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Community Portal Lists

Completed Goals

The following are goals which were completed on the NeoDex.

  • Article Goal (200) - 200 articles, our first milestone!
    • ? - ? - It's unknown when this goal was reached, but it happened sometime within the first few months of the creation of the NeoDex.
  • Neopets List - Filling out the list of Neopets and having all wiki links work with it.
    • March 3, 2006 - March 6, 2006 - Creating an article for every neopet, and users can find/edit them from the Pet types category to which they all are linked to.
  • Neopia - Filling out the world of Neopia and making all wiki links work with it.
    • March 3, 2006 - March 7, 2006 - Created the proper named pages, redirecting to the proper worlds in each, and the correctly spelled ones as well, as there were many seperate pages telling information about the same world, when they could be just one.
  • Games - Making the Games category the official section, and taking down all other game pages
    • March 6, 2006 - March 10, 2006 - Moved all seperate gaming pages into one section, and made article copies of same article topic into one article.
  • Article Goal (1000) - 1000 Articles before the Neodex's first Birthday!
    • July 3, 2006 - July 11, 2006
  • Gaming Revamp - On November 21, 2006, Neopets redesigned the game room, requiring the NeoDex to add new gaming categories and other information. Time to get our game on! HUZZAH!
    • November 22, 2006 - December 14, 2006
  • "To Do List" to "Construction List" - On September 27, 2006, an effort to make the Construction list to be the official "To Do List" began. All articles linked to the original were to be altered to link to the new list, after which the original would be deleted.
    • September 27, 2006 - January 25, 2007
  • Disambiguation - A template was created for Disambiguation articles on March 11, 2007. We need to mark all of the articles with it at the bottom of the page, replacing the category coding.
    • March 11, 2007 - March 12, 2007
  • Help Section - Jacob and Macbeth are currently working on expanding and revamping the NeoDex help section. Suggestions can be added to relevant talk pages.
    • January 10, 2007 - April 13, 2007
  • Altador Cup 2006 - There has been a rumor about a new Altador Cup starting this June. Before this comes about, as much data as possible should be gathered about the previous year, because it's quite possible the old data will disappear when the new one begins. Hurry!
    • April 18, 2007 - May 21, 2007 - Should the 2007 season follow the same format of 2006, it can be easily integrated with the completed 2006 data. If not...At least it has been completed. ;)
  • A "Secrets" Category? - Why do we need a "secrets" category when all articles are supposed to have secrets in them to begin with? Help fix articles which are linked to this redundant category for its future deletion.
    • May 10, 2007 - May 25, 2007
  • It's "NeoQuest", not "Neoquest" - There are 2 categories which have misspelled "NeoQuest": Neoquest and Neoquest II. The proper categories should be NeoQuest I and NeoQuest II. All articles linking to the wrong categories should be fixed, and when both misspelled categories are cleared, they will be deleted.
    • June 20, 2007 - June 22, 2007
  • PPL Category = Redundant! - It was recently found the Petpet Protection League category is redundant, and should be deleted. Before deletion can occur, all articles within the category need to be edited, severing any connection they have with the category (this also includes talk pages, whose wiki links can simple be struck through).
    • August 15, 2007 - August 16, 2007
  • Misspellings 101 - There are over 150 misspellings in the NeoDex. Let's try to lower them to under 50!
    • April 14, 2007 - August 23, 2007
  • Proper Neopet Category - It was decided the Pet types was an improper name for Neopets, and that Neopet Species would be better. Once All articles linked to "Pet types" are linked to "Neopets Species", it shall be deleted.
    • September 8, 2007 - October 14, 2007
  • "Characters" Category Clean-Up - The Characters category has over 200 articles linked to it! In order to make it more easily navigated, we need to link them to more appropriate sub-categories (where it applies). The easiest way to do this it to label the characters as either a Hero or Villain (or both if it applies). The goal is to get as close to 150 articles in "Characters" as we can.
    • August 28, 2007 - October 26, 2007
  • No Such Thing As Spoilers - In the past, it was once deemed necessary to label plots as containing spoilers in any wiki if they spoiled something for the reader. However, this has sense changed, and the placing of a spoiler tag on articles is now frowned upon...but the NeoDex still has one!!! We need to remove all tags from articles which have them, then we can delete the template, which has become a relic of a world long forgotten.
    • January 31, 2008 - February 11, 2008

Content off Wikipedia

As a preventive measure: there is content that was copied from Wikipedia, such as Neopets, The Website, but they need to be brought into line with the GFDL license, which says that the content needs to be attributed to the writers. (I'm not sure, but perhaps just linking to the Wikipedia article and saying that some content was "taken from" or "based on" it would be enough?) Thanks. AySz88 16:33, 2 Apr 2006 (CDT)

  • bows* thank you for bringing this to my attention. Will make a link to it on the discussion page (along with other articles).--Jacob 12:31, 3 Apr 2006 (CDT)
In line with the GFDL, I believe that is still illegal. You have to include it in the References section, the original URL. You may want to add to the general footer that this content is under the GFDL, and may have been taken from Wikipedia. You'll need the notice somewhere. Maybe create a template, a 'Licensed from Wikipedia' one? --Unsigned by, 20:43, 16 Nov 2006


Whereas Wookieepedia is the name of the Star Wars Wiki, could we rename the Neopets Wiki to "Wockypedia"? -- 21:11, 3 May 2006 (CDT) (Shultz IV of Wikipedia)

I dunno. I think In-depth Neopedia, myself, to keep up with the In-depth theme. You know, In-depth NeoQuest, In-depth Battlepedia... --Macbeth 01:48, 4 May 2006 (CDT)
ehh... I dunno, In-Depth Neopedia doesn't have much of a ring too it, especially not for a wiki. I think Neodex is alright, but reminds me a bit too much of Pokedex (y'know, from Pokemon). Neopedia sounds nice to me. --NeoEva88 10:52, 12 Jul 2006 (CDT)


So...i was thinking of a new feature to add to the current events, to bring it more into the spotlight. Perhaps have a featured collaborated article, one which would be collectivily worked upon until it's felt to be completed (or close enough)?--Jacob 22:53, 29 May 2006 (CDT)

With the new format of the community portal, this idea has taken full effect. ;) --Jacob 17:33, 7 Oct 2006 (CDT)

Item Articles?

