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The Lost City of Phorofor is an abandoned city in NeoQuest II, in a small desert in Southern Meridell. It holds an Orb of Travel that leads to the eastern half of the continent, inside the Tower on The Hill.


The city was originally sited near an oasis in a small desert. The prominent city grew too large for the nearby resources to support it, and was abandoned after the oasis was emptied. Years later, a wizard used the location for his magical experiments, and reanimated the dead of the place to form an army. The wizard intended lead a rebellion against Meridell, but a party of the King's wizards journeyed to Phorofor to stop him.

The ensuing battled raised a massive sandstorm that destroying the tracks to Phorofor and may have been responsible for the desert's later expansion. The city itself was buried in sand, and the wizards were suffocated under it.

The city was forgotten over time, and memory of how to reach it was lost. Some evidence of the city's fall still exists in the NeoQuest II world - including a few vague records in the Kingdom's castle - but many people believe the city to be not more substantial than stories.

Plot summary[edit]

NeoQuest II[edit]

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The player must traverse to the other continent in order to track down and defeat Ramtor, and in doing so finish the act. The city holds the only surviving passage onto the Eastern Continent, the location of Meridell Castle and Ramtor's Tower, so it is through Phorofor that the player must travel.

The entrance to the city is guarded by a withered ghost, who proclaims the city a place of death and will only permit entrance with a certain key phrase. This phrase - ad ro un ta en - is obtained from Potraddo the Hermit at the town of Lakeside. Upon speaking this phrase, the entrance lies open and the player must battle through the undead to read the Sand Grundo, the boss, at the other end of the city.

Within the city, there is an undead merchant, who sells a small selection of relatively expensive healing potions, and a forlorn guard, who waits alone at his post. All the other undead, however, are hostile.

The Orb of Travel is located directly behind the Sand Grundo, and will teleport the player to the Tower on The Hill on the other side of the impassable water.


Phorofor is phonetically the same as 404, the HTTP status code for "not found".

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