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Neopets was the working title of a shelved film based on the website.

Rumours first began in 2005, when Neopets was first expanding into the offline world with trading cards and Limited Too merchandise. Commercial Alert reported that the site was "close to a deal with a Hollywood studio for a computer-animated Neopets movie".

The following year, Variety reported that Warner Bros. had hired Rob Leiber to pen a script, Dylan Sellers to produce, and John A. Davis to direct.

Jelly Blobs of Doom[edit]

The Jelly Blobs of Doom game page originally mentioned a movie coming in the Winter of 2006. This date stayed two years in the future every year since then, then in 2012 was updated to read "20XX", so it may be intended as a joke rather than a reference to any real film production.

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