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A Drakonid is a species of Monster in NeoQuest I. They resemble Chombies or Ackos. They are dinosaur like creatures that existed in Ancient Neopia and only dwelled in the Techo Caves.

Name Level HP range Special Attacks Loot Image
Hatchling Drakonid 27 115-140 fire_dmg.gif 35 drakonid heart, Greater Healing Potion 400124_ahatchlingdrakonid.gif
Juvenile Drakonid 28 135-154 fire_dmg.gif 35 strong healing potion, greater healing potion, drakonoid hide, drakonoid eye 400126_ajuveniledrakonid.gif
Adult Drakonid 30 134-168 fire_dmg.gif 35 drakonid heart, Greater Healing Potion 400130_anadultdrakonid.gif
Mature Drakonid 32 150-180 fire_dmg.gif 45 drakonid eye, drakonid heart, drakonid hide, greater healing potion, superior healing potion 400134_amaturedrakonid.gif
Giant Drakonid 36-37 172-205 fire_dmg.gif 50 Greater Healing Potion 400144_agiantdrakonid.gif
Elder Drakonid 34 165-195 fire_dmg.gif 50 Greater Healing Potion, Superior Healing Potion, Drackonid Heart, drakonid eye, drakonid hide 400138_anelderdrakonid.gif