Are articles about items going to be included in NeoDex? The wiki seems to be in it's infancy right now and I'd love ot help out. NeoEva88 10:32, 7 Jul 2006 (CDT)

Articles will be made on items which are noteworthy and have a histroy to them, such as Dung or Motes. And your help would be most appreciated. Thank you.--Jacob 16:12, 7 Jul 2006 (CDT)

Community Live Chats

We should set up an IRC chat room shouldn't we :) --Yukio 04:06, 5 Nov 2005 (CST)

something is called for. (would a forum be better/worse?) --Lord Matt 07:36, 6 Nov 2005 (CST)

NeoDex Guild

Anyone want to meet-up / form a guild or generally get to know each other better? --unsigned--

Perhaps we should list our (primary) NeoName (no passwords now, that would be silly) under who am I? --unsigned--

I definitely think a guild is a good idea. Anyone else up for it?  :) NeoEva88 18:08, 8 Jul 2006 (CDT)

I'm all for it. a guild would perhaps be a nice addition to the NeoDex. I'm not going to create a guild myself, but if a member (registered member only) would like to create one, I will back it as the official guild of the NeoDex. --Jacob 13:01, 9 Jul 2006 (CDT)
At the moment i think this idea is defunct, and shall not be considered anymore. Besides, there would be no way for all members of the neodex to be part of the guild should it be created, as it would mean they would need to leave the other guilds. It wouldn't be a very open community. Talk pages of articles here and the official Neodex discussion in the pinkpt forums should suffice. --Jacob 21:03, 25 May 2007 (CDT)

This portal needs spifified.

This portal needs some real big spiffying, like the main page. You should make it LOOK GOOD =/ -- 17:08, 30 Aug 2006 (CDT)

I agree, but until we actually have a concept of what this page will actually be, we are stuck on that. any suggestions? --Jacob 21:09, 30 Aug 2006 (CDT)

is the current portal spifified enough? :P --Jacob 17:33, 7 Oct 2006 (CDT)

'Editors' Section

At the risk of seeming somewhat uppity, I am worried about this section... I mean, one of the 'editors' on the list has only ever edited the Community Portal and his user page, another, excepting the Community Portal, his user page and the sandbox, made two edits, one minor, to the Cheeseroller article. These two members haven't edited since the 16th March and the 26th June respectively. A third hasn't been seen sincde the 29th July and only made nine edits to anything other than his user page or the community portal (and was disciplined for at least one of these)...

Frankly, I feel this section could be made useful as a reference for members of the community who are currently active and make significant contributions or were active and made a significant contribution... After all, it may help for a new user to consult such members...

I think at best the Editor's section should be used as a sort of Hall of Fame of editors - no doubt the wrong words to use, but if you can understand from my above comments what I mean... For example, while Lord Matt hasn't been on for a while, when he was on he made many of the earliest contributions. Duke of Earl contributed in a similar manner.

Mirmadon for her extensive care-taking and NeoEva88 for his dedication (when he got the time, anyway ;)).

Oh, and who is that other, tirelessly devoted one? His name escapes me, but I'm fairly sure he has done more edits than anyone else. --Macbeth 11:26, 4 Dec 2006 (CST)

Had to pump up my ego, did you? ha ha. :D You need not worry of the consequences, as i agree with you. the list as it is isn't very helpful to new members, and actually showing a list of members who have/are contributing well to the NeoDex would be better than an optional signature tag. Something like "Editor Hall of Fame", where admin of the NeoDex point out users whom they believe have done a lot for the NeoDex. or "Notable Editors"...i actually like the sound of "Hall of Fame" really. could always be changed, just as we are now changing what the list is. Should a link to each of these users contributions be shown as well? i'm thinking yes. :) --Jacob 15:32, 4 Dec 2006 (CST)
I removed the list from the discussion, seeing as it doesn't really need to be here anymore (can be grabbed from the history if it wants to be seen). The new list of users will be made shortly. Input is always appreciated, and seeing as this will be a new thing, it will be needed. ;) --Jacob 19:10, 8 Dec 2006 (CST)

New categrories and articles

It's time to think of new categories to add it seems. The final 2 articles in the secrets category don't really fit into any other sections. To help this i think it would be good to make new categories for both of them. One such idea is to have a "guides" category, which would show collected lists of information link the Mystery Pic Solutions and such. Also, the article Old Neopets makes me think we can expand on the whole "redesign" idea. New articles called "Neopet Redesigns", "Petpet Redesigns", and other such redesigns can be noted (along with the latest Neopets 2.0). There can even be an category for articles like this as well.

