edit]

There are two monetary units in Treasure Keepers. The main, free unit is Gold Coins. Items in shops are sold for coins and going on adventures can earn them if the adventure is completed successfully. The secondary unit is Facebook Credits, used to buy some shop decor and display items, upgrades, all boosts, and access to some areas.

Decor items will raise a player's Decor store, giving them petals on the yellow flower in the lower left corner of the window. The more complete the player's decor rating, the greater the volume of customers visiting the store.


A 12x12 player shop (closed) with various items on tables and a full Decoration Score.

The shop is where players can sell the many items they collect while on Adventures. Other than quest items, which can only be found while on a quest for the item, any item found on an adventure can be sold in a player's shop. The player sells items by removing them from their vault and placing them on tables or in display cases so that the many Neopets who visit the shop may purchase the items. Players are able to set the selling price and may request the option to haggle for the item with the buyer. In addition to the Neopet visitors, a player's Facebook Friends may also visit and purchase items from their shop. Items will only be purchased from the shop by Neopet customers while a player is actively playing the game, is in their shop (rather than on an Adventure), and the shop is open.

A player is able to decorate their shop with various items and can also have a resident petpet. As a player levels up they are given the opportunity to increase their shop size and have a higher number of maximum customers at a time whether they can attract that number depends on how full their decoration score flower is.

  • Level 4 - Two max customers
  • Level 7 - Three max customers
  • Level 10 - Four max customers
  • Level 13 - Five max customers
  • Level 16 - Six max customers

The Shopshop[edit]

The Shopshop is where players can purchase decor and display items, upgrades, boosts and petpets. There are a variety of items for a player to choose from and more are unlocked with each level a player reaches. A player purchases the items with either coins or Facebook Credits depending on the item.


Decor items raise a shop's Decoration Score, which makes the shop attract more Neopet customers, generally increasing the sales. The number of points needed for a full Decor Score is based on a player's level. The decoration value of the item tends to be linked to the price of the item with a minimum decor value of ten and maximum of 600 (for the furniture item Grandfather Clock which costs 40 FC). There are six different categories of decor items:

  • Plants - Various flowering and non-flowering plants, generally in pots. For Halloween, Pumpkins could also be found here.
  • Statues - Statues and sculptures in stone or wood, generally depicting pets or petpets.
  • Wall Decor - Paintings and other art, wall lighting units, and windows.
  • Lighting - Floor lamps and candles.
  • Furniture - Chairs, balloons, arrows, pennants, pots, clocks, and standees are just a few of the various items categorized here.
  • Adverts - Banners advertising various items stocked in the shop.


Though many display items also increase a shop's Decoration Score, their main purpose is to display the items being sold in a shop or shown in their gallery. Each display has a set number of areas for sales items, either one, four, or eight of the smallest sized items.

  • Tables - The basic display type, comes in various colors and styles.
  • Pedestals - Taller than tables, pedestals can only hold a single, small item.
  • Cases - Currently nothing is in this category.
  • Gallery - Glass covered display cases, items stored here can not be purchased by Neopet customers or Facebook Friends.
  • Advertising - Items placed on one of these tables can only be purchased by your Facebook Friends and will not be purchased by Neopet customers.


Upgrades can also increase a shop's Decoration Score while changing the entire look of a shop. There are four categories of upgrades a user can purchase.

  • Wallpapers - Various colors and designs for the walls to add a special look to the player's shop.
  • Flooring - Tiles, wood, brick, and stone styles are available to fit a players needs.
  • Expansions - With enough coins or FC, a player can increase the size of their shop from 10x10 up to as big as 13x13.
    • 10x10 - default
    • 11x11 - 10,000 coins or 10 FC.
    • 12x12 - 25,000 coins or 20 FC.
    • 13x13 - 50,000 coins or 30 FC.
  • Carpeting - 4x4 square rugs in various designs that a player can place in their shop. Decor and display items can not be placed on them.


There are hundreds of items that can be found in Adventures and sold in a player's shop. These items can not be utilized in the game other than to sell them. Thus, swords and shields can not be equipped while on Adventures nor herbs be used to heal. Map pieces can not be combined to create full maps and unlock special areas.

Item Types[edit]

The game puts all items in one of several categories which are used to award achievements based on how many of each category are sold. These categories also make it easier for a player to find a particular item in their Vault.

  • Weapons - Swords, daggers, bows and crossbows, and magical staffs. These are all items that could be used to inflict damage.
  • Armour - Shields, plate, mail, and magical artifacts. These are all items that could protect a fighter.
  • Jewellery - Necklaces, earrings, rings, and amulets. Excludes unset gemstones.
  • Accessories - A very limited category that only contains one item, the Smuggler's ID Card.
  • Food - Edibles and potables, though some items, like the Maggoty Apple are questionably so.
  • Toys - Clockworks, games, action figures, and plushies.
  • Clothing - Gloves, outfits, boots, and scarves these are decorative clothes rather than armour.
  • Books - Books... and the sheet music for Legends of the Unwashed.
  • Magic - Enchanted items of all sorts including Novas, Motes, and potions.
  • Equipment - The items that can make an adventurer's life easier, compasses, tinderbox, and money pouches.
  • Herbs - Leaves, berries, mushrooms, and plants, any of the sorts of things needed for a spell or healing.
  • Gems - Stones of a variety of colors from red Ruby to purple Quartz.
  • Things - Everything else. Love letters, slime, flowers, and cogs.


Items found on adventures are one of four rarity levels: common, uncommon, rare, and super rare. The higher rarity items are found less often than the common items. In a player's vault they can see the rarity of an item by hovering over the item with their mouse or by looking at the color in which the item's name is shown. This color use is common throughout the game, including in the player's adventure inventory. When sold in shops, these items also give standard XP rewards.

  • Common - dark brown, earns 1 XP
  • Uncommon - green, earns 5 XP
  • Rare - blue, earns 25 XP
  • Super Rare - purple, earns 100 XP

While, generally, items with higher rarities have a higher base price, this is not always the case, most regularly with common and uncommon items. Some uncommon items have a lower price than some common items.


The Junkyard map in The Docks.

