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The Space Faerie herself seems to be composed out of a night's sky.

Living amongst the stars, Mira, otherwise known as the Space Faerie, protects Neopia from threats from the depths of space, such as Dr. Frank Sloth. She very rarely visits the surface of Neopia, and will only do so in the case of an utmost emergency.

Among other acts of courage and compassion, she saved the Grundos from Dr. Sloth, and they subsequently became a regular species of Neopet with their own Adopt-a-Grundo section of the Virtupets Space Station. She is also featured as the mascot of Neopets Premium.

She is featured in a very rare Faerie Quest, which raises the level of one of the user's Neopets by 4 levels.

Plot summaries[edit]

Arrival of Virtupets[edit]

Main article: Arrival of Virtupets
The Space Faerie in her emergency broadcast.

The Space Faerie was instrumental to the plot. It began when she received a mysterious, coded message from the depths of space, and an overwhelming sense of evil. She made a rallying call to the population to be prepared, and her prophecy quickly came true as the massive bulk of the Space Station briefly eclipsed the sun.

After the message was decoded by the Island Mystic using many newly-released Codestones, revealing Dr. Sloth's true plan to mutate all the population of Neopia to enslave the planet, the Space Faerie gathered Neopians to scour the lands to find supplies to ready a space fleet at the Launch Pad.

The Space Faerie made a personal assault on the Space Station, seeking to liberate the Grundos that had been captured for Sloth's experiments. He had anticipated this and manage to capture her. Her struggles weakened her, and she was only barely able to send a broadcast to Neopia, requesting that the population adopt as many Grundos as possible. Doing so helped her regain her power.

Users managed to adopted the 20,000 needed Grundos just in time: as Dr Sloth fired his orbital mutation ray gun down to the planet, the Space Faerie blasted her way out of imprisonment and intercepted the mutagenic beam. To Sloth's disbelief, the faerie managed to divert the beam back into the weapon, which overloaded. The resulting explosion demolished the weapon, and Dr. Sloth went missing until the Lost Desert Plot.

The Space Faerie returned to the stars, and left the abandoned Space Station in orbit for Neopians to repopulate.

The Return of Dr. Sloth[edit]

Main article: The Return of Dr. Sloth

Before the events of the story, the Space Faeire leaves to investigate a distubance in another galaxy. However, this "disturbance" is merely one of Dr. Sloth's tricks designed to distract the Space Faerie while Sloth attacks the Space Station.

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Space Faerie

12.gif The Space Faerie has been honing her skills ever since the defeat of Dr. Sloth, and she hopes to win and carry home the grand prize!
Difficulty: 450 Arena: Neocola Centre
Starting HP: 550 Released: January 28, 2002
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Found by:
Redeeming a rare item code

Weapons Used (In Order Stolen)
Attack Fork Attack: 1×1 Darkness  2×2 Physical  2×2 Water  Defence: 1×1 Fire 
Stone Hourglass Destroys all Stone Snowballs
Supersize Gargantuplex Attack: 3×3 Physical  Defence: 3×3 Physical 
Jade Scorchstone Defence: All BE Stat Heal.gif (Once per battle)
Wand Of The Space Faerie Attack: 2×2 Fire  2×2 Light  2×2 Darkness  1 - 2×1 - 2 Physical 
Exploding Space Bugs Attack: 5×5 Fire  1 - 5×1 - 5 Physical 
Space Faerie Sun Wand Attack: 5 - 10×5 - 10 Light 
Space Faerie Helmet Attack: 3×3 Fire  3×3 Light  Defence: 3×3 Light  3×3 Darkness  5×5 Physical 

Better Than You[edit]

The Space Faerie has been a contestant on Better Than You four times:

Date: April 5, 2007 Oh my! Have you seen what's been happening on the Virtupets Space Station? We must help those poor Petpets. I know it will be hard for you to keep up with me, but please do your best to aid them as much as you can. I'll even give you a reward if you manage to outdo me!
Game: Bumble Beams
Score: 2,050
Prize: Rotawheel Plushie

Date: October 22, 2009 Neopia's night skies are in trouble! I don't know if this is one of Dr. Sloth's evil schemes or just a really pretty form of pollution. All these spheres are making it pretty hard to fly around up here, though. It's going to take some dedicated spinning to clear this mess. You are going to help me, right?
Game: Spinacles
Score: 6,900
Prize: Adventures in Space

Date: September 13, 2012 What in the name of the first faerie are you doing out in space, Neopian? Comets are heading straight for Neopia and I don't have time to be a tour guide! If you can't help out, then at least stay out of my way.
Game: Invasion: Blastoids
Score: 60,000
Prize: Grape Slurpship

Date: August 22, 2013 Fortunately, the universe doesn't always need saving from the likes of Dr. Sloth. I like to spend some of my free time playing with the wonders of the stars, like this little game. It can be quite relaxing.
Game: Spinacles
Score: 6,000
Prize: Starry Paint Brush


  • As of December 2006, the space Faerie is featured in 26 different items.

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