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Negg Faerie How To Draw final image.

Kari, the Negg Faerie is a Faerie who lives in the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain. She runs the Neggery, where users can turn in Neggs for Negg Tokens, which can be bought for more magical ones only sold at the Neggery.

Better Than You[edit]

Kari has been a contestant on Better Than You twice:

Date: May 18, 2006 Meercas are fast, but not as fast as I am when it comes to collecting neggs! I challenge everyone to try to defeat my amazing score! Good luck. You'll need it.
Game: Meerca Chase
Score: 1,500
Prize: Meerca Paint Guide

Date: July 16, 2009 Hmph! Taelia should know better than to make fun of my Neggs. Anyway, this poor little Petpet needs help getting down the mountain. You should help it. Roll it in lots of snow so it's nice and comfy, and if you happen to roll over Taelia on the way down, no complaints from me!
Game: Snow Roller
Score: 6,595
Prize: Snowflake Painting

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