Just giving some ideas on how we can better organize all the data, and looking for feedback. --Jacob 08:51, 16 May 2007 (CDT)

Both categories sound good to me. I think they'll work perfectly for the articles left under "secrets" and the others. --Dizzy 10:33, 16 May 2007 (CDT)


You guys should honestly upgrade your wiki software. I mean, 1.4? 0.o It's 1.10 already out there. Neoran23

I agree with you. but it's not in my hands, but in the hands of the maintainers of the website. Updating the NeoDex would require updating the main PinkPT first...which is a process still in the waiting. --Jacob 17:11, 8 Jul 2007 (UTC)
Uhm, are you sure? I don't think that the wiki version depends on the PHP version installed on the server.--Demon 19:09, 9 Jul 2007 (UTC)
From my understanding, you need upgraded PHP to use the newer coding. As an example, 1.10 requires PHP 5.0.x or later. Also, i only know what i'm told by the maintainers of PinkPT. If they say they can't update yet, I have to take their word. --Jacob 21:10, 9 Jul 2007 (UTC)
Jacob, is there any plan to update the wiki version? I understand that the PHP version on this server is still version 4 as of this post, but I learnt it the hard way that we are unable to resize uploaded images using wikicodes... --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 11:30, 12 Jun 2008 (CDT)

Again, I have no idea when the coding will be updated. This factor should be multiplied considering I've been away for awhile (again, I apologize). It would be nice to resize images with simple wiki coding, then we could use larger images without worry. But at this point, all we can do is update their sizes manually. Need to find out if this can be changed yet. :( --Jacob 12:51, 18 Jun 2008 (CDT)

Partnership with another wiki

It has been suggested by the members of the German site to connect the Neopets articles of the German petgames wiki respective English ones. For this, you would have to go into the database table which has interwiki in its name, insert hln into the column iw_prefix,$1 into the column iw_url, leave the other columns blank, then go to the file Names.php ins the languages folder and add

hln => Helony,
to this list. That would make e.g. [[hln:Neopets]] appear as an interwiki in the sidebar like on Wikipedia. Of course we at Helony would do the same. Please let me know if you are interested in such a partnership :)--Demon 19:09, 9 Jul 2007 (UTC)
I think something like this was suggested to me in the past as well by Yukio, saying that other sections were finding affiliates so i could as well. I turned it down, as i didn't think it was nessesary. Think the conversation is in my talk page...i forget. Would like to hear more about this. Are you simply asking for a external link to the german wiki on the NeoDex sidebar? --Jacob 21:10, 9 Jul 2007 (UTC)
No, I am speaking of a link from every single German Neopets-related article to the respective article on Neodex and vice-versa (not more and not less :D). It would be just a small link in the sidebar, as here the link to my profile on Wikibeta. As I suppose I am the only here, who speaks German, I would set the links myself, I just need the corresponding software changes and of course your approval.--Demon 21:23, 9 Jul 2007 (UTC)

Similar to the way regular english Wikipedia links to articles in other languages, right? With a "In other languages" box on the sidebar? creating and maintaining other language articles is something i haven't considered, and i've outright deleted articles which were created in other languages in the past here on the NeoDex. Of course, you are saying these articles would link to the article on another wiki, so i suppose that's different than having it on this server.

I just don't know. it's something i haven't bothered to consider, seeing as we already have a lot of work to do on the NeoDex as it is. my apologies on not being more hopeful. :S I do like the idea of having our information be more international, because there are many users out there who i think would like to participate, but can't comprehend the english. A gap we can hope to bridge in the future? Or very soon, should we move ahead with this...*ponders* --Jacob 21:55, 9 Jul 2007 (UTC)

We could use a template a la those used on Wikipedia to link over to other projects... Cross-referencing the Neodex and Helony would be a wonderful step, however it is achieved. --Macbeth 00:24, 10 Jul 2007 (UTC)

Macbeth, this solution would be agreeable as well (although a template is actually bigger than a small link in the sidebar :/) So just to be sure, do I have permission to create such a template and add it to existing articles? And is it ok to you if the German wiki just has link to your respective articles as mentioned above? Please note that the German articles are not translations of the Neodex articles, but existing articles on their own.--Demon 20:05, 11 Jul 2007 (UTC)

I suggested using a template like that as the NeoDex and Helony are managed by different groups... Different projects, as you will, so article standards and approaches would be different. What concerns me about having an 'alternate language' wikilink is that some may think it was a direct translation, and not a separate project...
I am quite happy for the template idea to go ahead here, although we should probably wait for Yukio or Jacob to report back on it. If Helony would rather use the interwiki form, then that's fine with me, provided it is noted that they are separate projects so things like user accounts, etc, would not be transferable across wikis, etc...
I was thinking a template on this end of the style of the featured articles template might be good... or something more like the wikipedia template referenced above? --Macbeth 02:56, 12 Jul 2007 (UTC)
If you would like to try the template idea for the moment, i'm fine with it. It will give a trail basis to the idea of what you would like to try out. Don't know which articles you would place them on, seeing as you say the articles on Helony aren't going to be exact translations. The Interwiki link sounds more preferrible, doesn't it? ;) Will look into it should i manage to catch up with things. Have a "whole plate of pancakes to eat" or so to speak. :S --Jacob 03:39, 12 Jul 2007 (UTC)

Under Construction vs. Stub

It is suggested on the portal that articles that are 'under construction' be built up to a stub - surely it is the other way around? A stub has very little information at all, a bare few words on a topic... An article that is under construction, however, will have specific areas that need to address and are being addressed... if you see what I mean...? --Macbeth 17:31, 16 Oct 2007 (UTC)

You raise a good point. Perhaps we could...have the rules be different here? :S --Jacob 01:31, 17 Oct 2007 (UTC)
I'm not sure I follow? --Macbeth 18:52, 17 Oct 2007 (UTC)
Have the role of "under construction" and "stub" be switched around. Sorry to confuse. :P Then again, that doesn't really work if someone with wiki know how comes here and gets baffled. What action are you suggesting? --Jacob 03:21, 18 Oct 2007 (UTC)
We could do that, I suppose, but I fancy it would be a bit confusing... And an under construction article preferable to a stub, I think, as there is a clear indication of where to expand it... I thought we could just ask for under construction articles to be developed into less-under construction articles, to be honest xP --Macbeth 00:16, 19 Oct 2007 (UTC)
I'm thinking the Help:Stub article needs to be updated to explain the difference once again. :( --Jacob 02:42, 19 Oct 2007 (UTC)

Is this important enough to be added?

