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The Down for Maintenance Pteri is a Red Pteri and a one-player challenger that users can fight in the Battledome. He is based off of an image of a Red Pteri that is shown when the Neopets website is down for maintenance.


The "Down for Maintenance" screen features a Red Pteri. See bigger

For many years, the screen that is displayed when the Neopets website is unavailable has included generic, crying Red Pteri. After a while, users began to associate this Red Pteri with the frustration of not being able to access the website. In Editorial #146 of the Neopian Times, Neopets user Tonya1982 asked TNT to make the "Neopets is Down For Maintenance Pteri" into a Battledome challenger so that Neopets users could "take their frustrations out on him". TNT granted this request, and on July 27, 2004, the Down for Maintenance Pteri was released as an official Battledome challenger.

Random Event[edit]

There is one Random Event involving the Down for Maintenance Pteri:

Bg nc.jpg Shh.png Red pteri.png

An ominous looking Red Pteri strolls up to you and cackles, "I hope you didn't want to actually
do anything in Neopia today." *BRAAWWKK*

The first time a user receives this event, they will unlock the Down for Maintenance Pteri as a challenger in the Battledome. Otherwise, this event has no effect.


Down for Maintenance Pteri

Portrait 103.png MUHAHAHAHA
Difficulty: 75 · 750 · 1500 Arena: Central Arena
Starting HP: 75 · 750 · 1500 Released: July 27, 2004
Status: Active Challenger ID: 103
Found by:
Random Event anywhere on the site.


Enchanted Cobweb
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Magnet of Destruction
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Rancid Battle Dung
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Screwdriver of Doom
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Thyoras Tear
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Lens Flare
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