Monster Isle

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Monster Isle as seen from a distance.

Monster Isle (also known as the Lost Isle or the island of giant petpetpets) is central and location of the Journey to the Lost Isle plot. It is a world that is not reachable on Neopia as of November 2010.


The Isle was discovered by Hugo Fairweather when he found a diary written in a language related to Tyrannian. He decoded the text and realized that an unknown island existed on Neopia. He and six of his associates boarded the SS Primella to search for the island but a severe storm damaged the ship and left them stranded. Exploring the island, they discovered a temple containing evidence that the previous occupant was highly intelligent in scientific studies.

The Island

Surrounded by rocky edges and criss-crossed by rivers, the island had been untouched for such a long time that it was vastly overgrown with plants and trees. In the centre of the island is a mountain with water flowing from it resulting in a large pool at the base around which the petpetpets would congregate. Most of the exotic vegetation is highly toxic while some plants, like Selerium taniverens, turned out to be extremely rare. A temple made out of a silver metal-like material is located on the northern part of the island.


The island is inhabited by large mutated petpetpets that form a significant part of the ecosystem. Some of the inhabitants encountered by the explorers were gentle herbivores like the Mootix, while others were dangerous and presumed to be carnivorous such as the Ravenous Monster, Petpetpet Horde and the Monstrous Moach. The presence of a technologically complex man-made temple proved that someone other than Mad Tongue Murphy must have lived on the island at some point.

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