Journey to the Lost Isle

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Journey to the Lost Isle is a plot which began on May 1, 2007 and finished on May 30, 2007.

Plot summary[edit]

Chapter 1[edit]

Hugo Fairweather was holding a scientific gathering to share his deciphering of the journal of Mad Tongue Murphy, who was said to discover a mysterious island. The journal, which was written in text similar to Tyrannian, has finally been translated after the discovery of a tablet containing a passage in two forms of Tyrannian by his daughter Lilian Fairweather. Hugo used the passage in the form of Tyrannian he knew to learn the second language. With his findings, he determined to start a journey to find the island based on the writings of the journal. He was joined by Roxton A. Colchester III, who relished the thought of discovering a new land, while most others condemned his actions as insanity.

When they went to find a ship to sail them to their destination, they were directed to Captain Rourke by a Pirate Shoyru, who said he would be the only one who would take such a dangerous task. Even Captain Rourke had misgivings, but with the encouragement of a large bag of Neopoints, offered the services of his ship, the SS Primella. Gathering at the ship the following morning, Rourke noted the red sky and feared a storm coming. His confidence in Hugo's ability to navigate them to the island in the journal was shaken when the absent-minded Professor couldn't find his glasses above his eyes, but they set sail all the same.

Aboard the SS Primella, Roxton started a conversation with Lilian, who mentioned their could be a plant similar to the crysophyllum munusa, whose fruit has healing properties, on the island based on the drawings she saw in the journal. Behind them, Werther, despite his best efforts, failed to balance a stack of boxes on his head, and ploughed into a barrel, in which Scrap, a stowaway, was hiding. Explaining he sneaked onto the boat to escape from a crime he didn't commit, Rourke was about to throw him into the brig before Roxton intervened, saying they had no time to be returning to mainland now that they were on their way, and he would take full responsibility for Scrap. Rourke would only allow it if Scrap paid for his trip by cleaning up the SS Primella, which he did. With Scrap now part of their expedition, Rourke focused on the coming storm.

Chapter 2[edit]


As Rourke has expected, the SS Primella was quickly plunged into a storm. Lasting three solid days, the visibility was so poor the adventurers did not know they were near land until it was upon them. The storm sucked them against the rocks, smashing a hole into the SS Primella's hull, and as a huge wave reared to swallow the ship, Rourke gave the order for a hasty 'abandon ship'.

Morning dawned, and the crew found themselves washed up onto the very island their sought, the storm having finally subsided. The ship was dashed against the rocks, and after some debate, the Captain resolved to remain and do his best to piece together what was left, while the others - excluding Scrap, who the Captain snatched up to help him - went to explore the island.

As they left, the Captain threatened that he would leave once his ship was repaired at the slightest hint of danger, but Scrap told Lilian he would prevent him from leaving until the Professor's party had returned.

They moved through the thick plant life with initial caution for what strange creatures may reside in the island, but danger or not, as Lilian spotted the rare plant from the journal, she ran forward, Roxton and company chasing after her, and straight into a Ravenous Monster.

Chapter 3[edit]


The Ravenous Monster appeared ready to strike at Lilian, but when it did it was at a giant Lady Blurg behind her. As the giant insects fought, Roxton hurried Lilian away from the danger. Roxton noted how Rourke may have been right in suggesting they leave as soon as they could. However, Hugo and Lilian could only exclaim how great the discovery of such creatures was, and the possibilities for their research, and rushed to investigate when they found a heard of giant Mootix. Noting they were herbivores (especially when one of the Mootix licked Roxton), Roxton and Hugo investigated their surroundings while Lilian fed them, discovering the skeleton of a giant meat eater. As Roxton remarked, it could only have been eaten by an even larger carnivore.

Lilian and Hugo continued to be stunned by the sheer quantity of plant life to research and whether the creatures on the island could be linked to those of legend. Roxton then plucked a pink flower and presented it to Lilian, who recognised it as a selerium taniverens, a flower whose self defence mechanisms were quite "marvellous to behold". On hearing that its sap was extremely toxic when applied to the skin, Roxton hastily dropped the flower in surprise.

The party came upon a temple, made out of stone with a mysterious silver sheen Roxton did not recognise. They decided to use it as a temporary shelter against the strange creatures of the island, and broke the puzzle key to enter. Upon entering, one of them finds a metal object on the floor, which they place in their pocket.