The Adventure part of the game consists of a player going to one of the mini-maps in one of the adventure areas and rolling a single die to move along a path, similar to a one-player Key Quest game. Whether a player can continue on an adventure is based on their health points (HP). If their HP drops to zero they must either heal themselves using a potion or return to their shop and wait for their HP to recover. A player recovers three HP every three minutes. Completing an adventure will earn them items and experience points (XP). If a player opts to quit an adventure by returning to the shop when they still have some HP, they will keep all of the items and coins they have collected to that point.


A Hard Reflexes Wheel of Uncertainty Skill Check

Players have various opportunities to improve their skill level in three different abilities: Combat, Reflexes, and Puzzle Solving. The main way to increase these abilities is to land on a space in an adventure that opens a Wheel of Uncertainty (WoU) skill check, a circle with an arm that spins when the player clicks on the center of the wheel. The amount of area that is green is based on the difficulty level of the skill check and the ability level of the player. If they are the same, the WoU will be Average, if the player's level in that ability is higher, it will be easier and, if lower, harder. For example, if a player has a Puzzle Solving level of five and a skill check has a Puzzle Solving difficulty level of four, it will be considered Easy and will have a larger area of green. If the same player finds a skill check with a Puzzle Solving difficulty of six, however, it will be considered Hard and the green area will be reduced. There are seven difficulty levels. Listed from easiest to most difficult they are: Trivial, Very Easy, Easy, Average, Hard, Very Hard, and Impossible.

When the arm stops in the green area, the player is considered successful and gets a positive outcome and earns points towards the next level in that ability. When it stops in the red area, the player is unsuccessful and gets a negative outcome. The points earned directly relate to the difficulty level of the skill check.

Filling the bar for an ability by collecting ability points as described below will increase the player's skill level in that ability and make the challenges less difficult, generally increasing the size of the green area for the same challenge.

  • Combat - The combat ability is improved by defeating one of the various enemies in one of the adventure mini-maps. When the battle starts a combat WoU will appear. Winning the battle requires two successful hits, while any outcomes in the red will be a hit against the player and will cause them to lose health. Winning a battle can earn the player some coins, items, XP, and Combat points If the player loses all of their health points, they are given the option to heal, provided they have a healing potion of some sort, or return to their shop. Returning to the shop forfeits any items and coins earned during that adventure.
  • Reflexes - The reflexes ability is improved by successfully avoiding one of several traps on one of the starburst or, occasionally, the question mark squares on the mini-maps. Landing on one of these will cause a reflexes WoU to appear. Having a result in the green area will earn the player Reflex points and XP. Having a result in the red area will cause the player to lose health points.
  • Puzzle Solving - The puzzle solving ability is improved by successfully solving a puzzle on a Puzzle square, finding a hidden treasure on an Eye square. Landing on one of these will cause a Puzzle WoU to appear. Having a result in the green area can earn the player coins, items, Puzzle Solving points, and XP, and, if on a puzzle square, access to the area it blocks. Having a result in the red area will cause the puzzle area to be locked if on a puzzle square.

As of October 2011 the maximum level of any ability is level eight.


As the player moves around, he or she encounters one of ten different tiles each with unique results.

  • Blank - The blank square makes up a good number of squares on the mini-map. Generally, nothing will happen when a player lands on these squares though, occasionally, they will be rewarded with an item or some coins. After a player has landed on one of the other spaces, they will become blank.
  • Arrow - This space is like the blank. Occasionally items and coins are found, but often nothing is. If a player lands on it, the arrow image does not disappear. Its main purpose is to direct the player through the mini-map at crossroads.
  • Treasure - Resembles a treasure chest. Landing on this will give the player some items and coins.
  • Movement - Resembles a four-way arrow. Landing on this will either make the player go back 1-6 spaces, multiply their next roll by two or have them get a set roll for their next turn.
  • Search - Resembles an eye. Landing on this will open a Puzzle Solving WoU skill test. If successful, the player will find coins, XP, and puzzle solving points. If unsuccessful, they will get nothing.
  • Trap - Resembles a starburst. Landing on this will open a Reflex WoU skill test. If successful, the player will earn XP and reflex points. If unsuccessful, they will lose health points.
  • Random - Resembles a question mark. Landing on this has a variety of outcomes including items or coins being found; luck points found, items or coins being stolen, lost, or turned to sludge; random urges to do something that then fade, nothing happening, something not happening, and getting sent back tiles.
  • Puzzle - Resembles a puzzle piece. A player can not land on this piece, it blocks the way to part of the map. If the player wishes to enter this part of the map, they can choose to go in the direction of the puzzle piece and stop, forfeiting their remaining steps on their roll, the space before the piece. They must successfully complete a Puzzle Solving WoU skill test to open the area. Additionally, they receive experience points and puzzle solving points when successful. If unsuccessful, the way is barred and they are forced to go the other direction. These areas make the path of the Adventure longer but often contain many treasure squares.
  • Fight - These spaces are inhabited by any of several different bad guys. The player spins the battle wheel of uncertainty until they've defeated their opponent or been reduced to zero health points and are returned to their shop. If the player is successful in defeating their opponent, they receive items, coins, experience points, and combat points.
  • Finish Line - Looks like a checkered streamer stretched between two poles. Reaching this square ends the mini-map game and the player is rewarded with several items, experience points, and gets to keep any items and coins earned while playing. They are then returned to their shop.


Each of the adventure locations listed below contain 4-6 themed mini-map adventure areas of varying difficulty. The difficulty changes depending on a player's Level. For combat enemies, their combat level is noted below, a player at the same Combat level as the enemy will find it rated Average. If their Combat level is higher it will be easier on the Combat Wheel of Uncertainty and if their Combat level is lower, the enemy will be harder.

The ratings below are based on a player at Level 7 with level 3 Combat, Reflexes, and Puzzle Solving Ability with the exception of the final level of each chapter which is unlocked by having friends in game. These levels are always considered Average difficulty as determined by the player's abilities. The combat, reflexes and puzzle solving skill check difficulties increase with the player's, allowing for a level that will always be beneficial for the player to play.