I love The Tale of Woe, and when I was searching for things to add to, I discovered there is no article for Hissi oil, the potions that Mr. Krawley sold. I'm not sure if this would be important enough to be added, but I'd be happy to add it if it is. --Xweetok 04:22, 17 Dec 2007 (UTC)

I don't think there is enough information to make a Hissi Oil article. Nor do I think it's the only potion Krawley makes. It WOULD be interesting if every potion he gave is Hissi Oil, which would mean Hissi have something sinister within them that makes others transform, but as stated, I don't think that is the case. Personally think he's just claiming it as Hissi Oil and how healthy the potion is like most swindlers who would sell anything for a buck. In either case, think it's important to speak about his potions only in his article. --Jacob 21:41, 17 Dec 2007 (UTC)
Yes, thats what I figured, but I just wanted to cheak. - Xweetok 08:18 PM, 18 dec 2007

Regarding Neopet popularity

I would like to have some way to notify readers that the Neopet Popularity we reference when discussing the different species of pets is not entirely accurate. The Popularity page itself admits that it only includes created pets, not morphed or labbed, so the numbers can be widely inaccurate... is creating an article about Neopet Popularity the way to go, or is there another article already existing it would be best to tack this onto? I'm a stickler for accuracy and I don't think that anyone in the world would believe that there are really only 2,300 Krawks in all of neopia... (or 12,000 Draiks, for that matter). --Cath 00:02, 1 Jun 2008 (CDT)

I feel that we have nothing much to write about if we create an article just for Neopet popularity discrepancy. Since it is near impossible to find out the estimate number of a particular Neopet, I'm thinking of one of the following:
  • Avoid listing the number of Neopet on the Neopet articles.
  • Mention that it's the number of created Neopet. (ie. created 2,377 Krawks as of October 2007)
Where is Jacob nowadays? --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 00:02, 2 Jun 2008 (CDT)
Well, we need to mention the number of created Neopets, because it's a notable number. Still, it's obvious it isn't an accurate account, and I suppose this could be mentioned in full on the Neopet article itself.
And Jacob has been busy, and very bad at keeping up with things that need doing. Still want to complete and edit the NEoDex, though things have just all. ;) --Jacob 12:51, 18 Jun 2008 (CDT)
Haha, it's okay - At least you're back. :) --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 00:25, 19 Jun 2008 (CDT)

Image deletion

I would like to know if there is anyway you could delete the file I uploaded, Old_maraqua.PNG ? I forgot to take away the white background, making it a huge file. I now have a much smaller file, but I was hoping you could get rid of that one first. Thanks! Xweetok 08:18 PM, 18 dec 2007

While trying to rush off for work, I really deleted the image before realising it's not required X(. You can always re-upload the image to Neodex with the same filename, instead of deleting. Anything uploaded to Neodex will not be possible to totally remove from the server. --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 00:02, 2 Jun 2008 (CDT)

Ok, thank you very much! Xweetok 08:18 PM, 18 dec 2007

Battledome Weapons

Would it be a good idea to create pages for all Battledome weapons? In the Under Construction area, I see many uncreated pages that are about BD weapons and I don't know whether or not I should create pages for them. Should we have some kind of criteria or something before we create pages for weapons? Or would it be best to make pages (such as Freezing Weapons, etc.) and list weapons? These are all just suggestions, though. I'd appreciate some other "opinions" before I do anything :)

Siouxper 01:23, 26 August 2008 (UTC)

The only Battledome Weapons we tend to add to the Neodex are ones that tend to be extremely notable like the Sword of Skardsen, Ghostkerbomb, and the Attack Pea collection. There are several noted item databases as well as battledome databases that chronicle the full list of these items and their effects in battle. In general, we attempt to avoid creating another of them. At some point in the future it might make sense to add examples or lists of the BD weapons sold in each of the weapon/armor shops on those shops' pages but it's not necessary... Perhaps you would be interested in helping us fill in the Battledome Equipment page? If you see, the Category:Battledome_Equipment is not that big and the items tend to be either a notable collection like the Scorchstones or Hidden Tower items. If there are other "groupings" of weapons/armor like the muffins, motes, etc... those would probably be an acceptable addition but please refrain from making a page for every item. :) --Cath 04:05, 26 August 2008 (UTC)
Thanks for the response :) I'll probably do some work on the Battledome Equipment page and fill in information about the shops. One final question: Under the Battledome Equipment Terms section, I have quite a few terms I can add (tank, league, boost, and some others), but these terms usually apply only to "experienced" Battledomers (people who BD a lot). Would it be best if I added these terms or just left them out? Siouxper 12:03, 27 August 2008 (UTC)
Those terms refer to experienced play, in which they are used to quickly explain strategy and the like, so refraining from using them would be best. External links to websites where people use them, explain them and etc. is fine though. --Jacob 12:28, 27 November 2008 (UTC)

Attacks on User Lookup talk page

The most recent attack (31 August 2008, around 12pm UTC) all came from a common ISP, which ranges from - We might have to prevent anonymous editing for the whole range for a period of time if the problem persist.

Or are we going to block all (except logged in users) from editing, like what we did before the mediawiki was upgraded? I'm not too sure about this anymore... Wiki is supposed to be allowed for all to modify. --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 05:56, 1 September 2008 (UTC)

One of the many things which I miss was the necessary creation of an account in order to edit the NeoDex, simply because it made things a whole lot easier to maintain. Hopefully it can be brought back into the fold. All should be able to modify articles, yes, but it seems others are ruining that freedom. --Jacob 12:28, 27 November 2008 (UTC)


Some spammer is adding gibberish to pages, at least I guess it's one person using a lot of accounts, because it's got a pattern. The accounts which I suspect to be used by him areUser:CacroLvich, User:SitzeLnoli, User:CnaalErour, User:OlozeLalac and User:RobocRacch. And I think he also was DomtaOrelt, RonopAsbod, AcelrOalcv, OuricDronv and a lot of other spam accounts, like RictaDarsi, who created a lot of spam pages. Could anyone do something against him? --Likiana 14:17, 18 December 2008 (UTC)

