Grimoire of Thade

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Grimoire of Thade
Multiple Use
Attack: BE Stat Darkness Attack.gif 5 BE Stat Physical Attack.gif 1 + BE Stat Physical Attack.gif 2
Defence: BE Stat Darkness Defence.gif 5
Special Effects: N/A
Description: You can almost feel Thade emanating from this ancient tome...
Price: 3.375M - 5.625M NP
Rarity: 200
Origin: Hidden Tower

The Grimoire of Thade is a piece of Battledome Equipment which is sold at the Hidden Tower, released on (need date). It is the book of magial spells owned by Eliv Thade, and it's said to contain every puzzle he ever created. However, it's not known for sure, because the last Neopian to read it went insane when he got to page two.

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