Palace Gardens - The Palace Gardens is home to six different garden-themed adventure areas:

  • Royal Orchard - Rated very easy and open from the beginning. It is full of fruiting trees.
    • Living Statue (level 1 combat, 2 HP) - Resembles a stone statue of a Scorchio carrying a hammer and a sword.
  • Topiary Trail - Rated very easy and unlocked at level two. It is full of clipped topiaries shaped like various petpets.
    • Dire Crokabek (level 1 combat, 2 HP) - A large black Crokabek.
    • Topiary Beast (level 1 combat, 2 HP) - A hedge trimmed in the shape of a Grarrl on a stone pillar.
  • Hedge Maze - Rated easy and unlocked at level six. It is a very long map that resembles a hedge maze though it is impossible to get lost.
    • Three - Living Statue (level 1 combat, 2 HP)
  • Aviary - Rated 'average and unlocked at level eleven. It is full of a variety of trees and birdbaths holding different bird-type petpets including Weewoos, Whoots, Pawkeets, and Naleaps.
    • Three - Living Statue (level 3 combat, 2 HP)
  • Enchanted Grove - Rated very hard and unlocked at level fifteen. It is full of fruiting trees and pink and yellow flowers.
    • Topiary Beast (level 5 combat, 2 HP)
    • Living Statue (level 4 combat, 2 HP)
    • Dire Crokabek (level 5 combat, 2 HP)
    • Evil Money Tree (level 8 combat, 3 HP) - A tree with an evil face growing through the path.
  • Queen Sallix's Garden - Always rated average and unlocked by having three in-game friends or paying ten Facebook Credits. Resembles a formal garden with matching stone planter beds and a large stone statue.
    • Dire Crokabek (combat level is one level lower than the player's, 2 HP) - Skippable battle if the player unlocks a puzzle area.
    • Living Statue (combat level is two lower than the player's, 2 HP) - Skippable battle if the player unlocks one of two puzzle areas.
    • Overgrown Topiary Beast (combat level is one higher than the player's, 2 HP) A larger version of the Topiary Beast with bright yellow eyes.

Secret Tunnels - The Secret Tunnels is home to six different underground tunnel themed adventure areas:

  • The Scurryway - Rated easy and unlocked at level four. It is an underground thieves' market and pub with stalls, treasure, and casks all around.
    • Two - Thief (level 2 combat, 2 HP) - A Blue Kougra with a knife.
  • Spyder Lair - Rated average and unlocked at level seven. It is filled with Spyders, webs, cocoons, and the skeletons of unfortunate explorers.
    • Three - Giant Spyder (level 2 combat, 2 HP) - A large black Spyder.
  • Oubliette - Rated average and unlocked at level nine. It is an underground dungeon filled with cages, an iron maiden and skulls.
    • Giant Spyder (level 2 combat, 2 HP)
    • Treasure Monster (level 3 combat, 2 HP) - Resembles a large treasure chest with teeth and a tongue.
  • The Stash - Rated hard and unlocked at level thirteen. It is an underground room full of treasure chests and valuable items.
    • Two - Treasure Monster (level 5 combat, 2 HP)
    • Three - Giant Spyder (level 4 combat, 2 HP)
  • Deepest Dungeon - Rated very hard and unlocked at level seventeen. Has lots of holes.
    • Two - Thief(level 6 combat, 2 HP)
    • The Chigoreth(level 9 combat, 3 HP) - Green and slobbery
  • The Undercellar - Rated average and unlocked by having five in-game friends or paying ten Facebook Credits. Filled with stone blocks and pillars and various kegs, chests, cardboard boxes, and barrels. Resembles a storage area for unused items.
    • Two - Skeleton (combat level is one lower than the player's, 2 HP) - a bouncing and screaming skeletal Acara. The first is only accessible by succeeding at the first puzzle area, skipped by avoiding it or failing.
    • Giant Spyder (level 3 combat, 2 HP) - a stronger version of the other Giant Spyders. Skippable by unlocking the second puzzle area.
    • Treasure Monster (level 4 combat, 2 HP) - Only accessible by succeeding at the third puzzle area, skipped by avoiding it or failing.

Docks - The Docks is home to five different waterside themed adventure areas:

  • The Pier - Rated average and unlocked at level ten. It is a large series of wooden platforms with purple tentacles and glowing treasure chests. The look is reminiscent of the Neopets game Stowaway Sting.
    • Two - Tentacle Monster (level 4 combat, 2 HP) - Resembles the purple tentacles of a large octopus or squid.
  • The Hungry Jetsam - Rated hard and unlocked at level twelve. It is a series of docks strewn with broken ship pieces and crates containing dangerous monsters.
    • Three - Skeletal Pirate (level 4 combat, 2 HP) - An animate skeleton, possibly of a Krawk, with a captain's hat and peg leg.
  • The Junkyard - Rated very hard and unlocked at level sixteen. It is a single, huge platform covered in broken ship parts and barrels.
    • Three - Rodent of Unusual Size (level 8 combat, 2 HP) - A large, Brown Meepit with a vacant stare and gritted teeth.
  • The Pride of Maraqua - Rated impossible and unlocked at level nineteen. A long, narrow strip of wood flooring that looks like it could be on a ship. There are cannons, treasure chests, a ship's wheel, and various other nautical items.
    • Three - Skeletal Pirate (level 7 combat, 2 HP)
    • Silus The Swindler (level 10 combat, 3 HP) Silus is considered the Boss for the Docks. He's a Red Grarrl wearing pirate clothes and has an anchor tattooed on his left arm.
  • Smuggler's Jetty - Always rated average and unlocked by having ten in-game friends or paying ten Facebook Credits. Though not a maze with dead-ends, this map has many different possible routes along two major routes. Players opt to turn either right or left shortly after starting the level and, while both end at the same place after completing a half circle route, they are separate between the two places. Like the other Docks levels, this takes place on a large platform which has an opening in the center, covered with chests, skeletons, purple tentacles, and various ship's cargo items.
    • Skeletal Pirate (combat level is one lower than the player's, 2 HP) - Reached by taking the right hand path at the first turning.
    • Silus The Swindler (combat level is two higher than the player's, 3 HP) - He is reached by taking the left hand path at the first turning.
    • Tentacle Monster (combat level is one lower than the player's, 2 HP) - The end boss of the level, reached on both paths.
  • Attack of the Tentacle Beast - (released 8 November 2011) Rated impossible. This map is very large and covered with various purple tentacle monsters. It is a maze-type level with a variety of paths.
    • Four - Tentacle Monster (level 7 combat, 2 HP) Depending on the route the player opts to follow, they can fight anywhere from one to all four of these monsters. The one nearest the finish appears larger but is the same monster.
    • Two - Skeletal Pirate (level 7 combat, 2 HP) Only one can be fought in any visit to this map.