I probably was wrong when saying it was one user who added the spam to pages - my new guess it's a bot network or something. When users get blocked like all those vandals, account creation is disabled, so they have to use another computer to sign up again, and I don't think that vandal has 16 or more computers. My guess is that he's a hacker/cracker who controls a bot network or something comparable. Just wanted to correct what I said. --Likiana 17:45, 19 December 2008 (UTC)

I only wish it were that easy to prevent vandalism! Sort of like the movie Minority Report, we stop the vandals before they strike hehe. Unless there's something I don't know about I guess the only way is to deal with the spam as they come and hopefully it will stop soon. --Dizzy 05:25, 20 December 2008 (UTC)
We could implement the reCAPTCHA, which can greatly reduces the amount of vandalisms, while still allowing anonymous users to edit. By default, the reCAPTCHA will apply to anonymous edits with links (which we are currently encountering), new accounts (we had this problem in the past when we disallowed anonymous editing, and it came back briefly recently as mentioned by Likiana), and brute force attack on accounts. If that is not enough, we can further implement reCAPTCHA on new page creations and all edits. Registered users on the other hand, will not be affected by this reCAPTCHA. --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 18:57, 7 February 2009 (UTC)

New Head/additional Head Admin needed

I can no longer give the necessary attention to this wiki that it deserves. Plenty of you can attest to that. So, I need to hand the torch to someone that can. I know I've been the go to guy for pretty much all questions and situations, mostly due to the fact I've built the wiki from the ground up. Now that my life is filled with complete fail, however, someone else must be able to take up the task of keeping things in order.

From what I've seen, the "head" of the admins needs to keep articles and links in order, thinking about the whole of the wiki, and discovering new and better ways to present and archive data. Requires a diverse understanding of what articles are within the NeoDex, and wiki coding. Good social skills help as well, because nothing makes things more confusing than someone who can't explain something well. This socially stunted man can attest to that.

As I haven't been here in awhile, I don't know who has been keeping the most tabs with things, so I think it would be good to hear from the rest of you how the status quo should change. Again, this isn't an all powerful position in which you can do whatever you please. The Head Admin is just like every other Admin...with more emphasis. Of course, if that's the case, must there BE a "head"? Discuss Any and all thoughts you may have.

My apologies for having it take so long, but I'm officially putting my foot down and saying someone else must take the job of Head Admin. Or stand in. Or become an additional. Whatever. However it's going to be. Just hope we can discover a solution so that the wiki won't suffer anymore due to my failings. --Jacob 08:05, 8 January 2009 (UTC)

I will go ahead and say that I am sure many will agree that nothing you have done can be considered a failing. It is more a... concurrence of unlucky circumstances.
That said, we need to come up with a candidate for a new head admin. I can imagine four candidates: Macbeth (contribs), Emeraldosprey (contribs), SwordFire (contribs), and Dizzy (contribs). They all have their different pros and cons (please don't take offense).
  • Macbeth: Oldest (Rights log) sysop after Kym and Jacob, therefore has the most experience. Sadly not very much active during the recent time.
  • Emeraldosprey: Shows very much and constant dedication, is however the "youngest" sysop.
  • SwordFire: Is generally experienced with coding, which includes not only wiki coding, but PHP. Therefore most likely to come up with new ideas and to have them implemented. However, slightly less active than Emeraldosprey.
  • Dizzy: Has always made a reliable impression. One could only complain at the fact that most of her recent contributions are reverts.
Regarding possible other candidates: I think we all agree that the new head admin needs to be a present admin. While NeoEva88 has not contributed for over 2 (!) years, Cath shows large times of activity followed by equally long inactivity. While I simply show inactivity and currently don't have the time for being a head admin.
I hope I did't say something that anybody took offense for. Discuss.--Demon 21:56, 10 January 2009 (UTC)
Mostly reverts shouldn't be an issue here. We are all doing mostly reverts recently due to spam attacks :P.
Recently I've to concentrate on my other commitment due to the upcoming Firefox 3.1. I usually becoming less active whenever a new Firefox version is going to be release. During at this time, I'll still be monitoring the Neodex via the RSS. --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 07:43, 11 January 2009 (UTC)

I still have some other people to contact, because I don't think this is reaching enough ears at this point. I loathe not being able to focus enough time on things like this... :( --Jacob 15:42, 14 January 2009 (UTC)

