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Mr. Insane is a Neopets programmer.

Mr. Insane, or dirtside, is a programmer and member of The Neopets Team since 2000. He claims to the be Archbishop of Glendale - the city in California where The Neopets Team's headquarters are - and to use a Linux operating system.

He is credited with the creation of several PHP games - Deadly Dice, Sewage Surfer, the Faerie Crossword, the Faerieland Employment Agency, Cheat!, Fetch!, and most notably, NeoQuest and its sequel, NeoQuest II.

He may have been involved in programming the Lost Desert Plot's puzzles, as he notified the PinkPT Forum that certain clues had been activated but no one had found them when they complained that the plot was progressing too slowly. He was also involved in programming the puzzles and prize shop for The Faerie's Ruin plot.

Plot summaries[edit]

Ski Lodge Murder Mystery[edit]

Mr. Insane.
Main article: Ski Lodge Murder Mystery

Mr. Insane discovered the seventeenth victim, Wolverine, in the library. All he had to comment on was that Wolverine was wearing plaid socks, before fleeing in terror. He went on die only four days later in the same room when his Kraku Berry juice was substituted for a mysterious potion.

NeoQuest II[edit]

Mr. Insane as The Architect.
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Mr. Insane appears on the introductory page to the game, this time modelled after The Architect from the Matrix trilogy of films (alluding to the virtual reality plot twist in the game).

Welcome. It has been a while since you defeated my last little creation - NeoQuest I. Now it is back, and its bigger, nastier, and scarier than ever.

The Faerie's Ruin[edit]

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On a page released on The Neopets Team's Facebook account, Mr. Insane was shown to have worked so hard on the plot's puzzles that he had grown a beard and become 22.4% more insane. Finally finished, he went to shave, but was interrupted by snarkie who reminded him that the prize shop still had to be coded. Inconsolable, he began work on the prize shop, with the right side of his face shaven, the left side of his face bearded.

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