Sewer - The Sewer is home to four different pipe themed adventure areas:

  • Crumbling Tunnels - Rated very hard and unlocked at level fifteen. It is a dingy area filled with slime, monsters and Slorgs of various sizes.
    • Two - Wocky Beast (level 7 combat, 2 HP) - A large green misshapen Wocky with a purple ruff of fur around its neck and and upside down face.
    • Twelve Foot Tall Slorg (level 6 combat, 2 HP) - A giant Slorg taller than the player's character who seems scared, as he is screaming repeatedly and has a look of fear in his eyes.
  • Fungus Cave - Rated impossible and unlocked at level nineteen. A dank, grey cave with small rocks covered with lichen and mushrooms.
    • Four - Twelve Foot Talk Slorg (level 8 combat, 2 HP)
  • Drainworks - Rated impossible and unlocked at level twenty. It has pipes, vents, and slimy water.
    • Two- Unwashed Bandit (level 7 combat, 2 HP) - A Blue Lupe with a hood and cape who is brandishing two knives.
    • Two- Wocky Beast (level 9 combat, 2 HP)
  • The Pipe Maze - Rated average and unlocked by having eight in-game friends or paying ten Facebook Credits. A huge map that is exactly as described, full of slime covered pipe segments with enough paths to keep the player going in circles. The directional arrows are hidden by grates in the pathway. If not in a hurry to get through the map, a player can easily spend a while in this level on the longer path. There are two direct routes through this map, the directions below describe the turns a player should choose at the various intersections:
    • The Quick Path: Right, right, straight
    • The Long Road with Many Turnings: Right, straight, left, straight, right.
    • Three - Twelve Foot Tall Slorg (combat level is the same as the player's, 2 HP) - One at the first intersection and one on each of the two paths through the maze. Only two max can be fought on the level.
    • Wocky Beast (combat level is one higher than the player's, 2 HP)

The Basement - The basement is in the player's shop instead of on the Portal City Map and it is used as a tutorial for the game. The outcome when played is completely prescribed in the game and is the same for every player. This area is locked once completed.

  • Living statue - (level 1 combat, 2 HP)

Petpets and Luck[edit]

A player can get limited amounts of help on their Adventures by taking a petpet along with them or earning luck from Treasure or Random Event (?) squares or as a loyal user bonus for playing multiple days in a row. The maximum number of luck shamrocks that a player can have at any given time is three. The luck shamrocks can be used to guarantee a successful result while attempting any of the three Wheels of Uncertainty (WoU) skill checks. The petpets can be used in the same way but can only help out on a particular WoU and can only be used once or twice per day each unless the player purchases Petpet Treats with Facebook Credits. Petpets are classified as either a Growler, Sniffer, or Thinker; growlers help with combat skill checks, sniffers with reflexes, and thinkers with puzzle solving.

There are several different petpets that a player can collect :

The following petpets are attained by participating in the game at various stages or by redeeming in-game codes. They can be used once per day.

  • White Babaa (Thinker) - Every player is given one when they first start the game.
  • White Kadoatie (Sniffer) - Given to players who participated in the closed beta test.
  • Doglefox (Growler) - Given out in a code players could redeem in the Treasure Keepers game. Code: NTKCOMICCON2011

The following petpets are purchased in the player's shop and are unlocked at various levels. They can be used once per day.

  • Meepit (Thinker) - Costs 7,000 coins, available at Level 5.
  • Kadoatie (Sniffer) - Costs 9,000 coins, available at Level 10.
  • Slorg (Thinker) - Costs 11,000 coins, available at Level 15.
  • Meowclops (Sniffer) - Costs 11,000 coins, available at Level 15.
  • Warf (Growler) - Costs 13,000 coins, available at Level 20.

The following are randomly awarded for completing consecutive timed quests for the Resistance Order and can be used twice per day.

  • Blue Noil (Sniffer) - Streak of 15 quests.
  • Red Babaa (Growler) - Streak of 20 quests.
  • Starry Slorg (Thinker) - Streak of 20 quests.

Facebook Credit Boosts[edit]

There are five different boost types a player can purchase but they can only be paid for with Facebook Credits (FC), which require the player to use real money. They can be used to replenish health, increase ability level temporarily, or refresh a petpet. While the Petpet Treat (costs 2 FC) is a single item, the other four boost categories have three different strengths of potions; Lesser potions, Greater potions, and the unmodified normal potions in the middle. Below are the potions and what they do. At the beginning of the game, each user is given one of each of the lesser ability potions, four Lesser Healing Potions and one Petpet Treat.

  • Healing Potion - In red vials, these potions restore Health Points.
    • Lesser Healing Potion - Restores five points and costs 1 FC.
    • Healing Potion - Restores fifteen points and costs 3 FC.
    • Greater Healing Potion - Restores thirty points and costs 5 FC.
  • Strength Potion - In green vials, these potions increase Combat level for one Adventure.
    • Lesser Strength Potion - Increases Combat level by one point and costs 5 FC.
    • Strength Potion - Increases Combat level by two points and costs 10 FC.
    • Greater Strength Potion - Increases Combat level by three points and costs 15 FC.
  • Potion of Agility - In blue vials, these potions increase Reflex level for one Adventure.
    • Lesser Potion of Agility - Increases Reflex level by one point and costs 5 FC.
    • Potion of Agility - Increases Reflex level by two points and costs 10 FC.
    • Greater Potion of Agility - Increases Reflex level by three points and costs 15 FC.
  • Brainy Potion - In purple vials, these potions increase Puzzle Solving level for one Adventure.
    • Quite Brainy Potion - Increases Puzzle Solving level by one point and costs 5 FC.
    • Brainy Potion - Increases Puzzle Solving level by two points and costs 10 FC.
    • Very Brainy Potion - Increases Puzzle Solving level by three points and costs 15 FC.