Sorry about the late response (thanks for reminding me Demon)! I don't know, I've never been the leader type. It seems like most of us have been too busy to devote time to the NeoDex and all we can do is revert. I've been focusing most of my attention on school as my grades have, erm, "slipped" ;P I hope to make up for my absence during the summer which is unfortunately a long ways off. --Dizzy 19:50, 14 January 2009 (UTC)
While I am touched to have been mentioned here, I do not think I would be able to give the NeoDex the regular attention that I gave it circa 2006 and 2007, the level of attention that you all undoubtedly deserve from me - of course, Jacob's shoes would be very hard for any of us to fill. My involvement both with Neopets and the Neodex has been unacceptably sub-par recently, for which I apologise unreservedly, but I am afraid that it was and is unavoidable due to conditions in my personal life at the moment, the details of which (for the sake of brevity and not wishing to sound too self-indulgent) I will spare you.
I am willing to do what I can here - I still check in with what time I can spare to pursue the recent changes - but my usefulness is no doubt heavily limited by how I am not keeping up with the Neopets site itself.
No one can replace the hard work put in by Jacob, who nurtured the Neodex out of its infancy to blossom into what is, truth be told, almost a self-supporting project. Whether he can be active in his role or not, Jacob is and will remain, as much as he ever was, the Head Admin: the Neodex is truly his brain child. All anyone else can hope to do is to fill in in the mean time.
Our admins and our editors have by themselves been keeping an eye out for vandalism, and still able to fulfil the primary objectives of this wiki - to expand, and to improve, its coverage of all things Neopets, and to become the a one-stop resource for Neopians everywhere. I would suggest if we are looking for someone to fill in the roles of promoting new editors to sysops, being the go-to-person on Neodex policy, and directing the Neodex's development in the future, then I any of our sysops are qualified for the job. I give my personal endorsement and faith to them all.
On a personal note, while I may not have an active presence on the site as I once did, I will appear from time to time, and you are all at liberty to contact me - you should be able to e-mail me through the Neodex here, which should also be linked on my user-page in to toolbox on the bottom left - if you would ever like to call on me to address something specific around here - you have total access to my consultancy :).
I hope I find you all well, and I hope that both Jacob and I will be able to eventually give the Neodex more consistent ministration. --Macbeth 16:17, 15 January 2009 (UTC)
I personally don't see the need for a "head admin" as the wiki seems to run fine even in Jacob's absence. During the recent spam attacks, all admins here worked together to keep the site clean of spam even though there was no "leader" to organize them. I don't see why this cannot continue in the future. Any thoughts? --Emeraldosprey
As much as I whole-heartedly agree with nearly every aspect of what Macbeth has said (thumbs up!), there is one issue I'd like to bring up. You said "if we are looking for someone to fill in the roles of promoting new editors to sysops..." The problem currently is, that sysops cannot promote members. Only bureaucrats can, that is, Kym and Jacob. I don't know whether Jacob will be online often enough to fulfill these duties, and I believe Kym doesn't have the time to look for possible sysop candidates. Of course we as the sysops could always come to Kym with a full-reasoned proposal so that he can promote the people. Question is whether he would be willing to go through the hassle of doing this every time.
So I have to ask you, Jacob, do you think you can ensure that deserving members of the community are promoted to sysops whenever necessary - without us having to go to Kym every time this needs to happen? If yes, I can say with a clear conscience that I don't have any objections to the situation staying like it currently is :) --Demon 15:02, 16 January 2009 (UTC)

Kym has enough on his hands to have the sole responsibility of promoting regular editors to admin, especially when he doesn't regularly edit articles here. I assume he's expecting we as the editing community to govern ourselves in such a way to work independently of the rest of PinkPT. Which I suppose brings up the need to have someone else to "lead" besides myself. Still haven't heard any news from him or the rest of the staff yet, and I'm a little worried at that, but I'm hoping a solution can be found and continued (improved?) flow of information can continue. --Jacob 13:41, 29 January 2009 (UTC)

Well, it might be a good idea to raise it at the next AIM meeting, then. I mean, the Neodex has always been a bit independent, but I can appreciate the value for his input. It may be sensible to promote a few of the current sysops to buearocrats, make sure the Neodex is regularly backed up, and hope no one goes completely mad with power! ;) --Macbeth 20:25, 29 January 2009 (UTC)
Hi guys, Kym here. Apologies about the tardy response - I was involved in a car accident in South America, was in surgery for a week, and have arrived back in Australia for about two weeks now - the recovery involving many doctor appointments.
Before I left for South America, I initiated a change in the staff system at PPT, and have spent the past two weeks implementing the changes etc. All staff here are required to sign up at - make sure you PM me your username so I can give you access to the private staff board. All staff decisions will be made from there. As I check that board every day now, I can be contacted if anyone ever needs me.
The appointment of Jacob's replacement is necessary - and I will be working with all staff here at the NeoDex to assure that the transition goes smoothly. Anyone interested in Jacob's position should email me with their application. If anyone here has recommendation or issues at the NeoDex that they feel needs to be addressed, I can also be contacted via my email. Note, however, that this is only temporary. In the future, all communication will be at the staff board @
Thanks for your patience guys and I look forward to your emails. --Kym 03:54, 2 March 2009 (UTC)
Hi guys. As I have received no applications from any current staff from the NeoDex, I will now open up applications for the new NeoDex Administrator to a wider audience at the Pink Poogle Toy community. The posting will be made here: --Kym 09:47, 26 March 2009 (UTC)
Administrator applications have now closed. A big welcome to Macbeth, our new NeoDex Administrator! --Kym 14:45, 1 April 2009 (UTC)

Patrolling edits

Could you guys help me partolling edits, please? To do that more efficiently, go to Recentchanges and click the "Hide patrolled edits" link. Just go through the changes that have an exclamation mark next to them and click the "diff" link. I'd like to have every edit patrolled because we might else let things slip past, like that edit which broke a link.--Demon 22:08, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

Oh, so that's what those exclamation points mean :P I've been battling with these edits and this sure makes things easier! --Dizzy 04:16, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

Daily Dare

Wondering if one page needs to be made with all relevant info about previous years challenges. at the moment, there is only a Daily Dare 2007 page which i have edited slightly to include new info about 2009's challenges. Perhaps the page title needs to only be changed? Corythepaperboy 06:05, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

Wiki protection

Maybe we should set the wiki to allowing registered users only and require new accounts to be confirmed by sysops before they can edit? I know I have seen that option in the documentation somewhere, would have to dig around a bit...--Demon 17:13, 26 March 2009 (UTC)

Requiring accounts to be sysop-activated seems a bit far - plus, how are we meant to distinguish the accounts that will become good users from the ones that will not, based on no edits? Forcing registration again sounds like a good idea, though. --Macbeth 19:04, 26 March 2009 (UTC)
Well, the main reason why I suggested activation by hand was that we might get mass registrations like User:EltroRolri, User:OuricDronv, User:OlotrVarac etc (see Special:Logs/Block from January 8th). I will wait for more feedback for now and then talk to Kym about that. --Demon 20:02, 26 March 2009 (UTC)
In most cases, these kind of accounts were created using a bot, which can be prevented by implementing something random like |ConfirmEdit and reCAPTCHA]. We can further extend it to anonymous edits to prevent anonymous bots from editing. --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 01:27, 27 March 2009 (UTC)
Thanks SwordFire :D If no one has any objections, I will mention it to Kym on the next staff meeting.--Demon 09:12, 30 March 2009 (UTC)
Update: I have now implemented reCAPTCHA. It should be triggered on registration and whenever external links are added. I think that should make blocking anonymous users obsolete. That can still be implemented if necessary.--Demon 14:20, 1 April 2009 (UTC)
Great work! :) --Macbeth 21:36, 1 April 2009 (UTC)
This should stop most attacks except blanking and random text (which both of them do not include external links). So long as these two do not go out of control, we can just stay as it is. :) --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 15:36, 2 April 2009 (UTC)

