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About this category[edit]

this category should only contain links to species of Petpetpets, and not character petpetpets, or the petpetpets article itself. it's link to the neopet and petpets category, and will sat as such, because they are part of the owning of pets process. if you would like this to change, please discuss. --Jacob 14:45, 14 Jul 2006 (CDT)

Pet types[edit]

Why is the pet type category in this category...? --Macbeth 18:38, 17 Aug 2007 (UTC)

Petpets are, as well... Maybe because they are "pets" they just aren't neopets? --Cath 21:42, 17 Aug 2007 (UTC)
Perhaps, but if so, pet types shouldn't be in petpets as well... --Macbeth 23:54, 17 Aug 2007 (UTC)
Considering how categories and subcategories work...I think you are right. :D I think there was a reason for this in the past, and why it was left as it was...don't remember where the discussion was held... --Jacob 00:45, 18 Aug 2007 (UTC)