Chapter 4[edit]


Inside the temple, the group discovers there used to be an occupant of the temple who dabbled in scientific studies, and the sketches left behind prove the creatures of the island to be giant Petpetpets. While Hugo and Lilian marvel at the discovery, Roxton finds a nest of giant Petpetpet eggs, which are soon discovered to be laid by a Monstrous Moach which has breached the temple in the past when it attacks them.

Escaping from the temple, Lilian trips when she gets caught in vines, prompting Roxton to save her and say, "How great are plants now, huh?" Up ahead, Hugo and Werther manage to safely cross over a tree bridge, while Roxton and Lilian run away from the Giant Moach which has caught up to them. The Monstrous Moach knocks the tree into the ravine, and Roxton manages to save them both by quickly grabbing onto a vine. Stuck in the walls of the ravine, Roxton tells Hugo to go on ahead to find Captain Rourke, and that they will find another way back while they fend off the Monstrous Moach.

Plot participation[edit]

Participation in the plot put users in the role of the adventurers, and walking through the completion of certain tasks.

Chapter 1: Clean the Deck![edit]

Users had helped Scrap clean up the deck of the SS Primella, by arranging items in a certain way so as to fit in a grid, so that he could remain on board.

Chapter 2: Battledome #1[edit]

Users had to fight the insect-like Ravenous Monster in the one-player Battledome, native to the Island, that was terrorising the adventurers.

Chapter 3: Mysterious Stone Temple[edit]

Users had to decode three levels of the Temple's locking system. Each lock was freed based on the correct pattern of symbols, which was determined mastermind-fashion, much like Codebreakers or Time Tunnel.

Chapter 4: Battledome #2[edit]

Users battled against the Monstrous Moach.

Chapter 5: Maze[edit]

Chapter 6: Battledome #3[edit]

Users fought the Petpetpet Hourde.



The prize shop was released on July 6, 2007. All users who participated in the plot received a trophy, which only appeared when the user bought at least one item from the shop with the points they accumulated. The following could be bought...

  • Werther Keyring - 25 points
Now you wont ever lose your keys...
  • SS Primella Ship Building Kit - 50 points
This is NOT a boat it is a SHIP!
  • Professor Hugo Fairweather Bobblehead - 100 points
And so he rambles on and on and on...
  • SS Primella Life Preserver - 200 points
Remember the SS Primella!
  • Scrap Plushie - 300 points
This little plushie is quite durable and will probably become cuter the more it is loved.
  • Lilian Fairweather Action Figure - 400 points
This action figure has fully movable limbs, the better to run with.
  • Archeology - Discovering the World - 500 points
Learn about the latest discoveries and even some old discoveries that are still a puzzle to Archeologists.
  • Giant Jaw Bone - 600 points
This makes a rather uncomfortable bench.
  • Spectacles of Perception - 650 points
Looking through these spectacles you might see but not perceive if you arent looking correctly. Wearable.
  • Roxton A. Colchester III Action Figure - 700 points
Now with fighting action!
  • Monstrous Moach Plushie - 750 points
  • Petpetpet Growth Patterns - 800 points
Learn about the growth patterns of Petpetpets as are currently know to Neopia.
  • Lost Isle Sketch - 900 points
Now you will always know your way around the isle.
  • Poisonous Flower - 1,000 points
Eeek... watch out this flower is poisonous! DUH! Weapon.
  • Daring Adventurer Hat - 1,100 points
This dashing hat can make even an unremarkable pet look rather adventurous. Wearable.
  • Makeshift Ships Hammer - 1,250 points
Not only is this good for rebuilding ships, but it is good for fighting off those pesky overgrown Petpetpets. Weapon.


  • The use of a book that will be filled as the plot progresses is a similar plot device to that used in the Altador Plot.
  • On the second page of the first comic, various characters from previous plots, Garin and Jacques (Curse of Maraqua), Linae (The Cyodrake's Gaze), and Bruno (Tale of Woe) can be seen in the background of the public house. Garin, notably, has his earrings in his right ear, which is likely to be an artist's mistake.
  • In the background of the pub in the first comic, there is a painting similar to the Dogs Playing Poker series.
  • An error would sometimes occur if the user left the Clean the Deck! puzzle before it was finished, and start over from the smallest grid. Refreshing the page brought the user back to the latest puzzle.
  • The story has references to The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle. One of the hints is the character Roxton A. Colchester III who obviously was inspired by Lord John Roxton.

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