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In the NeoQuest game, the Circle of Twelve was a group of powerful magicians who governed the Great Empire of Ancient Neopia. It fought and won a civil war against council members of the Neopian cities, culminating in the destruction of Kal Panning, but shortly afterwards, many years before the time of the game, the members of the Circle of Twelve were killed and the Great Empire fell into disrepair.

Xantan's Deposition[edit]

A thousand years before the events of NeoQuest, the Circle of Twelve were lead by the power wizard Xantan. However, after betraying the rest of the Circle, the other wizards stripped him of his powers and exiled him to the wilderness. He made the depths of Dank Cave his home.

The Civil War[edit]

Some time after Xantan was ousted from power, the Eyrie Jahbal took over leadership of the Circle. Under his rule, the Circle became greedy and more powerful, and this provoked the city of Kal Panning to oppose them. After a month-long siege of the city, the Circle's magic proved to be greater than Faleinn and the city was cursed.

Jahbal's Deposition[edit]

However, after the costly engagement the other Circle members saw the error of their ways and sought to banish Jahbal, who had become mad with power. Jahbal made it his habit to spy on the other wizards, however, and fled to the safety of his Two Rings palace. Not knowing what magical artifacts he may be hoarding their, the Circle sealed off the palace from the rest of the world. Scholars such as Gali Yoj suggest Faelinn was instrumental in this act, despite having been cursed after the siege, and it is true that she possesses the only key to allow entrance to the Two Rings.

Jahbal's magic was over time able to reach through the barrier, however, and create monsters, first to assassinate the Circle members who had deposed him, and then to over run the Great Empire. Without leadership and with the danger of monsters in the country side, the Great Empire collapsed.

Other members[edit]

While it is never made clear which other wizards were part of the Circle of Twelve, candidates include the Archmagus of Roo, Mastermind, and the unnamed wizard who created the Mountain Fortress and the Guardians of Fire, Ice, Life, Shock, and Spectral Magics.