Reb Weemelott

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Reb Weemelott 2006.gif

Reb Weemelott is a Spotted Nimmo and has been the Right Forward for Brightvale's Yooyuball team since 2006. Despite being tough, quick, and crafty, Reb is a poor scorer.

Reb has perfected a maneuver called "the icepick." Whenever a Brightvale player is being guarded by their opponent, Weemelott will rush over next to the defender and, placing his hand on his hips, extend his elbow so that it catches the defender in the stomach. It's rumored he keeps a flat piece of metal in his elbow pad, making the effect of getting caught by "the icepick" akin to getting punched in the belly with an iron glove. He's been checked countless times, but never caught with the metal on his elbow.


  • Reb was nominated for the Dirtiest Player award in 2006.