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Jhudora is one of the more powerful Dark Faeries in Neopia. Her cloud is in Faerieland. She is the greatest enemy of Illusen. No one knows what she is doing, but she gives out quests to those who are willing to complete her task. Most villains earn their rank through terrible deeds, but Jhudora has thus far not been found of any wrong doing, and hasn't done any direct harm to Neopia.

Ranking among Neopia's most feared residents, Jhudora is regarded with suspicion and always approached with caution. Her temper and tendency to deceive and manipulate are well known, but that isn't enough for the other faeries to condemn her. But as a result of her actions she's watched very closely by her faerie sisters. It's been rumoured over the years she had ties to several terrible things that have occurred in Neopia. Until there is any proof, however, Jhudora remains free.

Jhudora has a number of Petpets that serve her. First of all, she has an unknown number of Bartami for various small tasks. Secondly, she owns two Gruslens named Sarah and Daisy who serve as her bodyguards.

Jhudora's Cloud

Main Article: Jhudora's Cloud

Users can visit Jhudora's Cloud and choose to participate in a quest once a day to give her random items across Neopets. Starting at Level 1, users have 16 minutes to find the item, the rarity of which increases with each new level, before time runs out. If time runs out before the user returns with the proper item, the Level will reset to Level 1, and the user will have to start all over.

Should the user participate in Illusen's quests, Jhudora will become angry with the user and not allow her quests to be completed for the rest of the day. Jhudora's quests are more difficult than Illusen's, and require the user to find rarity 99 items starting level 21. Because of this, items in the later levels are more valuable and expensive than in Illusen's.

Better Than You

Jhudora has been a contestant on Better Than You once:

Date: February 4, 2010 Illusen informed me very sweetly that she would be participating in the races today and couldn't come to my party. As though I would invite HER! Ha! To make things worse, she sent this disgustingly cute Carmariller with her message. Ugh, take it away. While you're at it, why don't you thrash Illusen in a few races, too?
Game: Faerie Cloud Racers
Score: 2,100
Prize: Carmariller


  • Some Random Events which involve Jhudora...
    • Oh look. Jhudora appears and hands you a gift. Wait... Jhudora!? A gift?! Umm... are you sure you should have taken it?
      • The gift is any item with the word "Poison" in the name.
    • Jhudora appears in a flash of purple and green smoke and says, "Have you completed one of my quests, today?"
  • Every year, February 4th is Jhudora Day.
  • No one knows why Illusen and Jhudora are enemies, however it could be (as mentioned in the Neopedia) that Illusen saw Jhudora doing something terrible.
  • A Usuki paper doll of Jhudora was released on February 2, 2008.

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