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This article is about the plot Hannah and the Ice Caves. If you are looking for the game, see Hannah and the Ice Caves (game).

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Hannah and the Ice Caves was a plot that began October 21, 2004, and ended December 22. Hannah, the titular hero of the game Hannah and the Pirate Caves, was tricked by Kanrik the Gelert thief into helping him break through a tomb on Terror Mountain. As a result, the other members of the Thieves Guild reawakened the Bori civilization as well as their mortal enemy, the Bringer of Night. Hannah banded together with Armin and the other Bori to successfully defeat the Bringer and his ice army.

The plot introduced the Bori to Neopia and made them available to adopt as Neopets.

As in Champions of Meridell, users were able to choose a side, assisting either the Thieves Guild or Hannah in battle.

The Plot[edit]

Somewhere in a thieves' guild, an old Korbat came across an ancient manuscript mentioning a large stone hidden in Terror Mountain. It was called the Heart of the Mountain, purported to possess the powers of eternal life. The writing also told of a "key to the heart deep within a tomb" with strange markings on it. Intrigued, the leader of the guild, Galem, ordered his best thieves on a hunt for the gem. He sents Valin the Quick on a "special mission".

Meanwhile, famed adventurer Hannah was in a tavern boasting of her many deeds. A cloaked Gelert named Kanrik approached her; he believed she could save his sister, who was dying of a plague affecting his entire village. He showed her a piece of parchment with symbols identical to the ones on the old Korbat's manuscript. Hannah had seen them before in the Lost Desert. Although at first reluctant, she agreed to help when Kanrik gave her a generous amount of gems, promising more later.

When they arrived at the Lost Desert, Kanrik explained how his village got infected: at first it was just one or two people — then it began to spread.


As they walked, Kanrik started to slip off a ledge, but was hastily helped up by Hannah. Around the campfire that night, Kanrik described his sister, who loved to sing and dance. Since the onset of the plague, however, she barely had the energy to whisper. Hannah comforted a despondent Kanrik.

Kanrik shows his true colors.
They found their way to an ancient tomb. Carved into the walls were markings that read, "A demi-god of awesome power lays within." Hannah effortlessly evaded every booby trap. At one point she thought she heard something behind them, but quickly dismisses it. Eventually they find their way to the inner chamber, where she accidentally triggered a secret button on the floor. The giant Mark of Ta-Kutep on a slab of rock light up, and her arm was branded with a matching symbol. Stunned, Hannah slipped off a ledge, and Kanrik revealed his true colors: he allowed her to fall, and his two accomplices, alerted by her screams, arrived.

Alone, injured, and hurt by the fresh betrayal, Hannah bandaged herself up. Further up, Kanrik and his associates attempted to loot the tomb, but they found only a coffin. The three thieves took it with them and hurried to meet with Galem at Terror Mountain. Hannah climbed back up and entered the now-empty room. As she dusted off the mysterious markings engraved in the walls, she found a secret compartment that held a large, red gem. When she returned to the village, she met with the Lost Desert Medicine doctor, who explained that the marking on her arm was a curse that cannot be healed through normal means. Hannah insisted it was "just a burn" and decided to go after Kanrik at Terror Mountain.

Meanwhile on Terror Mountain, Valin feigned exhaustion at Taelia's door. She carried him inside, believing him to be a "lost soul." To her surprise, he jumped up and began wreaking havoc in her home. He blasted her with her own wand, encasing her in a block of ice. Assured that the Snow Faerie was indeed immobilised, Valin escaped through a window.

Hannah's rescuer explains his predicament.
The effects of the cursed mark began to take their toll on Hannah, who collapsed in the snow. The red gem, which she now wears around her neck, began to glow. Fortunately, a strange creature named Armin came to rescue her. He told her the tale of the Boris, hundreds of whom once lived within the mountain. However, a terrible, treasure-greedy beast appeared and killed many of them. Their leader, the Keeper of Time, cast a spell of protection on his people, trapping them in ice. A magical gem called the Heart of the Mountain kept them safe. The monster too sought the gem, but for a different purpose. Armin was unsure what has happened to his people since. He explained that he woke up a few days before, alone, with that story running through his head.

Valin reported his success to Galem and his lover, Masila. She decided to go out and encourage the thieves.

After taking her leave from Galem, Masila gathered a few trusted aides and found Kanrik. She told him that the great monster within will help them oust Galem and seize control of the thieves themselves. Kanrik, however, wasn't convinced, alluding to a past attempt to take over the guild. Masila's inital attempts to persuade him come to nothing, and he refused to betray Galem. However, her sly words began to tempt him, and by the time he awoke from his sleep, he was determined to open the sarcophagus.

Galem tries to bargain with the Bringer.
From it emerged the Bringer of Night, a massive Moehog that refused to heed anyone. It attacked the thieves, aided by its soldiers made of ice. They fought all night, but there appeared to be no end in sight. However, as dawn broke, the light of the sun melted the soldiers. Galem seized his chance to broker a deal with the Bringer, offering to help him find a way into the mountain.

