Lost Caves

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Lost Caves is a 4-part place in NeoQuest II. It is connected to the Eastern Pass and ends at the Mountain Top.


Level 1[edit]

Here, 2/3 of this level is a cave area. At the end of here, the party comes to a building. It is unknown what were the purpose of these buildings as they are never mentioned by any NPC, but they seem the only way to the upper levels of the cave. There is also a snowy area.

Monsters: Rock Grarrl, Crevice Korbat, Cragstone Tuskaninny, Amber Dervish, Cave Scorpion, Spectral Wocky, Jade Dervish

Level 2[edit]

It seems these areas are shelters for mining.

Monsters: Amber Dervish, Cave Scorpion, Spectral Wocky, Spirit Kyrii

Level 3[edit]

There seems to be a throne here.

Monsters: Spectral Wocky and Spirit Kyrii

Level 4[edit]

Here, the party exits the cave-building. There are puddles, pond, snow, and lava pools. The Snowager is located in a blocked exit. Talk to him for the explanation about this act's boss. Then, head to the mountain top.

Monsters: Amber Dervish, Spectral Wocky, Jade Dervish, Spirit Kyrii, Pitchstone Dervish