Waset Village

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Waset Village is a settlement in NeoQuest. It is located north of the Ruined Temple in the Lost Desert chapter. Here the party recruits Velm.


  • Erweb: A Pteri merchant who sells all potions except for healing potions. 30% discount after the players have rescued Lifira.
  • Pankal: A Lupe merchant who sells weapons and armour. 25% discount after the players have rescued Lifira.
  • Nufam: A Grarrl innkeeper. The inn costs 450 gold but discounted to 350 after rescuing Lifira.
  • Tebalo: A Lenny who complains about living in a desert because it's too arid.
  • Paide: Tobalo's Blumaroo wife who prefers living in the desert of living near water.
  • Hizaga: The Acara mother of the missing daughter Lifira.
  • Zasise: Lifira's father who tells the players how to get to the Valley of Kings to find Lifira.
  • Amote: Lifira's younger Cybunny sister.
  • Lifira: A young Uni mage captured by the Revenant of the Dunes. After rescuing her, she tells the players how to find Bakaru the Hermit to continue finding the Medallion of Wind.
  • Bakaru: A Techo hermit living in an oasis north-west of Waset who knows how to find the rest of the Medallion of Wind.