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Chadley's enjoys playing games and signing autographs.

Chadrick Woolsworth Tuffington IV, or Chadley, is a 14-year old Green Zafara from Roo Island. He is a classmate and rival of Aristotle A. Avinroo, or AAA.

He is an egotistical character who enjoys signing autographs. He was recruited by Abigail to help in Daily Dare 2013.


Daily Dare[edit]

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Chadley issued the harder challenges for most of the Daily Dare competition in 2013 while AAA was away at Campwannamakeagame.

When AAA returned, Chadley had refused to return his controller and had to be replaced by force.


  • Chadley was nominated for best hair style in the Neopies.

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