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Location: Mysterious Tower (4th floor)
Normal HP: 120
Evil HP: 150
Insane HP: 180
Special: Decimate (31 damage), Zeal (18% haste), Aid (40 HP heal)
Loot: 1 armor/weapon for Rohane, 200np, 300xp, 150gp

Zombom is an Elephante wizard and the second boss in Chapter 1 of Neoquest II. He cast a spell over the bridge in White River City, making it impossible to cross between the Northern Marshes and the White River Floodplain. Once defeated, the bridge returns.

Zombom wishes to "rule all the lands," but apparently works under Ramtor, King Skarl's advisor. As he dies, he mentions Adelan, the name of a White River City wizard, but their relationship is unspecified. He has the power to rise the dead and bring them under his control.

Battle Speeches[edit]

Opening Speech

Zombom says, "I've been expecting you for some time. But now, you will die!"

Flee Speech

Zombom shouts after you, "This tower is under my control, fool! You shall not escape!"

Victory Speech

Zombom cackles. "Heh heh. Just as I planned. Goodbye, you fool," he says, as you black out.

Defeat Speech

Zombom emits a mighty roar of pain, and falls to one knee. "I never... never should have..." he gasps. "Adelan... I betrayed... my master... unhappy about this... aghh..." He slumps to the ground, dead. All around you, skeleton warriors crumble into dust, and the ghostly spirits evaporate away. The tower is still ruined, but it is no longer haunted. Behind where Zombom lies, you see a magical teleporter.


Zombom is considered a fairly difficult boss, because he has several abilities that the player has not encountered before in the game and only one character to face him. Because he uses Zeal to haste himself, he may occasionally attack twice in a row. This may prove dangerous because of his Direct Damage move, Decimate, which damages Rohane for up to 31 HP.

Some players choose to defeat him with Blast Potions, which may be purchased at White River City. This method is less effective in the more difficult modes.


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