A non-player character (NPC) will come to the player's shop and tell a story about what they need and why. These quests require that the user play certain Adventure mini-maps and collect specific quest items so that they can be given to the NPC who requests them. These quests can have several steps, generally two or three, which must be completed consecutively. When the player has all of the items for each step, the NPC will return to the player's shop and give them a reward. For an intermediate step the player is given the coins that the items are worth and when the quest is completed, they get the items listed below, generally some experience points, coins, and items.

The quests do not generally become available until after the necessary Adventure mini-map has been unlocked by reaching the required level which is in parenthesis after the description. Additionally, even if the proper level is reached, if the quest is given to the player by the same NPC as an uncompleted quest, the new quest will not be available until the previous one has been completed.

In addition to level-based quests, there are several timed quests where a player is given four hours to find a particular item. These are regular items rather than quest-specific items, so a player can have the item in their shop inventory or vault, buy it from another player's shop, or find it on one of the adventure maps.

Level Based Quests[edit]

These quests have been ordered based on their quest sequence to clarify which quests require the completion of previous quests to continue in the sequence. The quests at the bottom are stand-alone and do not depend on the completion of other quests.

Thieves’ Guild Sequence[edit]

  • Thief with a Conscience - Leapfoot the Green Cybunny wants to join the Thieves' Guild but was taught that stealing is wrong. He needs the player to find some items required for his initiation into the guild. (Level 2)
    • A Silver Apple A Day - Find four Silver Apple in the Royal Orchard.
    • Crokabek Menace - Find four Crokabek Feather in Topiary Trail.
    • Reward - 175 XP, 50 coins, Rusty Locket, Defender's Bow & Rusty Sword
  • The Arachnophobic Thief - Leapfoot, has a been told to recover an Ornate Telescope stashed in the Spyder's Lair but first he needs someone to find his lost marbles. (Level 8)
    • The Web We Weave - Find six Lucky Marble in Spyder's Lair.
    • The Ornate Telescope - Find one Ornate Telescope in Spyder's Lair.
    • Reward - 300 XP, 50 coins, Hedge Maze Map, Money Belt & Studded Leather Armour
  • Dodgy Dealings - Taranel the Blue Acara needs someone to reclaim some items that were stolen by the Thieves' Guild. (Level 13)
    • Cloak and Dagger - Find four Thieves Dirk in The Scurryway.
    • Crate Expectations - Find six Mysterious Crate in The Pier.
    • Name Your Poison - Find five Venom Potion in The Stash.
    • Reward - 400 XP, 50 coins, Chunk of Bread, Rhubarb & Jacks
  • Taranell's Town - Taranell has decided to take over the Thieves' Guild in Portal City and she needs some help to show the others who's boss. (Level 19)
    • Putting Out Feelers - Find six Tentacle Slice in The Pier by defeating the Tentacle Monster.
    • Bone of Contention - Find five Bone Earring in The Hungry Jetsam by defeating the Skeletal Pirate.
    • Likin' Lichen - Find six Lichen Leaf in the Fungus Cave.
    • Show Them Who's Boss - Find one Gemmed Eyepatch by defeating Silus the Swindler in The Pride of Maraqua or on the left side path of Smuggler's Jetty.
    • Reward - 575 XP, 50 coins, Graveshroom, 100 Great Potions & Ruby

Wizard in Training Sequence[edit]

  • Homework Experiment - Apprentice Ziki, a Kougra girl needs help completing her homework and needs the player to find her some potion ingredients so that she can perform better than Apprentice Lila. (Level 3)
    • Sardplant Juice - Find three Sardplant in the Royal Orchard.
    • Leaf of Faith - Get one Animated Leaf by defeating the Topiary Beast on Topiary Trail.
    • Reward - 175 XP, 50 coins, Skeleton Toy, Scribing for Beginners & Jingly Puzzle. Completing this quest also earns a player an item code for the Neopets site.
  • Swotting Up - Apprentice Ziki is getting ready to take her final exams but she's sure that she won't pass without special equipment and her lucky Teddy Bearog. (Level 11)
    • Bomberry Ink - Find six Bomberry in the Royal Orchard.
    • Perfect Quill - Find one Weewoo Feather in the Aviary
    • Last But Not Least - Find one Teddy Bearog in the Hedge Maze.
    • Reward - 375 XP, 50 coins, Notched Bow, Ham & Cupcake
  • Wizard Graduation - Apprentice Ziki is finally graduating from magic school but she doesn't have a wand and her familiar has run off. She needs someone to find them for her before the cermony. (Level 17)
    • A Wizard without a Wand - Find one "Motewood" in the Enchanted Grove.
    • Unfamiliar - Find one Meowclops Familiar in the Deepest Dungeon.
    • Reward - 525 XP, 50 coins, Plate Helmet, Rainbow Negg & Dark Nova

Healing Sequence[edit]

  • Neopox and Other Ailments - Nurse Gladys, a Yellow Acara, needs help finding the proper ingredients for her antidotes and needs the player to collect them for her. (Level 4)
    • An Outbreak of Sneezles - Find four Babaafluff in the Royal Orchard.
    • Moss Definitely - Find four bundles of Zaffir in Topiary Trail.
    • A Cure for Neopox - Find four Stalagmoss in The Scurryway.
    • Reward - 200 XP, 50 coins, Regulation City Mace, Graveshroom & Slumberberry Juice
  • First Aid - Nurse Gladys needs help again. This time, some of her supplies are a bit late in arriving and she needs some of them right away. (Level 9)
    • Spyder Bandages - Find four Spyder Silk in Spyders Lair. It is also possible to get this item by defeating the Giant Spider in the Oubliette.
    • Gloomacinths Ointment - Find three 'Gloomacinth in the Oubliette.
    • Reward - 275 XP, 50 coins, Lucky Necklace, Band of Ivy & Love Potion #38
  • Pier Pressure - Nurse Gladys needs help again finding a lost crate of supplies and she needs someone to find clues about where the box may have gone. (Level 10)
    • Scattered Supplies - Find six Tattered Clue at The Pier.
    • Reward - 325 XP, 50 coins, Money Belt, Seaweed Pie & Amethyst

