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*[[Jelly (colour)|Jelly]] - ''?''
*[[Jelly (colour)|Jelly]] - ''?''
*[[Maraquan]] - ''August 7, 2003''
*[[Maraquan]] - ''August 7, 2003''
*[[Magma]] "December 26, 2009"
*[[Magma]] ''December 15, 2009''
*[[Orange]] - ''March 22, 2004''
*[[Orange]] - ''March 22, 2004''
*[[Pink]] - ''?''
*[[Pink]] - ''?''

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The Chomby is a shy, plant-eating stegosaurus-like Limited Edition Neopet who is most happy when munching on leaves and grasses. Chombies are one of many different species that exist in Neopia. Chombies naturally come from the prehistoric land of Tyrannia, although many have ventured as far as the Lost Desert and Faerieland.

Chombies were released along with the discovery of Tyrannia. The first glimpse of the species came from an animation of a Chomby slowly eating away shrubbery at a cave entrace through the Ice Caves.

While Chombies aren't as popular in games or plots on Neopets, the band Chomby and the Fungus Balls (CATFB for short) has given a lot of help to their popularity. Another thing that ahs risen their popularity is their appearance in Tyrannian Mini Golf, a well-known game.


Chombies were first released on March 22, 2001.


As of March 2009, Chombies come in 42 different colours:


  • As of June 2009, 385,001 (out of 385,000) Chombies have been created, placing them 49th in popularity out of 54 Neopets. They are featured in 94 different items.
  • In the Neopets TCG, Chombies are associated with the element of Light.
  • Chomby Day is on March 22nd.
  • The weight of a single Chomby moving can cause small earthquakes.

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