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The following Neoboard filters are activated once a year on September 19th, International Talk Like a Pirate Day.


Typed Displayed
You Ye
My Me
Yes Aye
Not Nay
See Spy
Boy Lad
Girl Lass
It's It be
Hello Ahoy!
About 'Bout
Awesome Shiver me timbers
Drink Swig
Food Grub
Neofriend Matey
Neopoint Pieces of Eight
Fight Cross swords
Cheat Hornswaggle
Scammer Scurvy dog
N00b, Noob or Nub Landlubber
Newbie(s) Greenhorn(s)
OMG Avast!
PWN Shimber me timbers
PWNED Pillaged!
Found Smuggled

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