Pleasing the Princess Sequence[edit]

  • Royally Miserable - Brianna the Blue Wocky is taking care of the Princess, who is bored. She needs help finding toys to cheer her up. (Level 5)
    • The Princess's Pony - Find one Hobby Uni in The Scurryway.
    • Dice-A-Roo - Find six Dice-A-Roo Die in The Scurryway.
    • Reward - 225 XP, 50 coins, Quill, Heavy Mace & Silver Earring
  • Mystery Drawings - Brianna is back again with more fears for the Princess, who is drawing a particular image repeatedly. She's trying to guess what the drawing is of hoping that she'll figure out what the Princess wants. (Level 9)
    • Having a Ball - Find one Gormball in The Scurryway.
    • Fundus Fruit - Find five Fundus Fruit in the Hedge Maze.
    • A Dash of Color - Find eight Coloring Pencil in the Oubliette.
    • Reward - 300 XP, 50 coins, Royal Seal, Don't Get Lost! & Bag of Peanuts

Kara’s Clothing Sequence[edit]

  • The Statue Necklace - Kara the Red Usul wants a one-of-a-kind necklace last seen around the neck of a statue in the Hedge Maze and needs someone to retrieve it for her. (Level 7)
    • Whatever Kara wants, Kara gets - Find one Fashinable Necklace in the Hedge Maze by defeating the Living Statue at the end.
    • Reward - 275 XP, 50 coins, Clockwork Spyder, Flour & Eat or be Eaten
  • Forlorn Fashionista - Kara has managed to lose several articles of expensive designer clothing. She needs someone to recover them so that she can attend a party. (Level 12)
    • All Dolled Up - Find eight Usuki Doll in The Scurryway.
    • My Beautiful Boa - Find six Pawkeet Feather in the Aviary.
    • Pret-a-PORTer - Find four Imported Clothes in The Hungry Jetsam.
    • Reward - 375 XP, 50 coins, Studded Leather Armour, Peridot & Pin Cushion

Friendly Pranks Sequence[edit]

  • Kelran sends a Squaddie - Firruk the Yellow Cybunny has been sent by Kelran, the Captain of the Guard, to get some items to play a trick on his friend Gulgo. He needs someone to help him acquire the items. (Level 7)
    • Icky Sticky Spyder - Find two ‘’Spyder Legs’’ in the Spyder’s Lair.
    • Reward - 275xp, 50 coins, Disappearing Ink, Buckler & Handkerchief
  • Gulgo's Sentry - Sentry Volander the Green Kougra doesn't understand much but he's been told by Gulgo, the Master of the Royal Dungeon to feed Kelran some guffbeans to embarrass him in front of the Queen. (Level 10)
    • Magical Fruits - Find three Guffbeans in the Oubliette.
    • Reward - 350xp, 50 coins, Bag of Peanuts, Fisherman's Pie & Mallard Down
  • Firruk Returns - Kelran has been humiliated and has sent Firruk to find some items to get revenge on Gulgo. He needs some help finding them. (Level 14)
    • Kelran's Revenge - Find three War Medal in The Stash.
    • Reward - 450 XP, 50 coins, Petpets I – P, Jacks & Jingly Puzzle
  • The Prank Continues - Volander's boss, Gulgo, knows that Kelran was behind the theft of his medals and has decided to booby trap his chair with some slime. Volander needs someone to retrieve the slime for him. (Level 17)
    • Bucket of Sewer Slime - Find one Bucket of Sewer Slime in The Junkyard.
    • Reward - 525 XP, 50 coins, Tax Code Revisions Vol XI, Cutlass & Usica Berries
  • Anchors Away - Firruk is back but he's a bit worried because Kelran's pranks seem to be getting out of hand. He wants to drop an anchor on Gulgo's head. (Level 17)
    • Kelran Takes It Too Far - Find one Ship's Anchor in The Junkyard.
    • Reward - 525 XP, 50 coins, Secret Code Wheel, Runestone Amulet & Portal City Secrets II
  • Firruk and Volander Figure It Out... - Firruk and Volander are tired of the pranks between Gulgo and Kelran and have decided to put an end to the rivalry by sending presents instead of pranks. (Level 20)
    • Gift of the Mad Guys - Find two Pickled Grumblebugs in the Deepest Dungeon.
    • Reward - 600 XP, 50 coins, Skull Earring, Silver Compass & Paint Brush
  • The Forgetful Fungus - The Pickled Grumblebugs worked but Volander has decided that he preferred it when Kelran and Gulgo were pulling pranks on each other and wants them to forget that they're friends again. (Level 20)
    • The Forgetful Fungus - Find three Forgetful Fungus in the Fungus Cave.
    • Reward - 600 XP, 50 coins, Skull Earring, Lucky Necklace & Kadoaties After Dark

Love Triangle Sequence[edit]

  • For Dear Olivia - Vincent the Green Acara is in love with Olivia but he's too shy to tell her. He needs help finding some special items that show her of his love. (Level 9)
    • Why I Love You So Dearly - Find seventeen Sappy Poem Page in the Royal Orchard.
    • A Dozen Red Roses - Find twelve Red Rose in the Hedge Maze.
    • A Certain Ring - Find one Engagement Ring in the Oubliette.
    • Reward - 300 XP, 50 coins, Glowing Rope, Opal & Silver Band. Completing this quest also gets the player a rare item code that gives them a Gift Basket of Roses item on the Neopets site.
  • Poor Percy Puppyblew - Pansy the Red Cybunny has lost her puppy and needs someone to find him before he gets eaten by sea monsters by luring him out with some of his favorite treats. (Level 13)
    • Yummy Scrummies - Find five Yummy Scrummies in The Pier.
    • Percyverence - Find one Percy Puppyblew in The Stash.
    • Reward - 400 XP, 50 coins, Shovel, Gnarled Staff & Bronze Bracelet
  • Flushed Away - Vincent must not have had much luck with his suit for Olivia and has decided to try Pansy instead. Unfortunately, Olivia sent his engagement ring on a trip through the sewers by flushing it down the loo. He needs someone to retrieve it for him. (Level 15)
    • Flushed Away - Find one Engagement Ring in the Crumbling Tunnels.
    • Reward - 475 XP, 50 coins, Gold Earring, Darkwood Staff & Rainbow Swirly Thing
  • Getting Married in the Morning - Pansy is very impressed with Vincent and the epic love poem he wrote for her and has accepted his proposal of marriage. Unfortunately, she's not quite ready and needs someone to collect the items she needs before her wedding tomorrow. (Level 16)
    • Something Old - Find one Antique Veil in The Hungry Jetsam.
    • Something New - Find six Carmarillier Silk in the Aviary.
    • Something Borrowed - Find twelve Emerald in The Hungry Jetsam.
    • Something Blue - Find eight Hyacinth in The Stash.
    • Reward - 500 XP, 50 coins, Pasty, Sprouting Staff & Chain Mail

