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How to Draw, commonly abbreviated HTD, refers to a collection of web pages in the Deep Catacombs which contain drawing tutorials for Neopets, Petpets, Random Items/Characters, and Faeries. When a guide is released, its existence is announced on the New Features page.


All Neopet species have their own how to draw tutorial. The guides are usually released a short time after the arrival of the new respective Neopet species.


The myriad number of Petpet species in the Neopian world makes it impossible for each and every Petpet to have their own how to draw. However, the following 63 Petpets have their how-to-draws up in the Art Centre...

Random Items & Characters[edit]

Some famous characters and renowned items have their own How to Draw guides. They come with difficulty ratings as well (one star for easy, two for medium, and three for hard). The following 70 miscellaneous characters and items have HTD guides of their own.


The six basic faerie types and 17 special individuals also have HTD tutorials, accounting for a variety of 23 HTDs for faeries...

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