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Include more colours?[edit]

In my absence, it would seem more colour articles were added, such as Starry and Skunk. I've refrained from doing such things, because it would mean to eventually make an article about "Red", which seems rather redundant. What do the rest of you think? --Jacob 20:11, 16 Jun 2008 (CDT)

I believe the line is being drawn at PB colors or possibly "non-plain" pb colors... meaning not brown or purple or pink... etc... If you must have an article for all of the colors, we could have a single article for the "Basic colors"... if one doesn't exist yet. Although the petpet lists for these colors could be interesting, as well as lengthy. :S Welcome back. --Cath 21:50, 16 Jun 2008 (CDT)
I agree with Cath - Another alternative name will be "Plain colours". By the way, welcome back - You have a LOT of catching up to do. ;) --SwordFire ( talk | contrib ) 00:51, 17 Jun 2008 (CDT)
I'm the one who has been making the new colour articles. I asked a question similar to this over on the Rainbow Pool Talk Page. I was told that it would be okay for me to write articles on "unique" colors, so I have been continuing to do so. However, I personally think that we should have an article on each colour, even the "natural" ones like "Red". I have two main reasons for this:
  1. The first is that colours are a very integral part of the Neopets game. I've seen users scrimp and save for paint brushes, zap their pets for months hoping to get a good colour, and troll the pound for hours looking for a correctly coloured pets. Because colours are so important to the game, I think that having articles for each colour is just as valid as having articles for each Neopet species.
  2. My second reason is that colour pages are elegant segue-ways from one Neodex article to another. I think that many people will agree with me that one of the best parts about reading a wiki is clicking through a chain of wiki link to "drift" from one article to the next. Because colours are mentioned in so many articles, they are excellent pathways for "wiki diving." For example, I could easily get from Sophie's article to Lyvon Cibaire's article if we had a "Green" article.
Yikes! This is a long comment. I hope people can read through it all without getting bored. :P --Emeraldosprey

Don't forget that there are plenty of Petpets to consider on this as well. Creating an aritcle for the colour "Blue" will yield over 100 Petpets, so... :S

In either case, the main issue about not having articles of basic or plain colours was that they weren't notable enough. And even then, think of the work it would entail, especially on something which wasn't as important as keeping up to date with characters and plot developments (not to mention all the plots which still need to be completed). Still, it seems someone wants to try and work through the challenge, so... *shrugs*

I'm fine with the idea of having such colour articles, though my concern is how to sensible do such a thing. Let's use the example of Chocolate. As we all know, it's a colour neopets/petpets can come in, but that's not all Chocolate is. It's also a type of food, has a shop which focuses on it and other tidbits around Neopets. Yet in its current state, it's all about the colour.

Not only that, but is someone typed into the search bar for Chocolate and hit the enter key or click the "Go" key in place of "Search", they would come to that article, and probably wanting to find something else related to Chocolate instead. This same thing may happen with the other colours, in that someone is searching for "Red", yet not the colour.

Mostly this is just an issue with article title, and making sure redirects don't exist so users aren't taken to the colour article if they are searching for something else. The articles could perhaps be titled "Blue (colour)" instead of just "Blue"...just as an example.

Now THAT is a long response. :P --Jacob 01:41, 24 Jun 2008 (CDT)

Time to move articles?[edit]

The creation of "colour" articles has gone through, and it's a show of one's commitment. Still, I think it's time to make the next step in making things sorted right, and give the articles proper titles. It's already been mentioned in the topic above, and we should try and put "(colour)" next to the titles of articles where applicable. Willing to work on this next after my current focus is moved. --Jacob 03:47, 15 October 2009 (UTC)