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Eyrieki is an ancient Green Eyrie mummy who resides in the Lost Desert. He was accidently released from his tomb by an Mynci archaeologist on May 26, 2006. Eyrieki is featured in Mission 2 of Series 2 of the Defenders of Neopia. He also made a brief appearance during the Desert Diplomacy event.

In the Defenders of Neopia comic, Eyrieki is seen using a magical amulet and strange chanting to cast offensive magical spells. He also used a bag of magical sand to knock out Lightning Lenny.

Defenders of Neopia Series 2[edit]

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After spending many years and lots of money of searching for it, a Red Mynci archaeologist was finally able to locate Eyrieki's tomb. Upon entering the tomb, the archaeologist opened Eyrieki's coffin and then read the coffin's inscription, causing Eyrieki to awaken. The newly revived Eyrieki burst out of his tomb and began terrorizing the nearby city of Sakhmet. The citizens of Sakhmet contacted the Defenders of Neopia and Judge Hog dispatched Lightning Lenny to the scene. Using his super speed, Lightning Lenny was able to keep Eyrieki at bay; however, he could not figure out how finish off the creature. Hoping to find a way to defeat Eyrieki for good, the speedy Lenny decided to investigate Eyrieki's tomb. At the tomb, the Lightning Lenny found a way to defeat the undead Eyrie; however, Eyrieki was able to knock out Lightning Lenny before he could put his plan in action. It was only after the user defeated Eyrieki in the Battledome that Lightning Lenny was able to force Eyrieki back into his coffin.

Defenders of Neopia Profile
  • Age - Thousands of years old
  • Difficulty - 25
  • Last Seen - Near city of Sakhmet
  • Favourite Game - Sutek's Tomb
  • Renowned For - Bloodcurling "Skrreeeee!" battle cry
  • Description - Covered in a swath of tattered bandages, this undead Eyrie has risen from his tomb to lay waste to the city of Sakhmet. Beware his mighty screech, for the wrath of his powerful weapons usually isn't far behind.
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Desert Diplomacy[edit]

Main article: Desert Diplomacy

On August 14, 2014, Eyrieki sent a NeoMail to users informing them that he had run into a band of thieves while strolling around his tomb. The thieves had taken his magic bag of sand and had made him swear not to tell anyone what he had seen. From the information in Eyrieki's letter, users were able to derive the following clue:

The Royal Telescope was not stolen at 3:00 a.m., nor was it stolen by the Desert Scarabs.

The image accompanying Eyrieki's clue showed the Qasalan Mummy instead of Eyrieki. TNT later said that this was a mistake on their part and that the letter was in fact from Eyrieki.


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Difficulty: 25Easy · 38Medium · 50Hard Starting HP: 25Easy · 38Medium · 50Hard
Arena: Central Arena Released: May 26, 2006
Status: Active Challenger ID: 159
Found by: Clicking on any door in the Temple of 1,000 Tombs.

Eyrieki Scimitar
Eyriekis Amulet
Grackle Bug on a Stick
Mystical Bag of Sand
Pottery Shard Dagger
Red Scorchstone
Soothing Bandages



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