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Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ is a location of a meteor impact on Kreludor. The impact occurred on 21st June 2007, although New Features archives it as the 22nd as part of the Meteors of Kreludor themed day.

The meteor impact.
Users are able to approach the large meteorite - which had left a large trench in the ground - and are given the option to run away from it or to poke it with a stick. In the latter event, the meteorite either cracks and discharges an alien item or disappears.

Users are only able to get items from the meteor once per day, after which further approaches to the rock result in either the user noting it is very hot or a Purple Grundo scientist encouraging the user to leave. If users fail to receive an items from the meteor, they may return one hour later. The meteor will have re-appeared by then and they may try again (although refreshing the page when the meteor has re-appeared, if the action to poke it has not been selected, will result in the user missing their opportunity to try for an item for another hour).


Aside from common prizes available elsewhere, there are several exclusive items that can only be obtained from prodding the meteorite:

  • Antigravity Tulip
  • Glowing Meteor Rock
  • Meteor Bites
  • Meteor Rock
  • Mibblie
  • Nedler
  • Tencals
  • Tenta Biscuits
  • Space Tots
  • Unstable Slime
  • Upsidown Tree


  • The activity page incorrectly refers to the rock as a meteor, which in fact refers to the rock as it enters the atmosphere. The rock at the crash site is properly called a meteorite.
  • The meteor crash coincided with the release of several meteor-themed Fun Images, a screensaver, some Colouring Pages, and four Booktastic Books.
  • The event was hinted at as early as the 1st May, where the Daily Puzzle question "What natural disaster took place that allowed us to discover Tyrannia?" had a possible answer "A meteor hit Kreludor".
  • The link to the meteor is not located on the Kreludor map, and can only be accessed via the URL.

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