Gourmet Food Sequence[edit]

  • The Garden Gourmet - Chef Quentin the Red Lupe is backed up on orders for the Food Club and needs someone to get him some ingredients. (Level 11)
    • Tchea? Bless You! - Find four Tchea Fruit in the Royal Orchard.
    • Passionberry Delight - Find six Passionberry in the Hedge Maze.
    • Peadackle Omelette - Find six Peadackle Egg in the Aviary.
    • Reward - 350 XP, 50 coins, Meat Pie, Orange Negg & Food Rations. Completing this quest also earns the player a rare item code that awards them an Ultranova Sponge Cake on the Neopets site.
  • A Taste of Danger - Chef Quentin is back again because one of his customers will only eat food that's dangerous and he needs someone to retrieve them from the tunnels. (Level 13)
    • Ixicap Mushroom Bake - Find five Ixicap Mushroom in the Oubliette.
    • Fried Spyder Legs - Find three Spyder Leg in the Spyder Lair by defeating the Giant Spyder.
    • The Secret Ingredient - Find eight Mystery Jerky in The Stash.
    • Reward - 425 XP, 50 coins, Secret Code Wheel, Glowing Sword & Farmhouse Loaf
  • Recipes for Disaster - Chef Quentin really needs help getting the food ready for the next Food Club competition or he might lose their business. (Level 19)
    • I Scream You Scream - Find five Banana Ice Cream in The Pier.
    • Exotic Spices - Find three Bargella Root in The Hungry Jetsam.
    • Bilge Rat Madeira - Find four Bilge Rat in The Pride of Maraqua.
    • Reward - 550 XP, 50 coins, Iron Rations, Faeries… They Do Exist & Arm Guards

Sibling Rivalry Sequence[edit]

  • Belle of the Ball - Mina the Green Wocky has been invited to the Royal Ball and needs help finding a special outfit to impress the Prince. (Level 12)
    • Gown on Your Luck - Find a Ballgown in The Pier.
    • A Real Gem- Find ten Diamond in The Scurryway.
    • Diamante Shoes - Find two Diamante Shoes in The Hungry Jetsam.
    • Reward - 400xp, 50 coins, Iron Rations, Magic Bronze Ring & Whoot Feather
  • Sibling Rivalry - Tina the Yellow Wocky is Mina's sister and is upset that she stole her outfit with the player's help. She needs someone to make up for it by helping her find a better outfit. (Level 13)
    • Blue Fan Perfume - Find six Blue Fan Flower in the Aviary.
    • Berry Pretty - Find four Hedgeberry in The Stash.
    • Reward -425xp, 50coin, Wooden Babaa Toy, Wooden Die & Eye-Sha
  • Prince Alarming - Mina is back after the ball but it was a disaster, fortunately the prince didn't seem to notice any of the girls so she's hoping to catch his attention with some gifts. (Level 19)
    • Chocolate Stalker - Find one Box of Whipplenuts in The Stash.
    • Until the Weewoo Sings - Find one ‘’Brown Weewoo’’ in the Enchanted Grove.
    • Portrait of a Prince -
    • Reward- 575 XP, 50 coins, Sludgeor Slime, Magical Sash & Sapphire

Stand-alone Level-based Quests[edit]

  • The Lowly Servant - Servant Hagir the Yellow Lupe is making some potpourri for the queen and needs someone to find fragrant ingredients for him. (Level 2)
    • Leaf It Be - Find three Dried Leaf in the Royal Orchard.
    • The Missing Twig - Find four Royal Twig in Topiary Trail.
    • Reward - 150xp, 50 coins, Chicken, Stone Shield & Nova
  • Dalton Skives From School - Dalton the Yellow Aisha decided to go through the Hedge Maze rather than going to school but he dropped his textbooks and is too scared to retrieve them himself. (Level 6)
    • A Textbook Case of Skiving - Find six School Textbook in the Hedge Maze.
    • Reward - 250 XP, 50 coins, Wavy Dagger, Useless Key & Runestone Amulet
  • The Enternal Intern - Gravella the the Blue Wocky is studying medicine and working as an errand girl for Royal Physician Durik. She needs help finding some items for his medicines. (Level 14)
    • The Odorific Poultice - Find two Sea Foam in The Hungry Jetsam
    • Spyder Bites - Find two Spyder Venom Sac in the Spyder's Lair.
    • Tummy Ache - Find four Twisting Vine in The Stash.
    • Reward - 450 XP, 50 coins, Bag of Popcorn, Bladefern & Portals? Do they exist?
  • Spine Chilling Syllabus - Rowley the Blue Kougra and his wife Heldabrawn are in the local Book Club and need someone to get the books for the club's meeting because his usual supplier had an unfortunate interaction with a Giant Slorg. (Level 15)
    • Spooky Stories - Find one Spooky Stories in the Spyder's Lair.
    • BIRDS!!! - Find one BIRDS!!! in the Aviary.
    • Even Spookier Stories - Find one Even Spookier Stories in the Oubliette.
    • It Came from The Sewer - Find one It Came From The Sewer! in the Crumbling Tunnels.
    • Reward - 450 XP, 50 coins, Big Book of Calm, Magical Pouch & Tinderbox
  • Toy Collector Extraordinaire - Tiffle the Yellow Wocky has some spending money from helping his mom with chores but he doesn't see anything he likes in the shops. He needs someone to find him some action figures that he heard about. (Level 16)
    • Toy Soldiers - Find six Toy Soldier in The Stash.
    • Yo Yo Yo! - Find eight Yo-yo in the Crumbling Tunnels.
    • Mega Kougra! - Find one Mega Kougra Toy in The Junkyard.
    • Reward - 475 XP, 50 coins, Apprentice Robes, Ghost Ships & Chain Cowl
  • Dredged to the Edge - Nernil the Green Lupe works for Abisma, the Royal necromancer procuring items for his spells. He needs some help getting the items he’s been asked to retrieve. (Level 20)
    • Abisma's Request - Find eight ’’Tattered Fabric’’ in The Hungry Jetsam by defeating the Skeletal Pirate.
    • The Ancient Scroll of Captain Kriker - Find one Ancient Scroll in the Drainworks.
    • Reward - 600 XP, 50 coins, Indestructible Twine, Everlasting Ball of String & Sludgite