Now Accepting Applications for NeoDex administrator position

We are now looking for a new Admin for the NeoDex. If any of you would like to take a swing at the job please apply, [1]! --unspecialfish 02:03, 1 July 2009 (UTC)

Avatar items?

Do you think that popular avvie items such as the Zafara Double Agent Plushie and Faerie Queen Doll should have their own articles on the NeoDex? Idk, because there are popular Hidden Tower items' articles and it would definitely not make sense if FQD didn't have its' own article. Charlotte xoxo 22:29, 23 August 2009 (UTC)

These items are notable, but in my opinion do not have a lot of information to become an article. They can be combine with Zafara Double Agent and Faerie Queen respectively, under a sub-header. We can then redirect Zafara Double Agent Plushie and Faerie Queen Doll to these two main articles. --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 18:38, 28 August 2009 (UTC)
Oh, and please delete this page: Winnner's curse Charlotte xoxo 03:28, 27 August 2009 (UTC)
Article deleted. --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 18:38, 28 August 2009 (UTC)

User block

Any sysop can possibly block User: On Aug 31 2009 s/he has been adding false information to Shenkuu. Thank you! Destiny Charlotte 18:45, 31 August 2009 (UTC)

Move restriction

To prevent (future) grief to everyone here, I'm going to request for a move restriction to new Nexdex accounts. This will prevent anybody from create a new account just to start moving articles all over the place. I'll not mention how long will it take for an account to be allowed to move an article though.

This will take some time to implement, depending on how fast Kym access the server and make the modification. :) --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 16:02, 4 September 2009 (UTC)

I love this idea, but I don't know, Hagrid a.k.a Wheeler a.k.a. Tewapack a.k.a Willy on Wheels a.k.a. 'B Neezles B' might stop doing the move mess-up and start to vandalise pages, remove content, and that kind of stuff. And this option can't really be done because I think Wikipedia doesn't have this kind of thing. Destiny Charlotte 16:07, 4 September 2009 (UTC)
SwordFire, you are the greatest. *grovels at your feet* If Wheels of whatever he goes by starts to do any of that stuff, it is a lot easier (and less confusing) to undo it. If this request is approved I will definitely sleep sounder at night ;) --Dizzy 16:23, 4 September 2009 (UTC)
Also, don't forget that he might stop this moving business and start vandalising. He did change dung into $|-|17, you know. Destiny Charlotte 16:28, 4 September 2009 (UTC)
Another restriction that I can think of is to request all Neodex users to add an email account and confirm it. That way, Vandals have to go through several steps before he/she can do some damage. But I'll need to look into this first.
As for the vandalism, the only way to partially prevent this is to implement a full lockdown (ie. no anonymous edit, account approval by sysop, etc.), which I do not really prefer. Moreever, those accounts which sysop approved might be vandals themselves. But I'm open for suggestions. --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 16:33, 4 September 2009 (UTC)
BTW, a vandal may start being helpful, try to go admin, and then start vandalizing with admin powers and deleting the good pages and creating bad ones, and protect them. Or we could just block moving for non-admins all along. Destiny Charlotte 16:37, 4 September 2009 (UTC)
At the moment, I don't think anybody is going to be promoted to sysop, unless we have an active bureaucrat first. As at the moment, the two bureaucrats in Neodex might not be able to act fast enough to stop a rogue sysop, since they have to concentrate on the whole pinkpt site. But that is beside the point. Right now, we have to do something to the current situation first. --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 16:56, 4 September 2009 (UTC)
In Wikipedia, only autoconfirmed users are allowed to edit certain pages, and the autoconfirmed requirement is having registered for 4 days and made 10 edits. Is the option available which all editing is restricted to autoconfirmed users? Pinkgirl34 18:32, 4 September 2009 (UTC)
If you think about it, if you only allow editing (for all articles) for autoconfirmed users and above, it is almost similar to kicking everybody (except bureaucrats, sysops and users who are already autoconfirmed) out of Neodex. :) --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 18:49, 4 September 2009 (UTC)
I agree, because wikis are meant to be edited by everyone, and if this would be done I'd only put this restriction on CERTAIN articles... Destiny Charlotte 18:57, 4 September 2009 (UTC)
Maybe this could be done to featured articles only, since they're common targets? Pinkgirl34 19:11, 4 September 2009 (UTC)
I think the only pages with this restriction should be the ones with five or more vandalism targets. It wouldn't be fair if I.P. people who don't want to create an account can't edit featured articles. Destiny Charlotte 19:13, 4 September 2009 (UTC)
Just hang on - I've already informed Kym that this is an urgent case. He must be out on Saturday. --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 19:33, 5 September 2009 (UTC)
Thanks for the emails guys and the prompt alert. Changes that were suggested and have been implemented are as follows: (1) Move restrictions are in place on new NeoDex accounts; (2) Accounts which are (sensitive info removed) are able to move articles; and (3) Sysops and Bureaucrats are now able to use the CheckUser extension.--Kym 13:45, 7 September 2009 (UTC)
Thank you Kym, I am really happy to know that this batch of vandalism will be the last I have to deal with :D I don't know how this CheckUser extension works but thanks all the same! --Dizzy 13:54, 7 September 2009 (UTC)
I'll explain it to you through the forum PM. --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 13:59, 7 September 2009 (UTC)
Thanks, I'll know what I'm doing now haha :) --Dizzy 16:08, 7 September 2009 (UTC)

