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Eyrieki close attack in the Battledome.

Eyrieki is an undead Eyrie, who was released from his tomb on May 26, 2006. The Defenders of Neopia were, as usual, called in to stop his rampage.

Plot summary[edit]

Defenders of Neopia Series 2[edit]

Main article: Defenders of Neopia

Eyrieki was released from his tomb by an archaeologist, and attacked Sakhmet. Fought against Lightning Lenny, and even immobilized him to the point he couldn't run anymore, but was eventually defeated and placed back in his coffin.

Defenders of Neopia Profile[edit]



  • Age - Thousands of years old
  • Difficulty - 25
  • Last seen - Near city of Sakhmet
  • Status - Enemy at Large
  • Favourite game - Sutek's Tomb
  • Renowned for - Bloodcurling "Skrreeeee!" battle cry

Description - Covered in a swath of tattered bandages, this undead Eyrie has risen from his tomb to lay waste to the city of Sakhmet. Beware his mighty screech, for the wrath of his powerful weapons usually isn't far behind.



Eyrieki159.gif If YOU were woken up after thousands of years of rest... you'd be cranky too!
Difficulty: 25 · 38 · 50 Arena: Central Arena
Starting HP: 25 · 38 · 50 Released: May 26, 2006
Status: Please add status Challenger ID: 2.5
Found by:
Click on any door in the Temple of 1000 Tombs.

Weapons Used
Red Scorchstone Defence: 20 BE Stat Heal.gif
Pottery Shard Dagger Attack: 2 BE Stat Earth Attack.gif 2 BE Stat Fire Attack.gif 0 - 2 BE Stat Physical Attack.gif
Eyriekis Scimitar Attack: 2 BE Stat Fire Attack.gif 2 BE Stat Light Attack.gif 1 - 2 BE Stat Physical Attack.gif
Eyriekis Sand Attack: BE Stat Freeze.gif
Eyriekis Amulet Attack: 3 BE Stat Darkness Attack.gif 3 BE Stat Physical Attack.gif Defence: 3 BE Stat Air Defence.gif 3 BE Stat Light Defence.gif
Grackle Bug on a Stick No effect.


  • Users participating in the Defenders of Neopia Series 2 game will receive a trophy after defeating Eyrieki from Headquarters. This trophy replaces the previous trophy earned by defeating Mr. Chuckles.

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