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Altador Cup V is the 5th installment of the annual Altador Cup Tournament. It is a flash game-centred plot will begin on May 26th, 2010.


The fifth annual Altador Cup competition featured a variety of team roster changes. Most notably through the addition of the Team Moltara squad. There are also a couple of familiar faces in new places this year. In a trade that broke up Tyrannia's vaunted Forsaken Five, the club dealt Evrem Guilako to Terror Mountain for Elbin Kroe. Additionally, Brightvale has decided to give goalie Orie Dinelle another shot in front of the net.

In an effort to regain their competitive edge, the Haunted Woods has parted ways with defenseman Autrey Fulse and signed relentless pursuer "Brains" Mortigan.

Perhaps the most surprising roster move is the one that, in the end, didn't happen. After last year's championship victory, Krawk Island's Dasher Soley decided to hang up his Yooyuball sling. However a last-minute injury to his rookie replacement, Feldon "Dinksy" Collibridge, left the club with no time to find a replacement who knew all the team's plays. And so, Ol' Dash agreed to come back for one last tournament.

Plot Summary[edit]

With the addition of the Moltara to the mix, the fifth Altador Cup became the first cup in history to be played with a full complement of 18 teams. The same double round-robin and four-team tier structure was used once again, with the addition of a fifth tier containing the bottom two teams. The result: one of the fiercest Altador Cup tournaments in history, which makes Team Terror Mountain's achievement of a near-perfect Shootout Showdown streak all the more remarkable. Team Kreludor and Team Lost Desert, both well-established powerhouses by now, battled it out in the finals, with the Lost Desert emerging victorious to claim the championship.

The battle began on June the Second, 2010 and seemingly, most teams fought for their "reputation spot" during the round robin, hardly and teams went out of the ordinary, until some spots wer bumped up in the finals. Meridell finshed eighth after losing both matches in the second bracket. Moltara wasn't a surprise either, finishing dead last on their cup debut and winning no Yooyuball wins until Altador Cup VI.

Staff Tournament[edit]

This was the second tournament to feature a staff competition. 16 staff members participated in a knockout tournament, with the final results being:

1. Twitterpate (Mystery Island) 2. SenorMalo (Moltara) 3. Lawyerbot (Brightvale) & Socktastic (Roo Island) 4. Snarkie (Virtupets), El Picklesaur (Altador), Pie (Faerieland) & Bancha Ninja (Shenkuu) 5. LornaDesperow (Tyrannia), Dirigibles (Lost Desert), Undutchable (Kreludor), Mr. Insane (Kiko Lake), Comastar (Haunted Woods), Ziggytron (Darigan Citadel), Dragona (Terror Mountain) & Viola (Krawk Island) For the purposes of the staff tournament, Meridell and Maraqua did not compete.

After the plot, users were awarded prizes and trophies. Users who took part in the NC Challenge received exclusive NC items.

In addition, if users did not already possess them, they were awarded the Altador Cup site theme and the Altador Cup Player avatar (if they qualified for it). The Altador Cup avatar that was given out in previous years was confirmed by TNT to be retired during this season and was not available in the prize shop."

Final Team Standings[edit]

Standing Team
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th Place
6th Place
7th Place
8th Place
9th Place
10th Place
11th Place
12th Place
13th Place
14th Place
15th Place
16th Place
17th Place
18th Place

Individual Game Results[edit]

Teams Yooyuball Slushie Slinger Make Some Noise Shootout Showdown
Altador 17 10 16 17
Brightvale 12 2 14 13
Darigan Citadel 3 5 3 10
Faerieland 15 17 17 15
Haunted Woods 5 4 12 11
Kiko Lake 16 7 18 16
Krawk Island 7 14 5 6
Kreludor 9 6 2 3
Lost Desert 4 3 1 9
Maraqua 6 13 8 7
Meridell 2 8 6 8
Moltara 18 18 15 18
Mystery Island 11 16 13 14
Roo Island 1 15 10 2
Shenkuu 10 9 11 12
Terror Mountain 13 12 7 1
Tyrannia 14 1 4 5
Virtupets 8 11 9 4


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