Chesterdrawers' Antiques

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Chesterdrawers' Antiques is a shop in Neovia that sells antique furniture users can place in their Neohomes. It opened on November 21, 2006 and is owned by Alabaster Chesterdrawers.


As of October 2008, the following 17 items are sold in Chesterdrawers' Antiques...

  • Antique Four Poster Bed
  • Antique Full-Length Mirror
  • Antique Glass Bookcase
  • Cauldron
  • Fancy Wooden Mirror
  • Framed Alice Photo
  • Gas Lamp
  • Golden Clawed Bath Tub
  • Grandfather Clock
  • Green Antique Chair
  • Green Antique Couch
  • Lovely Coffee Table
  • Lovely Decorative Lamp
  • Ornate Chandelier
  • Potion Shelves
  • Potion Table
  • Scary House Tree

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