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The Cannon Master is a green Wocky pirate, and was a battledome opponent during the Curse of Maraqua war.

Plot Summary[edit]

Curse of Maraqua[edit]

Main article: Curse of Maraqua

The Cannon Master was first seen in chapter 18, when wave three of the pirates were first seen. He was later seen in chapter 20, where he and several other pirates are being pushed away from Maraqua by Caylis.


Cannon Master

Com pcm.gif Worth 8 points.
Difficulty: 475 Arena: Dome of the Deep
Starting HP: 475 Released: May 26, 2005
Status: Please add status Challenger ID: 50
Found by:
Opponent during the Curse of Maraqua plot


  • Jade Scorchstone (Attack; None Defence; None) (Healing Item - Full Heal Before Damage)
  • Fierce Wooden Leg (Attack; 1-5 Earth Defence; None)
  • Heavy Round Shield (Attack; None Defence; 2 Water, 2 Air, 2 Earth, 1-2 Physical)
  • Thyoras Tear (Attack; None Defence; All Air, All Water, All Light, All Darkness, All Earth, All Physical, All Fire)
  • Golden Pirate Amulet (Attack; 3 Darkness, 2 Water Defence; All Light) (Drains 3-27 HP from opponent (non-heal))
  • Staff of Righteous Fury (Attack; 7 Light, 1-5 Physical Defence; None)
  • Coral Cutlass (Attack; 6 Water, 6 Earth Defence; None) (Has low chance to cause the diseases Fuzzy Fungus or Itchy Scratchies)
  • Portable Silver Cannon (Attack; 3 Fire, 3 Air, 3 Physical Defence; None)

He also uses the sponsor abillity Scorch.


  • The Cannon Master appears to have two small cannons on his hands, however, it is unknown if he lost his arms and replaced them with the mini cannons or if they simply go over his hands.
  • The Cannon Master's plushie is called Cannonmaster Plushie, a misspelling of the character's name.

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