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A Hasee

The Hasee is a Petpet released on June 8, 2001, that loves to jump around. They fetch a high price, up to 3 million, but prices fell to around 80k from The Mysterious Negg Cave neopoints.

They (or at least, a colony of them) were taken to Faerieland by the Air Faerie Casandia, but their great appetites caused a problem. Before they could be removed, they were rounded up but the cloud could not support their weight, and they plunged into the waters far below. They washed up on Mystery Island and used makeshift see-saws to take Doughnutfruit from the trees. Their over eating caused the islanders to contact Fyora for help, who had most of the Hasees rehomed in Petpet shops.

Jimmi and Woogy, the stars of the flash game, Hasee Bounce, are some of the few to remain on Mystery Island.


As of June 2012, the Hasee can be painted 17 different colours:


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