Timed Quests[edit]

  • Resistance Supplies - Michelle the Yellow Acara needs supplies for her resistance. She will give the player one quest at a time and asks for a single regular shop item. If the player opts to accept the quest he or she has four hours to complete the quest and, upon completion must wait four to eight hours to start another one. If the player opts not to accept the quest at that time, they have to wait thirty minutes before they can accept another quest but doing so does not impact their consecutive completion streak. Extra bonus prizes are awarded if the player successfully completes several quests each in a row, generally for every fifth quest. The reward for each quest is 25 XP and 50 coins per consecutive quest (eg. the first quest completed earns 25 XP and 50 coins, the second 50 XP and 100 coins, the fourth 100 XP and 200 coins, etc.).

Explorer's Guild[edit]

As a player completes adventures in the different themed locations they fill progress bars for the area that earn them bronze, silver,and gold shields for that area. Having a shield makes the player better at finding treasures in that area making it more profitable on future trips.

  • Bronze Shield - 5% increase each to finding coins and finding better items.
  • Silver Shield - 10% increase each to finding coins and finding better items.
  • Gold Shield - 15% increase each to finding coins and finding better items.


As of October 2011 there are 166 different achievements that players can unlock. Some of them reward the player with rare item codes that can be entered on the regular Neopets site to earn items.

Achievements fall into four major categories and several subcategories. Some are visible, giving a player a goal to aim for, while others are hidden.

  • Adventures - These are achievements earned while playing Adventures. There are two subcategories:
    • Collecting - Awarded when a player collects a certain quantity of items or coins while playing Adventures.
    • Exploring - Awarded by completing different adventures and getting the top rank in the Explorer's Guild.
  • Shop - These are achievements earned by doing certain actions in a shop. There are four subcategories:
    • Expansions - Awarded when a player upgrades their shop size a certain number of times.
    • Selling - Awarded when a player sells a certain volume of items either generally, or of a particular type and includes achievements for Decor Score and owning carpets.
    • Haggling - Awarded when a player earns 10% over the starting price while haggling a certain number of times.
    • Special - Awarded when a player has certain items in their shop or other things.
  • General - These achievements are earned when a player reaches certain levels, opens their shop, or places a Slorg Petpet in their shop. There are no subcategories.
  • Stories - These achievements are earned when a player defeats certain bosses or completes quests. There are two subcategories.
    • Bosses - Awarded when a player defeats the three boss enemies, the Evil Money Tree, Chigoreth, and Silus the Swindler.
    • Exploring - Awarded when a player completes Resistance Special Order Quests.

Interaction with[edit]

Although Treasure Keepers is on Facebook rather than on the Neopets site and there is no connection between a player's Facebook and Neopets accounts, TNT has opted to reward players of the game with various in-game prize codes, which can be redeemed at the Gypsy Wagon, a new code redemption location on, for exclusive Treasure Keepers items and neopoints.

These codes are rewards for completing an achievement, though not all achievements give the player a code. The prize associated with the achievement is the same for all players and include the following:

Level Based

  • Open for Business - Treasure Keepers Site Theme
  • Level 10 - 2,500 NP & Grassy Meadow Background
  • Level 20 - 5,000 NP & Neopian Marketplace Background
  • Level 30 - As of October 2011, the highest available level is level 20.

Quest Based

  • Sappy Love Story - Gift Basket of Roses
  • The Wonderful Things She Buys - Elegant Jeweled Robe
  • First Rule of Food Club - Ultranova Sponge Cake
  • Storyteller - 5,000 NP & Faerieland: A History


  • Collect Coins From Adventures
    • 1,000 Coins - 1,000 NP
    • 10,000 Coins - 5,000 NP
  • Collect Items From Adventures - Mysteriously Overflowing Gift Basket
  • Lucky Looter
    • Ten Rare items - Ferocious Negg Plushie
    • One Hundred Rare Items - Zombie Handbook
  • Super Lucky Looter


  • Neggery - 2,500 NP
  • Yesva - Nova Lights
  • Haggler - 2,500 NP & One Shop level upgrade

Future Expansion[edit]

While there is no specific knowledge of future plans for Treasure Keepers, both the Portal City map and the Explorers Guild hint at the possibility of expansion of the game into at least two if not more new locations. The Explorer's guild has two unreleased areas, the Graveyard and the Wizard's Guild which are not active on the map but can be seen in the upper right and left corners respectively, the Graveyard appearing to be such with a mausoleum, gravestones, and gnarled tree and the Wizards guild possibly represented by a crooked tower next to the Money Tree with a nearby street labled Magic Quarter. Other possible expansion locations include:

  • Old City - the area just above the Sewer marked on the map by a large Slorg statue.
  • Royal Quarter - the large castle seen on the map next to the Royal Orchards.
  • Trade Quarter - a grouping of small buildings that could be shops located above the Secret Tunnels.
  • Ring of Monsters - a circle of six monsters in a circle on the right center side of the map. Included in the circle are recognizable characters including the Snowager and the Esophagor. These are likely the portals mentioned in the opening comic, though only the Snowager statue is seen in the comic.
  • Pirate Ship - a ship off the west coast of the city next to the Docks.
  • River's Source - an enforced part of the east wall where the river goes through.

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