Mountainside Inn

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Mountainside Inn is an inn near the Caves of Terror in Chapter 2 of NeoQuest 2. Here, the party finds Talinia, who will join you on your travels.


1st Story[edit]

  • Orsing: A Moehog who used to go outside adventuring but is now confined to the inn because of the violent monsters caused by the Snowager's disappearance.
  • Evyas: A Pteri who regrets vacationing in Terror Mountain because of their confinement.
  • Faria: A Kyrii who thinks optimistically about their confinement in the inn.
  • Munar: The Tuskaninny innkeeper. The inn room costs 200 gold pieces.
  • Borhal: The Cybunny merchant who sells all types of potions.

2nd Story[edit]

  • Hjala: A Kacheek who spends the time confined in the inn sleeping.
  • Illun: A Krawk who equivocates by saying that they are adventurers.
  • Wunarka: A Gnorbu who explains that she and Illun were supposed to explore the mountain but with the Snowager gone, the monsters forced them to seek refuge in the inn.
  • Eridin: A Lupe who is writing about the journal of his travels in Terror Mountain.