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Punchbag Bob is the training punching bag of the Battledome. It will try and put up a fight against Neopets, but all it can really do is get beaten up. Its cousin, Punchbag Sid, is the complete opposite of him and will fight back against a Neopet, with intent of harm instead of a true punching bag.


Punchbag Bob

Punchbag.gif Bob is made of cloth sack and straw, and is the perfect sparring partner to test out all your cool Battledome weapons on!
Difficulty: 0 Arena: Central Arena
Starting HP: 5000 Released: August 9, 2001
Status: Please add status Challenger ID: 0
Found by:
Default challenger

Weapons Used (In Order Stolen)
Green Apple No effect

Abilities Used
Dark Shield Defence: 1×1 Light 


  • An Avatar can be won from Punchbag Bob if a user loses to Punchbag Sid.
  • Punchbag Bob is featured as a bonus target in the game Ultimate Bullseye.
  • As of August 2009, Punchbag Bob is featured in 7 items: a collectable card, a backpack, a lolly, a pencil case, a plushie, an actual punching bag, and a pen.

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