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Acronyms are commonly used by the Neopets community. An acronym is a series of letters that represents several a phrase, usually the first letters of the words or syllables in it. To a user unfamiliar with their usage, Neopian acronyms may seem confusing. The following is a list of some common acronyms, in alphabetical order for convenience.

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  • AC - Avatar Chat, the NeoBoard where users engage in avatar-relating conversations.
  • AFC - Air Faerie Crown, a popular Battledome Equipment.
  • AI - Artificial Intelligence, referring to the way computer challengers, such as the 1-Player Challengers in the Battledome, play against a user based on specific patterns.
  • AP - Attack Pea, a popular Battledome Equipment.
  • ATM - Short for At the moment, usually referring to auctions or trades.


  • BC - The Beauty Contest.
  • BFC - Black Frost Cannon, a piece of Battledome Equipment.
  • BN - Before Neopia, referring to times before recorded History of Neopia (or before Neopets began).
  • BD - Battledome, where Neopets get to fight against other Neopets or Villains of Neopia. Can also mean Battle Duck, a type of Battledome Equipment.
  • BD Chat - Battledome Chat, a Battledome-orientated NeoBoard.
  • BGC - Bony Grarrl Club, a Battledome Equipment which gives users an avatar when equipped to their Grarrl.
  • BoD - Bow of Destiny, a Battledome Equipment received as a prize from NeoQuest II.
  • BoHD - Bag of Healing Dust, a Battledome Equipment.
  • BoK - Bracelet of Kings, a Battledome Equipment from the Hidden Tower.
  • BoLHS - Bag of Lenny Healing Seeds, a Battledome Equipment.
  • BoMS - Bottle of Magic Sand, a Battledome Equipment.
  • BRB - Chat speak for Be Right Back.
  • BSS - Blumaroo SlingShot, a Battledome Equipment.
  • BTM - Brain Tree Mace, a Battledome Equipment.
  • BTY - Better Than You
  • Bzzt - Bzzt Blaster, a Battledome Equipment.


  • C-Blade - CarrotBlade, a Battledome Equipment found in the Hidden Tower.
  • CATFB - Chomby and the Fungus Balls, referring to a band and a retired game.
  • CB - CarrotBlade, a Battledome Equipment found in the Hidden Tower.
  • CE - Cursed Elixir, a Battledome Equipment.
  • CF - Chia Flour, a Battledome Equipment item found in the Hidden Tower. Also short for "Congratulations Feeders", in reference to the Kadoatery.
  • CG - Cyodrake's Gaze, a plot from 2006.
  • Coll - Short for Collateral.
  • Collat - Short for Collateral.
  • COM - The Curse of Maraqua plot, and sometimes its respective NeoBoard.
  • CP - Caustic Potion, a Battledome Equipment received as a prize from Illusen's Glade.
  • CS - Clawed Shield, a Battledome Equipment which can reward an Avatar.
  • CSC - Cardboard Sprout Cannon, a Battledome Equipment found in the Hidden Tower.
  • CSS - Cascading Style Sheets. An extension to HTML which can set default style attributes for a HTML tag (that has been defined in the doctype) or style attributes for a specific class or ID. Frequently used within Neopia to customise User Lookups and Shops.
  • CWoS - Cloudy Wand of Storms, a Battledome Equipment.


  • DBD - Dark Battle Duck, a weapon that used to do 10 icons damage in the Battledome, but following being downgraded is not as valued any more.
  • DEB - Dual Expert Bow, a retired and expensive Magic Item.
  • Def - Defence, a statistic of a Neopet that influences how well certain shields work.
  • DMB - Dusty Magic Broom, a valued weapon sold at Haunted Weaponry
  • DoN - Defenders of Neopia
  • DPP - Downsize Power Plus, a single use Defense Magic item which protects a Neopet from all forms of damage.


  • ECA - Everlasting Crystal Apple, which can be eaten countless times and not disappear from a users inventory.
  • EKST - Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy, a multiple use defence item against all water damage in the Battledome.
  • ELL - Entangling Lenny Lasso, a powerful weapon for Lennies to use in the Battledome.
  • ENT - Evil Neopets Team, an acronym used often to refer to The Neopets Team when they're particularly unpleasant.
  • EoE - Essence of Esophagor, a Battledome weapon which has large damage output at a cheap price.
  • ETS - Easy to sell, referring to an item that can be turned into NP quickly, due to high demand.


  • F-Ray - Fungus Ray, a powerful Battledome weapon which could be redeemed from a Rare Item Code.
  • FaIB - Fire and Ice Blade, a Battledome weapon from the Hidden Tower which is similar the ones used by the Battle Faerie.
  • FB - Florbix Blaster, a Battledome weapon which received fame when it was changed from a Jet Pack, making the otherwise useless item come in high demand.
  • FC - Fan Club NeoBoard.
  • FFQ - Fountain Faerie Quest, a rare Faerie Quest that can alter a Neopets colour to any available for it.
  • FPot - Freezing Potion, a Battledome weapon sold at the Hidden Tower.
  • FSS - Faerie SlingShot, a Battledome weapon which could be made from the Cooking Pot, now all but impossible now that the ingredients for making it are retired.
  • FTP - First to post in a NeoBoard.


