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Dirigibles was a member of the The Neopets Team who programmed Flash content for the site. His favorite Neopets are the Kiko and Lenny.

He played in the staff Altador Cup tournaments in 2006, 2010, and 2011, each time for Team Lost Desert. In Daily Dare 2010, he placed 3rd overall. However, in 2011, he teamed up with SeñorMalo to form The Team Your Team Could Smell Like, but lost to Star and Order in the game Wingoball.

As of May 2017, dirigibles' account has been disabled.


  • The dirigible is another name for an airship.
  • The Name field on his Neopets account is "Dirigibles and Zeppelins and Lightbulbs". This is a reference to the song "We Like The Moon." The same song was used in Lenny Conundrum 412.

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