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Petpets (sometimes PetPets) are pets for a user's Neopet. A class of items created on September 27, 2000, they can be attached to a Neopet much like Battledome Equipment. Most Petpets can be purchased in official Neopian shops, but some are gained only by other activities, such as using the Cooking Pot.

For a long time, Petpets could not be painted, but this was changed on October 2, 2001 with the introduction of the Petpet Paint Brush, which is used at the Petpet Puddle. Later, on August 3, 2005, the Petpet Lab Ray was introduced. Like the Neopet Lab Ray, the Petpet equivalent can alter a Petpet's colour and other statistics, such as species, level and name. The Petpet even has a chance of being completely destroyed.

A Petpet can also gain levels at the Petpet Battledome and by waking the Turmaculus, but its levels will not be retained if the Petpet is ever removed from its Neopet. In turn, these levels can help the Neopet in the Battledome, acting as an attack multiplier.

There are also Petpetpets, parasites that live on Petpets, which are a pet to the Petpet.

There are currently 487 petpets as of November 2013.

Nowadays, Neopians can use a sub web site called Petpet Park, with talking petpets as characters.

Petpet Types[edit]

Altadorian Petpet[edit]

See Category: Altadorian Petpets

Altadorian Petpets are sold at Legendary Petpets in Altador. In general, Altadorian Petpets are based off of creatures found in ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Yooyus, which were given out as prizes for participating in the Altador Cup, are the only Altadorian Petpets that can not be purchased at Legendary Petpets.

Aquatic Petpet[edit]

See Category: Aquatic Petpets

Aquatic Petpets are Petpets which resemble under-water creatures. Except for the Bubbles, Crabby, Flippy, Goldy, Gulper, Pooka, Sharky, and Smiley, which are all retired, and the Peedleedoo, which can only be obtained by redeeming a virtual item code, all Aquatic Petpets can be bought at The Rock Pool in Mystery Island.

Desert Petpet[edit]

See Category: Desert Petpets

Desert Petpets are sold at Peopatra's Pet Pets in the Lost Desert. They tend to be desert or Egyptian themed.

Faerie Petpet[edit]

See Category: Faerie Petpets

Faerie Petpets are sold at the Faerieland PetPets shop in Faerieland. In general, Faerie Petpets are cuter than other Petpets. Additionally, many Faerie Petpets have some type of wings.

Fanciful Fauna[edit]

See Category: Fanciful Fauna

Fanciful Fauna Petpets are based off of Asian creatures, both real and mythological. They are sold at the Fanciful Fauna shop in Shenkuu.

Geraptiku Petpet[edit]

See Category: Geraptiku Petpets

Geraptiku Petpets are sold at the Geraptiku Petpets shop in The Lost City of Geraptiku. Geraptiku Petpets are usually rainforest or Amazon themed. Many of them resemble real-life rainforest creatures.

Maraquan Petpet[edit]

See Category: Maraquan Petpets

Maraquan Petpets are ocean-themed Petpets, many of which resemble real-life sea creatures. They can be purchased at the Maraquan Petpets shop in Maraqua. The Marafin, which was given out as a prize for the Curse of Maraqua plot, is the only Maraquan Petpet that does not restock at the Maraquan Petpets shop.

Medieval Petpet[edit]

See Category: Medieval Petpets

Medieval Petpets are sold at Ye Olde Petpets in Meridell. The only two Medieval Petpets that cannot be purchased at Ye Olde Petpets are the Drackobunny and the Cyodrake. The Cyodrake is currently retired, while the Drackobunny can only be obtained by combining a Snowbunny and a Drackonack in the cooking pot. Medieval Petpets are generally fantasy themed.

Moltaran Petpet[edit]

See Category: Moltaran Petpets

Moltaran Petpets are sold at The Petpetorium in the Moltara Caves. The four Moltaran Petpets currently in existence have either fire/magma or rock associations.


See Category: Original Petpets

The original Petpets come from The Neopian Petpet Shop in Neopian Central. They don't follow any theme as do other Petpets, and are therefore capable of having many varying themes.

Pirate Petpet[edit]

See Category: Pirates Petpets

Pirate Petpets are pirate and sailing themed Petpets. They can be purchased at Krawk Island Nippers in Krawk Island using dubloons. The Blorbis, which was given out as a prize for the Curse of Maraqua plot, is the only Pirate Petpet that cannot be bought at Krawk Island Nippers.

Robot Petpet[edit]

See Category: Robot Petpets

Robot Petpets resemble either robots or outer space aliens. The Mibblie, Nedler, Rashpid, and Tencals can only be obtained from the meteor. The Combobot, Romeep 3t3, Ultra Pinceron, and Ultra Mega Bot 2000 can only be obtained by mixing items at the cooking pot. The Orbulon can only be obtained as a prize from various scratch card games. All other Robot Petpets can be purchased at The RoboPet Shop in the Virtupets Space Station. Some of these petpets are called alien petpets because they don't resemble robots, they are possibly petpets brought over from Kreludor. An * indicates alien petpet.