  • G-Bomb - Ghostkerbomb, a popular once per battle weapon from the Hidden Tower.
  • GBK - Golden Butter Knife, a retired weapon from the Hidden Tower.
  • GC - Glowing Cauldron, a weapon from the Hidden Tower which can have strange affects in the Battledome.
  • GEB - Garoo Elite Blaster, a weapon which care be acquired from Rare Item Codes from the TCG.
  • GHS - Greater Healing Scroll, a healing item in the Battledome which is popular due to it's once per battle use.
  • GLB - Grand Lightning Beam, an old yet powerful weapon from Neopets' early years.
  • GoC - Golden Compass
  • GSH - Green Sticky Hand
  • G-Shield - Ghostkershield, a popular defense from the Hidden Tower.
  • G-Staff - Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie
  • G-Sword - Ghostkersword, a popular weapon from the Hidden Tower.
  • GTA - Greater Tiki Amulet, a weapon in the Battledome acquired as a prize from Mystery Island Volcano. Can also refer to Grand Theft Auto, a popular series of video games.


  • H4K - H4000 Helmet, popular retired Space Armour capable of freezing the opponent once per battle in the Battledome.
  • HATIC - Hannah and the Ice Caves, referring to the plot, the game, and sometimes to its respective NeoBoard.
  • HATPC - Hannah and the Pirate Caves
  • HC - The Help Chat of the NeoBoard.
  • HH - H4000 Helmet, a very valued weapon in the Battledome.
  • HoD - The Halo of Devilpuss, a weapon which can be rewarded in NeoQuest II.
  • HoH - The Hall of Heroes, an important location in the Altador Plot
  • HP - Hit points, the amount of total health you have. It is important in the Battledome. Can also refer to the Honey Potion, a weapon given out in Illusen's Glade.
  • HPB - Hubrids Puzzle Box, a special Battledome Equipment item sold at the Hidden Tower which can be constructed in the form of Hubrid Nox.
  • HPS - Hand Painted Scarab, a once popular weapon in the Battledome capable of damaging with three different elements.
  • HT - The Hidden Tower, in Faerieland, that sells many rare and expensive relics.
  • HTML - Hypertext Markup Language, the mark-up language in which all webpages are written.
  • HTS - Hard to sell, referring to an item that cannot be turned into NP quickly, due to low demand, despite what it may be perceived as being worth due to rarity.


  • IDB - In-Depth Battlepedia, a sub-site of PinkPT which is dedicated entirely to the Battledome. May also refer to Icy Battle Duck, a air and water based version of the Battle Duck.
  • IDNQ - In-Depth NeoQuest, a sub-site of PinkPT dedicated entirely to the games NeoQuest and NeoQuest II.
  • IEP - Illusens Earth Potion, a prize attainable from Illusen's Glade.
  • ILB - Improved Lightning Beam, a popular Battledome weapon from Neopets' early years.
  • ILS - Iron Lupe Sword, a popular Battledome weapon usable by Lupes.
  • IQ - Intelligence Quotient, of which is stated that Adam Powell has an IQ of 174.


  • JP - Jhudoras Potion, a prize attainable from Jhudora's Cloud.
  • JCB - Jhudoras Crystal Ball, a prize attainable from Jhudora's Cloud.
  • JSS - Jade Scorchstone, a popular retired Battledome Equipment from the Hidden Tower which heals fully once per battle.


  • K - A symbol following a number, meaning thousand, from the SI prefix kilo-.
  • KLP - Kacheek Life Potion, a popular Battledome weapon usable by Kacheeks.
  • KPL - Kacheek Pebble Lobber, a popular Battledome weapon usable by Kacheeks.


  • LDD - Lost Desert Dagger, popular weapon in the Battledome.
  • LDP - The Lost Desert Plot, and sometimes its associated NeoBoard.
  • LDPBSTSCC - The Trading Card Lost Desert Paint Brush Stamp T-Shirt Collectable Card.
  • LEV - Leaded Elemental Vial, popular one per battle full heal item.
  • LRGoF - Lenny Ray Gun of Freezing, popular freezing weapon used by Lennies in the Battledome.


  • MFB - Mystery Fruit Bowl, a Battledome Equipment item rewarded in the Mystery Island Volcano Plot. It's believed only 200 were released.
  • MoC - Mask of Coltzan, powerful dual attack and defense Battledome item used by King Coltzan III.
  • MM - Melting Mirror, a once popular Battledome Equipment item rewarded from a scratchcard.
  • MMoM - Magical Marbles of Mystery, a once per battle Battledome Equipment item from the Hidden Tower capable of freezing an opponent and giving slight damage.
  • MP - Morphing Potion, or My Price for an item.
  • MSP - Malevolent Sentient Plushie, a colour that only exists for Poogles which resembles the MSPP (see below).
  • MSPP - Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie, a plushie that is shaped like a Poogle and is alive and evil. Refers specifically to the MSPP TCG Card.




  • R# - The rarity of an item, e.g. r99.
  • RE - Random Event
  • RPG - Role Playing Game. Neoquest and Neopets: The Darkest Faerie are both considered RPGs.
  • RS - Restock, referring to the act of Neopet shops filling their stores, or the method users use for their own shops.
  • RSing - Restocking, referring to Neopet shops fulling their stores, or a method users use for their own shops.




  • UB - Unbuyable, referring to an item which can't be bought through stores and only through the Trading Post due to its high price.



  • XHTML - Extensible Hypertext Markup Language, the stricter, cleaner form of HTML.


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