Enraged, Galem threatened to kill Kanrik for his error. Masila interceded and offered an alternative: banishment. She forced Kanrik to drink a poisonous blue potion. Hours later, he found himself alone in a frozen tundra with a light in the distance, which turned out to be Armin and Hannah's campfire. They reacted violently to his presence, and during the ensuing scuffle, a secret passage further into the mountain was revealed. Hannah, however, was too weak for a prolonged fight, and Kanrik managed to apologise and shared his story. Together, they agreed that alerting the Boris within the mountain of the Bringer's return is a priority, despite their mutual reservations.

Both parties reached the Bori chamber at the same time. Kanrik instructed Hannah and Armin to hide, while Galem and his men made considerable progress in the caverns using their digging machines. There, they found the frozen Boris and the Heart of the Mountain. The Bringer reappeared and summoned his ice soldiers again. As a battle raged, the Keeper of Time recognised Hannah's pendant as the Keystone, and urged her to unite it with the Heart, but she needed the help of her companions to reach it.


Kanrik and Galem found each other in battle and began a deadly duel in which Galem fell. Hannah reached the Heart, and just as the Bringer was about to slay her, she united the Keystone. A red mist filled the chamber, and the Keeper of Time called in a hoard of Boris with his horn. Seeing the signs of trouble, Masila slipped away. With the help of their new-found allies, they fought back against the Bringer. However, he struck and smashed the Heart of the Mountain, a move that froze him solid. Armin shattered the monster with a single, well-aimed pebble from his slingshot.

Without their master, the ice army melted, and the remaining thieves elected to run. Hannah collapsed from the power of the curse. Her friends rushed her to Taelia, the only one with the power to help her. From a distance, Masila watched them in disgust and swore vengeance against Hannah and Kanrik.

The Keeper of Time freed Taelia from ice, and in turn, Taelia lifted Hannah's curse. The mark, however, will remain forever.

With Galem gone, Kanrik assumed leadership of the Thieves' Guild, while the Bori are re-initiated into Neopia. Hannah, meanwhile, returned to telling stories of her adventures in Krawk Island taverns.

The Opponents[edit]


Name Picture Points Per Win Difficulty
1st Wave
Flea Ridden Snow Beast sb_weak.gif 1 5
Snow Beast 91.gif 3 25
Angry Snow Beast sb_angry.gif 5 75
Gigantic Angry Snow Beast sb_gig_angry.gif 10 150
2nd Wave
Petty Thief pettythief.gif 2 8
Bandit banditthief.gif 4 28
Pillager pillagerthief.gif 8 80
Thief Brute thiefbrute.gif 15 180
Thief Overseer thiefoverseer.gif 25 225

Thieves Guild[edit]

Name Picture Points Per Win Difficulty
1st Wave
Skeletal Minion 106.gif 1 5
Skeletal Soldier 107.gif 3 25
Skeletal Knight 108.gif 5 75
The Bringer 110.gif 10,000 100000
2nd Wave
Skeletal Minion 106.gif 2 5
Skeletal Soldier 107.gif 4 25
Skeletal Knight 108.gif 8 75
Skeletal Commander 109.gif 10 150
Magic Caster Skeleton Warrior skeletal_warrior.gif 15 180
Skeleton Warlord skeletal_warlord.gif 25 225
Bori Miner minerbori.gif 3 15
Bori Guard guardbori.gif 6 80
Kanrik kanrik.gif  ? 50,000


Trophies were awarded to users and placed with their User Lookup, showing who they fought for, total points and rank.

Explorer 1 - 4
Wanderer 5 - 9
Venturer 10 - 19
Pathfinder 20 - 49
Expeditionist 50 - 99
Wayfarer 100 - 199
Voyager 200 - 499
Adventurer 500 - 999
Opportunist 1000 - 1999
Navigator 2000 - 4999
Pioneer 5000 - 9999
Daredevil 10000 - 19999
Master Explorer 20000 - 49999
Master Explorer 50000+
Thieves Guild
Pickpocket 1 - 4
Apprentice Thief 5 - 9
Swindler 10 - 19
Pilferer 20 - 49
Scoundrel 50 - 99
Bandit 100 - 199
Plunderer 200 - 499
Footpad 500 - 999
Blackguard 1000 - 1999
Rogue 2000 - 4999
Infiltrator 5000 - 9999
Brigand 10000 - 19999
Master Thief 20000 - 49999
Master Thief 50000+


  • A game under the same name was released along with the plot. However, none of the characters in the plot showed up except for Armin and Hannah.
  • In the Curse of Maraqua plot, what are thought to be Kanrik and Hannah are seen marrying in chapter 2 of the Curse of Maraqua plot comic.
  • According to the plot comic, Hannah is originally from the Lost Desert.
  • An alternate ending of the plot showed Hannah dancing as in the original only for Dr.Sloth to appear sitting behind her (where Masila sits at in the original ending) and zaps her with a laser turning her into a mutant Usul, several orange and purple Grundos and Sophix II barge in causing a brawl while Sloth says "Cancel my plot will you?" This can be seen here. (courtesy of jellyneo)
  • Despite Galem being the leader of the thieves guild and the main antagonist of the plot, he was never an opponent. He did have a Battledome image that was never released, though.
  • The Skeletal battle dome opponents are Ice-coloured
  • Hanso used to be a member of The Thieves Guild

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