Maybe we could also get Extension:Newuserlog? It is particularly useful because it (theoretically) logs when a user creates a sockpuppet. There might be ways to get around it, though. --Demon 23:32, 27 October 2009 (UTC)

Maybe we could also have an abuse filter, which could filter out any page move vandalism? --Pinkgirl 14:51, 28 October 2009 (UTC)
Newuserlog is pointless, as the very top of the link says the software is obselete, and has been updated since version 1.14.0 of the mediawiki coding. Then again, we don't have that version, so... -- 23:50, 28 October 2009 (UTC)
Yeah, we only have Version 1.12.0. Maybe we could use that extension until update to a higher Mediawiki version becomes necessary.--Demon 00:07, 29 October 2009 (UTC)
For Newuserlog, we could request to update the wikimedia software instead of installing the extension. Since it is already implemented in 1.14.0, might as well update the whole software. :) I've been waiting for Kym to respond to my previous PM for a long time, so might as well ask him to update rather than implement.
As for Abuse Filter, it is quite a powerful extension which we can consider implementing. --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 00:15, 29 October 2009 (UTC)

Vandalism Investigation

Sorry for not blocking the vandal earlier, but I've been collecting information regarding the attacks. Now that I've seen enough, I'm blocking the IP range of a certain ISP for two weeks. User using that ISP will not be able to edit or register an account during this period of time. --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 01:52, 11 September 2009 (UTC)

It seems to be very effective. The vandal hasn't vandalized for almost a whole week. Pinkgirl34 21:56, 16 September 2009 (UTC)

Recent deletion of this page

Don't you guys think deleting all versions of this page is kinda overkill just to hide a few? Wouldn't it have been better to restore all versions except the ones with sensitive info in question?--Demon 21:40, 27 September 2009 (UTC)

That is a little rough, I have to agree. Though, I forget if that's possible with the current coding. Still trying to clear out the dust n dirt which gathered from my months of not being here. ;) --Jacob 23:30, 27 September 2009 (UTC)


Um, I just wanted to know if you can delete this page.

I know this is a stupid request but well I just feel that the c should be capitalize and I can't edit it and change it so the only thing I can think of is to delete it but I don't know how. So can you? Ashpoke

I've moved the page to capital lettered C. Pinkgirl34 02:24, 5 October 2009 (UTC)
Uh oh, you've just created what we call a "double redirect." --Destiny 03:21, 5 October 2009 (UTC)
I've fixed the double redirect; re-redirected Altador cup 4 to Altador Cup IV because it's still a plausible redirect. Pinkgirl34 21:25, 5 October 2009 (UTC)
Wait, the link still has a lowercase c though for cup still. So you guys can't change it to an uppercase then? Ashpoke
The only way the page can be permanently changed to uppercase is if you rename the lowercase page to an uppercase letter and have an administrator delete the lowercase page. Pinkgirl34 20:41, 7 October 2009 (UTC)
Deleted! :)--Dizzy 22:21, 7 October 2009 (UTC)
Thanks! --Ashpoke

Question about Requirements for Sysops

I have a question: What are the requirements for becoming a sysop? It doesn't seem to be posted on this website. For example, how many edits are required and how long does the user have to be on NeoDex in order for someone to promote them to a sysop? Thanks, Pinkgirl34 20:40, 7 October 2009 (UTC)

In the moment I don't think anyone will be as there is only one bureaucrat on the site right now. --Destiny 21:10, 7 October 2009 (UTC)
I see. And it seems like the only active bureaucrat hasn't edited for a month. However, is there a way to contact a bureaucrat? Pinkgirl34 01:49, 9 October 2009 (UTC)
Requirements are a good understanding of wiki coding, understanding of the NeoDex itself, sensible mind and good communications skills. That's in summary at least. I know this has been asked before, but I forget where. In essence, should you be a trusted and capable editor (and should one be needed), such an editor will be considered. Then again, that's how I recall it, and I'm not part of that anymore, so... :P --Jacob 04:09, 15 October 2009 (UTC)

I think the easiest way is having an active sysop suggest you on the staff board, since technically speaking, Kym is still a bureaucrat and might promote you.--Demon 02:41, 17 October 2009 (UTC)

Lost Desert Plot

That article has been a recent target of vandalism. Can anyone maybe protect this article for a while? Thanks. --Destiny 19:35, 6 November 2009 (UTC)


Wheel of Misfortune

For some reason, it is still that old Willy on Wheels' talkpage. --Destiny 01:36, 15 November 2009 (UTC)

Reverted to correct version :) --Dizzy 02:03, 15 November 2009 (UTC)

Proposal to add the Abuse Filter extension

I'm proposing for the abuse filter extension to be installed to this wiki, to prevent any future pagemove vandalism or spambot attacks to this wiki. I'm wondering, would anybody support or oppose this idea? --Pinkgirl 02:01, 16 November 2009 (UTC)

Supppppppppport --Destiny 02:09, 16 November 2009 (UTC)


I don't want to be a brag hard or anything, but can anyone plz put my name in the Notable Editors section? I mean, I've done so much. I definitely meet the requirements. I've created so many articles about the many notable people in Neopia. Please? Anyone?

Also, I achieved one NeoDex goal; 2000 articles, and because of me, its already gonna have 2,200 and counting ;) -Journey to the Lost Isle-er 04:31, 4 September 2010 (UTC)

Dear Journey. I've been away for a long while, so a lot of what has been going round is not known to me. Though it can be seen with a quick search that you have been very persistent this past month. Kudos on that. And if you're correct on the goal, looks like I have some updating to do in that regard. Will look into it for ya. ;) --Jacob 05:00, 4 September 2010 (UTC)