Spooky Petpet[edit]

See Category: Spooky Petpets

Spooky Petpets are themed to be scarier than other petpets. The Droolik, Drugal, Gnar, Intesteen, Jowlard, Turnali, and Zomutt can only be obtained from the Test Your Strength game. The Baby Fireball, Bearog, Lil Frankie, Mummy Baby, Walking Carpet, Baraga, Clompkin, Furwitch, Goulblee, Gremble, Meowclops, Pwerko, Short Fuse, Snomorg, Snorlkin, and Bat Boy are retired. The Froiler and Slorgclops can only be obtained at the cooking pot. All other Spooky Petpets are sold at Spooky Pets! of The Haunted Woods.

Tyrannian Petpet[edit]

See Category: Tyrannian Petpets

Tyrannian Petpets are prehistoric or dinosaur themed. They are sold at the Tyrannian Petpets shop in Tyrannia, and they can also be won at the Wheel of Monotony aqnd the Wheel of Mediocrity. The Trumpadon and the Uggazew are the only two Tyrannian Petpets that cannot be purchased at the Tyrannian Petpets shop. The Trumpadon is currently retired, and the Uggazew can only be obtained by mixing a Mazzew and a Uggatrip at the cooking pot.

Wintery Petpet[edit]

See Category: Wintery Petpets

Wintery Petpets are generally Christmas or winter themed. With the exception of the Snowbunny and the Snicklebeast, Wintery Petpets can be purchased at the Wintery Petpets shop in Happy Valley. Both the Snowbunny and the Snicklebeasts were presents given out by the Advent Calendar.

Special Petpet Types[edit]

Cooking Pot Petpets[edit]

Some petpets can be obtained by using the Cooking Pot

As of June 2010 there are 25 Cooking Pot petpets:

Lab-Ray only Petpets[edit]

As of June 2010 there are 9 Lab-Ray only petpets:

Newbie Pack Petpets[edit]

Some petpets are in the newbie packs. Two petpets come in each pack. They cannot be traded or sold.

As of June 2010 there are 4 newbie pack petpets:

Petpet Park Petpets[edit]

Nine special petpets were introduced during the grand opening of Petpet Park. As of August 2010, these Petpets exist only as characters in the park and are not yet obtainable as items. Puxa, Mumbat and Bandalu can be brought when transforming your Petpet using a potion.

Tangor's Workshop Petpets[edit]

These petpets can only be crafted at Tangor's Workshop in Moltara if you bring him the right materials. Smaller robots can also be combinded to make a better, more priced one. These items are placed in the category, Special. There are only 17 as if August 2010. None of them could be painted yet. The Vaggendotra 5000 is not a petpet however.

Old PetPets[edit]

Old Aquatic PetPets[edit]

There where thirty PetPets that could have been bought at the Aquatic PetPets shop in Old Maraqua. Ever since August 29th, 2001, the day that Old Maraqua was destroyed, they were renamed (excluding Bubbleses, Crabbies, Flippies, Goldies, Gulpers, Pookas, Sharkies, and Smileys) and redesigned. Most of the old PetPets were in fish bowls, giving them more of a pet-like appeaarance. However, you can still see the petpet's old image if it is still equipped to a Neopet. If an old PetPet were to be unequipped from a Neopet, it would convert into the newer version of it. There are thirty old Aquatic PetPets as followed:

Old Spooky PetPets[edit]

There where nine PetPets that could have been purchased at the Spooky PetPets shop. As of October 1st, 2002, they were renamed and redesigned. However, you can see that the old PetPet exists if it is still equipped to a Neopet. If an old PetPet were to be unequipped from a Neopet, it would convert into the newer version of it. There are nine old Spooky PetPets as followed:

Other Old and Redesigned PetPets[edit]

There were two other PetPets that were existent until they where redesigned. If one of them is still equipped to a Neopet, you can see it's old image and name. Yet again, if it is unequipped from a Neopet, then the unequipped PetPet will convert to it's newer version. They are listed as followed:

Petpet Spotlight[edit]

The Petpet Spotlight is a contest held weekly or so that involves a neopet user to draw a picture of their petpet with a description and submit it.

Petpet Protection League[edit]

Main Article: Petpet Protection League

The Petpet Protection League (PPL for short) is a group of Neopians who reward Neopets for taking good care of their Petpet. Each week they select a random species of Petpet and reward users whose Neopets have had them for the longest by paying 10 Neopoints for every day they have been owned. Users who have the oldest of the selected species receive a Trophy as well.

Neopets who take their Petpet to the Petpet Laboratory are not counted in the PPL, as it's viewed as a form of cruelty against Petpets.

Giant Petpets[edit]

Some creatures in Neopia are giant Petpet-like creatures.

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  • Petpet Appreciation Day occurs every 8th June, and began in 2005.

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