Herman Dorfdrap

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Herman Dorfdrap is a Korbat, and a Battledome opponent during the Tale of Woe.

Plot Summary

The Tale of Woe

Main Article: The Tale of Woe

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Has the abilities Dark Shield, Inertia, Scorch, Aura, Frost and Psychic Attack, and can also use Berserk.


During Fight...

  • Evil will lose in the end..
  • Go hide like the rest of your cowardly family...
  • Grrrr...
  • Hey STOP! What do you think you are doing...
  • I will beat you!
  • Neopets like you should be wiped out...
  • RARRRRR...
  • Why did you even bother to come back...
  • You don't stand a chance against me...
  • You made me this way, and you will pay the price...

After Loss...

  • Prepare to pay for your crimes! (random During Fight quote)

After Win...

  • Sound the alarm all you like, it wont help ya! (random During Fight quote)


  • Did it suddenly get cold... (random During Fight quote)


  • Hahaha, you will not be fighting again soon!


  • ARGH! You will pay for that!