The Hunt for the Crown

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The Hunt for the Crown is a plot regarding King Coltzan III and the completion of his shrine, his crown appeared to have been stolen by two Meercas named Heermeedjet and Merouladen. The object of the plot was to work your way through a series of clues in order to finally retrieve the crown and get the shrine to work. Hunt for the Crown was a follow-up to the Usurper! plot and lasted only two days.

Plot Summary[edit]

In the Lost Desert, a crowd gathers to watch the grand unveiling of Coltzan's Shrine. Princess Vyssa gives a brief speech before revealing, to the shock of onlookers, that the ancient magical crown which was meant to be placed inside the shrine, has disappeared. The only clue is a poorly written note that reads: "Ha Ha! We have stolen your crown Vyassa! U smell and u have a spotty bum."

It is soon discovered that the culprits are the Meerca brothers Heermeejet and Merouladen. Following the trail of their secret meetings and encoded messages, Neopians find a Parrot who has recorded a conversation between Malkus Vile, the plot's mastermind, and Princess Sankara, King Coltzan III's murderer. A coded poem leads to another note hiding the coordinates of the crown.

The crown is found buried in the shores of Mystery Island. However, Malkus Vile escapes.

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